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Fake news. Thanks to everyone blindly liking and sharing things on Facebook based on nothing more than headlines — without reading them first, or at all – it’s a growing concern. A big combatant of the phenomenon is the Saved You a Click guy. And clicking on things. And reading things first. Or ever.

A much less important concern in the world is boredom. And helping you fight that for nearly five years now is us. Just keep clicking on posts like this one that boasts headlines like “Things to Do.” And read them. And then share them. — Cory Graves

Special Lecture with Artist KAWS at The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (Sold Out)
Brooklyn artist Brian Donnelly, better known as KAWS, will be at the museum talking about that “Where the End Starts” exhibition that’s been causing quite the stir since it opened in October. Even if you aren’t one of the 300 or so ticketholders that’s going to get in to see him speak in person tonight, you can peep his breathtaking pop art another time – it’s on display through Jan 22. — CG

Skinny Lister at Three Links
Wish The Pogues were way watered down and altogether refused to play “Fairytale of New York” at its winter shows? “Your wish has been granted,” says this sixpiece Brit-folk act. Trapper Schoepp and Whiskey Folk frontman Tyler Rougeux open. — CG

Nothing, True Widow at Dada
Widow’s fourth LP, its second since signing to Relapse, doesn’t change up its formula of sparse, heavily-distorted tunes that ride the line between stoner rock and shoegaze all that much. But everything does seem like it’s a few BPM faster than past releases, if only slightly, and thus adds the faintest hint of urgency to these always tasty proceedings. Catch it live along with fellow heavy-focused act Nothing here. — CG

Nonpoint, Escape the Fate at Trees
Escape the Fate is a hard rock band that manages to not be hard in any sense, so I guess in a way, that’s pretty impressive. Nonpoint also performs. — Paul Wedding

Pitch Perfect at Alamo Drafthouse (Cedars)
You’ve already seen it enough that you’ve memorized the dumb flippy cup percussion thing. But you might not have seent it with an Anna Kendrick live stream being piped into the theater. — CG

Where’s Waldo Pub Crawl in Deep Ellum
Find him at Twilite, High & Tight, Brick & Bones and Wits End. Get cheaper drinks if you are him. — CG

Dallas Stands with Standing Rock 2 at Energy Transfer Partners
Ever wonder how Kelcy Warren got himself enough scratch to buy his kid’s name onto a park? By heading up the controversial Dallas company behind that 1,200-mile, $3.7 billion Dakota Access Pipeline at the heart of that big national protest. Disagree with his company’s potential destruction of Sioux lands in North Dakota? Here’s another chance to peacefully protest. And here’s what the last one of these looked like. — CG

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