Blabbering Conservative Mouthpiece Tomi Lahren Comes Out As Pro-Choice And Gets Suspended By The Blaze. So Maybe She’s Not So Horrible After All?

Tomi Lahren, we can all agree, is THE ABSOLUTE WORST. Right? I mean, c’mon. She’s vapid, disgraceful and it makes us cringe whenever she signs off the end of her shows by saying she’s “from Dallas” even though, really, her show tapes in Irving.

But, wait, maybe she’s not so bad? Last week, during an appearance on The View, she came out — shockingly — as pro-choice. And now she’s been reportedly suspended for a week by The Blaze, the North Texas-based media company that employs her, for those comments.

Is it possible that we — gulp — are on Lahren’s side here? We’re very conflicted by all this, but we think we are?!?!! AHHHHHHHHH! WHAT! IS! HAPPENING!??!?!

Listen: You’ve got to admit that Lahren, for all of her flaws, is pretty damn great at what she does, which is riling up her base and offending her opposition. Sometimes, we find her takes on topics so ridiculous that we’re genuinely entertained by their audacity. We’re pretty sure she’s aware this is a good percentage of her draw, too — hence, for instance, her delightfully troll-y overuse of the world “snowflake” and her decision to even go so far as to hand out Snowflake Awards to the liberals she loves to hate on.

She’s pretty savvy sometimes, you’ve got to admit. And while we’re not sure that this latest suspension stunt isn’t just another ploy to garner her even more attention — it’s the basis of everything she does — we’re starting to wonder if we’re suddenly turning a corner and becoming outright fans of Lahren’s.

Wait. No. C’mon. This isn’t really happening, is it?

LOL, of course not. She’s still very, very bad.

Enjoy your time off, Tammy.

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