The Ever-Incendiary Daikaiju’s Live Show Isn’t To Be Missed.

With Yet Another Literally Fiery Display At Three Links, Alabama’s Daikaiju Continues To Establish Itself As A Can’t Miss Live Act.

All photos by Joseph De Leon.

At least on some levels, it’s gotta suck being a member of the Alabama-based surf-rock revival band Daikaiju.

Why? Because the band’s identity is pretty much entirely based on its live show, an all-out assault that requires its players to literally risk life and limb on a near-nightly basis thanks to the group’s propensity for literally setting its gear on fire during its performances. It’s a reputation that very much puts an emphasis on style over substance, even as the band’s distorted sound provides a solid and compelling soundtrack to its eye-grabbing theatrics.

But, on the other hand, it’s a good bit — and one that never really seems to grow old. In turn, each time the band rolls through town — as it did this past Thursday night when it returned once again to Deep Ellum venue Three Links — it does so to a larger and larger crowd.

And the crowd that saw the band on its most recent stop in Dallas were again in for a treat. In this case, that meant seeing the band: 1) start off on stage; 2) move to atop the crowd via stage-dives; 3) transfer all of its gear, pedals and amps included, to the floor; 4) light its drumkit on fire; 5) move its performance then to the patio in front of Three Links; 6) again move its show above the crowd, this time by imploring fans to lift its players and hoisting their instruments with them into the air; 7) light all of its gear on fire; and, finally, 8) bask in the glory of the spectacle it had just provided from atop the band’s van, which was parked on the road out in front of the venue.

It was an insane showing — one not to be missed whenever it stops next in Dallas, or anywhere else for that matter. And we’re fortunate that photographer Joseph De Leon of Another Face In The Crowd Photography was on hand with his camera to capture it all for our viewing pleasure. Check out his photos of all the madness in the slideshow above.

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