This Disrespectful Weather Has Created A House Divided At Central Track — And We Need Your Help To Reset The Thermostat.

Texas weather is notorious for being bipolar and never knowing what it wants to be.

Well, usually, anyway. We’re living in the exception right now, Mother Nature has woken up and plainly chosen violence with this disrespectfully cold-ass weather.

Ugh. Can you believe that some people actually like it like this? Or at least prefer it to the unrelenting strings of triple-digit temps that dominate Dallas’ summer months?

This week’s temperature dips below freezing have severely impacted our water cooler talk internal Discord chats and created a house divided amongst the Central Track staff. Some of us thrive in the brutal sunshine, some of us prefer more hypothermic conditions and others are just thankful to not have to shovel snow out of their driveways on a regular basis.

But which of us is correct? We turn to you, our beautiful readers, to settle the score.

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Speaking of scores, we have the results from last week’s Would You Rather, in which we asked y’all who was taking home the Super Bowl LV trophy, the Dallas Texans or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? It’s a good thing that the 72 percent of you who voted Dallas Texans were voting in a hypothetical situation and not gambling away the mortgage! Because y’all would’ve lost that bet on account of Tampa Bay’s actual real-life win — even though the Dallas Texans are always the correct answer.

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