Go Without Love With Alice Glass At Club Dada, Celebrate Six Years Of Goodfriend And Come On Down To Three Links With The Vibrators.

The start of fall calls for a change in home decor from flowers and lawn chairs to pumpkins, haystacks and spooky displays. Most people will be putting synthetic spider webs and toy bats in their shrubs and windows, but a Tennessee man’s Halloween home prep was so extensive, he ended up getting visit from local authorities.

While driving to work, a concerned neighbor passed by the home of Joseph Lovergine, who is an apparent Halloween enthusiast. The report says the caller had thought he was looking at a dead body in Lovergine’s driveway. When police arrived, they were in for a laugh.

Lovergine had set the scene of a bloody murder with clothing stuffed with paper to look like a person and homemade blood-smeared handprints on the garage door. The decorations were so realistic, it had people questioning its lack of authenticity.

The creative genius said he had put up the display for an upcoming Halloween party and was planning on hiding in the costume to scare party guests as they arrive. The Sheriff’s department was so impressed with the scene and didn’t want to see it go, so they posted on their Facebook page informing those in the neighborhood of the joke and asking them not to continue with the 911 calls.

And while it isn’t Halloween just yet, there are plenty of ways to celebrate the spooky holiday this weekend. We all know you have more than one costume idea anyway, so here are a few ongoings where you’ll be able to get into the spirit of Halloween. Show up in costume for all we care. — Lauren Keuning


Alice Glass at Club Dada
Her departure from Crystal Castles might’ve left a bitter taste in our mouths, but she is doing just fine as a solo artist, some would even say better. Her self-titled EP has giving her a chance to showcase her skills as an individual and her evolution as a musician. — Marlene Núñez

Chase Rice at House of Blues
The rising country star has had one hell of a year touring with megastars Kenny Chesney and Dierks Bentley following the release of Ignite the Night. Check out his most recently released single “Everybody We Know Does” live off his forthcoming studio album. — LK

Clive Barker’s Lord of Illusions 35mm at Texas Theatre
A rare 35mm screening of the last film Clive Baker directed on Friday the 13th. This ‘90s horror flick based on the short story “The Last Illusion” centers around a private eye trying to protect his client from a murderous cult. — MN

Radical Face at Kessler Theater
Multi-instrumentalist Ben Cooper completed his album saga The Family Tree in early 2016 with the release of his fifth studio album The Leaves. The saga is a carefully curated collection of songs detailing his journey as an artist and his strategies for navigating life’s hiccups. — MN

Calhoun & Oil Boom Album Release Show at Granada Theater
A great deal of the songs for the recent album were made while Dallas Cowboy games played in the background with a guitar in hand. As a result, the name Football Night in America was given to the album. Calhoun is not typically a band that easy to jam to, but this latest album proves . — MN

No Zodiac at The Dirty 30
This death metal band from Phoenix has made a few changes to its lineup, including the addition of a new vocalist. And that change may have been for the best as the recording of Altars of Impurity led to a more mature sound and a tighter group. That bodes well and means auditory pleasure for those heading out to the show tonight. — MN

Brian Puspos at The Prophet Bar
This young lad has made a name for himself in both music and dance. He and his dance crew were runners up for Season 2 of America’s Best Dance Crew in 2008. If that’s not impressive enough, well this hotshot just released his second EP this year. Now he’s embarking on his self-funded Sweet 290 Tour. Name a more iconic man..we’ll wait. And we’ll see you there. — MN

Sam Evian at Three Links
Sam Owens balances his time between his band Celestial Shore and his solo project Sam Evian under which he recently released a solo album. The solo artist has since released a three-song teaser to keep the fans holding on for dear life. A teaser that doubled as a collaboration between Owens, Deerhoof, Ariel Pink and Chris Cohen. The full project is coming very soon, so be on the lookout. — MN

Dance With The Dead, Gost at The Curtain Club
This electronic rock duo based in Orange County, California released The Shape in 2017 and are gearing up to release a new album next year along with a music video, something the group has never done before. Together Justin Pointer and Tony Kim have certainly found the sweet spot between EDM and metal. — MN

Atlantis Aquarius, Medicine Man Revival at Three Links
The relatively new group from Big D will be perform originals from their Nibirian Sun EP, a set of songs with a western-rock vibe. Check out our coverage of the band’s debut music video, “Full Moon.”LK

Chris Lorenzo at The Nines
Chris Lorenzo will be sharing the decks with resident DJs Shree and Milazzo. His sets typically sport airy vocals, house vibes and dirty drops. His album Destroy The Image dips into hip-hop and all things that are danceable-to. — LK

Prophets of Addiction, P-Town Skanks at Wits End
Performing with Plethora (TX) and One Less Light, the free show promises a variety of rock. Formed in 2010, Prophets of Addiction holds high standards of production with mixes by Phil Soussan, whose resume includes playing bass with Ozzy Osbourne, and Dave Hillis, whose work can be heard in collaboration with artists ranging from Pearl Jam to Queensryche. — LK

The Drunken Dead Bar Hap at Bucky Moonshine’s
Hosted by Live XXV Events and Entertainment, this bar hop is not your typical walk in the park. The Walking Dead-themed event will begin at Bucky Moonshine’s where thirsty zombies will tour the streets of Deep Ellum in search for beer and blood. A $3 ticket purchase will get you undead discounts at specified bars. Don’t forget your zombie costume. — LK

Mean Motor Scooter Album Release at Main at South Side
Mean Motor Scooter will be celebrating the release of Hindu Flying Machine with openers Kyoto Lo-Fi, Henry the Archer and WAR PARTY. The Fort Worth natives were awarded with Artist of the Year, EP of the Year and the Band award by Fort Worth Weekly this year. — LK

Monster Sale at Denton Camera Exchange
This may be the luckiest Friday the 13th you’ll ever have in your life. The popular camera store hosts new and used equipment for professionals and hobbyists. Take advantage of the sale and stock up on lenses, records, antiques and more. — LK

Ink, Drink and Scream At Lola’s Saloon
They say tattoos and alcohol don’t mix well, but we don’t normally play by the rules. Hosted by Jagermeister and Ink817 with sounds by Kill For Mother, Leroy the Prophet, Milezero and Mammal Virus, the Fort Worth event will be all things punk, rock and ink. — LK

Friday The 13th, Nightmare On Elm Street Double Feature at Lewisville Coyote Drive In
Enjoy cinematic nostalgia for this double feature Halloween-themed event. The films kick off at 8 p.m., but the venue’s site suggests arriving early to avoid the long weekend lines and to score a good spot. No outside food or drinks are allowed, so leave the coolers at home. — LK

The Rocky Horror Picture Show at South Side On Lamar
Catch this creepy classic at one of the two screenings, 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Tickets will not only gain you entry, but also a raffle ticket, popcorn, candy and one adult beverage for 21-and-up guests. Hosted by DSA North Texas-Healthcare Working Group, proceeds will be donated to the future flu shot clinic. — LK

Eddie Izzard – Believe Me at Majestic Theatre
Touring his newly published book, Believe Me: a memoir of love, death, and jazz chickens, the English stand-up comedian and actor is hitting the states before he’s off to Paris in December. His style consists of whimsical monologue, self-referential pantomime and a bit of rambling. — LK

Henry & The Invisibles, STARPARTY at Deep Ellum Art Company
Henry Roland, aka The One Man Funk Band, creates his performances by layering vocals, guitar, bass, keyboard and percussion in a harmonic loop, generating an original, high-energy ensemble. STARPARTY of Denton will follow with Daft Punk covers and electronic-pop. DJ Mikey Rodge will be closing down the night. — LK

Herbie Hancock at AT&T Performing Arts Center
At the forefront of world culture, technology, business and music, Herbie Hancock has entered his sixth decade in the industry. The 2016 Grammy winner is at work on his new album this year. His combination of electric jazz with funk and rock has set him apart from his peers, and he’s stopping in town to show that he’s not done yet. — LK

The Summoning at The Stoneleigh
It’s time to bust out your fake blood and vampire teeth. This exclusive costume party will host DJ Blake Ward and readings by David Alexandre. Dress code is themed gore, undead, demons and such, fit for the true hellions of the underworld. — LK

Friday The 13th 24-Hour Tattoo Marathon at Elm Street Tattoo and Heart in Hand Gallery
At this 24-hour ink marathon, the artists at Elm Street Tattoo will conduct more than 300 ink sessions. You can select from about 400 designs that will range from $20-400. Head on over and get in line and hopefully it’s your lucky Friday the 13th and you’ll walk away some fresh discounted ink. — Obed Manuel


Arte y Pan Dulce – A PoC Art Show at Bataan Community Center in West Dallas
Lucha Dallas partners up with Espina Collective to host their third art showcase. There will be food trucks, free pan dulce, aguas frescas, a photo booth and many other interactive activities. The art collective emphasizes their show on being a safe space for people, women and LGBTQ members of color, so coupled with the plethora of vendors that will be available, this sounds like a show that can’t be missed. — Kelly Benjamin

Wand, Darto at Club Dada
Fresh off the release of Plum, Wand has taken their LA vibe on the road to Dallas as a part of their tour. With music videos such as “Bee Karma” and “Plum,” the band focuses more so on a summer vibes so you can continue to have your endless summer jams on repeat. —KB

The Queers & The Ataris at Curtain Club
The Queers are a punk band formed in 1982, with their musical upbringings being heavily influenced by bands like The Ramones and ‘60s bubblegum pop but with major punk attitudes. Even going as far to fight on stage, The Queers are definitely one to put on an excellent show. The Ataris will also perform classics like “So Long Astoria” and “San Dimas High School Football Rules.” — KB

Foster The People at House of Blues
Start getting your kicks pumped up for the Foster The People’s return to Dallas. From their multiple top charting singles like “Pumped Up Kicks” and the very recent “Pay The Man,” the California band emphasizes indie-tronic rhythms and airy synths with their dream like vocals for a sound that is hard not to recognize. Cherry Glazerr opens. — KB

Dinosaur Jr. at Granada Theater
Dinosaur Jr. is probably one of the most influential alt-rock bands of the ‘80s, influencing the heavy wave of grunge rock to come in the ‘90s. Songs like “Feel The Pain” and “Watch The Corners” really emphasize the proto-grunge rock aesthetic they bring with their tunes. — KB

The Lollie Bombs Burlesque: Welcome to Hellmouth at Viva’s
Being the longest running neo-burlesque troupe in Dallas, Lollie Bombs Burlesque are always one to put on an exciting theatrics to wow the audience into submission. Their Halloween show, Welcome to the Hellmouth, will focus on Buffy the Vampire Slayer teaming up with the Scooby Doo Mystery Team to fight the supernatural evils of the Halls of Viva Lounge. — KB

Truth In Comedy at Full City Rooster
Truth In Comedy is an eye opening experience as well as a festival of laughter. The comics will start by telling a truthful personal story from their background and then use said story for a stand-up routine. The life lesson here is that no matter what hardships we go through, we have to be able to laugh it off at the end of the day, right? — KB

Hint of Death at Double Wide
The doom metal bands will stop at Double Wide to enthrall audience with their brutal chords and strident lyrics. Austin-based band WITCHCRYER just recently released their album, Cry Witch, in May 2017, and have had success with featured singles like “Ricochet.” Orcanaut opens. — KB

Rock Lottery’s 20th Anniversary Celebration at Dan Silverleaf’s
The 25 musicians all enter the rock lottery will be vying for one thing: the honor of walking away the lucky winners of the 20th Rock Lottery. It will probably legendary. Wait. What are we talking about? It’s guaranteed to be legendary. — OM

Comeback Kid at The Dirty 30
This Canadian hardcore punk band actually got its name from a newspaper headline about NHL player Mario Lemieux coming back to the sport in 2000 after a lengthy battle with lymphoma. The band will feed off tunes from its new album, Outsider, to put on a thrilling show to soothe the hardcore audience. BURN, Jesus Piece, Judiciary and End Times will open. — KB

Portugal. The Man at The Bomb Factory
If you’re trying to “Feel It Still” and hear that “Noise Pollution” of Portugal. The Man, then that concert this weekend might be the spot for your. With the venue being the massive space of The Bomb Factory, the enlightening tunes of their newest album, Woodstock, should be a treat for those psychedelic prog rock admirers out there. — KB

Naked Girls Reading: Trick or Treat at Confetti Eddie’s Magic Parlor
Naked Girls Reading is back with an unstoppable combination of sex, literature, art and acting, this time with a splash of spook. The event is BYOB and historically is a sell-out production. Because you can’t spell literature without ‘T’ & ‘A.’ — LK

Lecrae at Verizon Theatre
The trending Hip-Hop artist was recognized by iHeartRadio as an “On The Verge” artist for his collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign, “Blessings.” Recently signed to Columbia Records, the label representing Beyonce and Adele, Lecrae has been working on his debut album, and we can’t wait for the end result. Maybe we’ll get a peek tonight. — LK

Oak Cliff Flamenco Festival Grand Finale at Kessler Theater
Wrapping up the week-long festival, the grand finale features an all-star cast from around the world, including dancer Manuel Gutierrez and singer Jose Cortez Fernandez among others. — LK

Meach Pango at Main at South Side
The 5-man ensemble is riding the wave of the release of their self-titled EP.. With vocals described as aggressive but heart-felt, it’s diverse vibe has a little something for everyone. Everlasted and Uh Oh Jiminy also perform. — LK

Workshop De Los Muertos: Catrinas With Eva Azul at Oak Cliff Cultural Center
Celebrating tradition and honoring the departed with workshops teaching attendees how to create their own Day of the Dead Catrinas with paint and aluminum tin. Eva Azul will be instructing the free class, and response has been so successful, the event is already sold out. — LK

Boo! Dallas With Kayzo, Louis the Child at South Side Ballroom
This collection of Artists and DJs is top notch. Also performing are JOYRYDE, Big Wild, Said The Sky and Prismo. — LK

Goodfriend’s Sixth Anniversary Bash
The Garland staple is celebrating its sixth birthday with crafty beers, burgers made from grass-fed cows and live performances by Cody Jasper and Atlantis Aquarius. With its beer list sporting options from Lagunitas, Ommegang, Avery, Stone and more, Goodfriend has a brew for everyone. — LK

Seventh Annual Marikoto Dance & Drum Festival at Sammons Center for the Arts
Hosted by JLS Events and Marikoto, the two-day festival offers workshops with instructors Babacar M’Baye and Reinaldo Costa and is in collaboration with Bandan Koro, as well as yoga classes. Children can get in for $8 and adults for $15. — LK

Class Reunion With Green Dazed, Sedated at Deep Ellum Art Company
This grungy local lineup will feature tribute bands Nervana, Green Dazed and Sedated. Hosted by time2fly music, Rock ‘n’ Roll High School reunites for an evening inspired by some of the most influential bands of modern rock. — LK

Craft Beer Cellar One Year Anniversary Weekend!
The cellar’s first birthday is a weekend long event, with Saturday hosting Window to the Wild, a non-profit bird rescue program. Some of the draft lineup includes Dogfish Head’s 120 Minute IPA, Peticolas’ The Duke, Stone Brewing’s Frutallica and more. Get your beer snobbing on. — LK

Texas Latino Pride 2017 at Reverchon Park
Texas Latino Pride is hosting its biggest event of the year. The organization strives to unite the Hispanic community and provides education and health services to those in need through their sponsored partnership. The all-day event will have music, entertainment and lots of food. — LK


Nick Hakim at Cambridge Room (House of Blues)
The talented D.C. native will be entertaining the night with his gut-wrenching blues and seductive vocals. Coming from a musically diverse household of Chilean and Peruvian parents, the young artist is trailing the recent release of his debut album, Green Twins. Speaking on the album, Hakim describes the collection saying, “I was caught in a hazy gloom, alone in my room, filled up with booze while writing this music. I would write very early in the morning after nights of no sleep. Dunkin Donuts coffee was my friend. I would set up a mic, record and later make sense of whatever came out.” — LK

The Vibrators at Three Links
Since forming in February 1976, the group has opened for The Sex Pistols, played at the legendary 100 Club Punk Rock Festival, gained and lost members and toured with artists Iggy Pop, Ian Hunter, The Flaming Groovies and many more. These seasoned veterans in the punk rock world are touring 2017 in celebration of more than 40 years in the music industry, so if any show calls for a celebration this weekend, it’s definitely this one. — LK

Hypnotist Don Barnhart at Hyenas Dallas
Be prepared for a little bit of stand-up, improv, hypnosis and a whole lot of fun. This fast-paced, high-energy show will tap into your subconscious and have you rolling with laughter. Don Barnhart is quickly becoming the most well-known entertainers with record-breaking attendance at his performances. You won’t want to miss out on the action. — LK

KEGL Freakers Ball at Verizon Theatre
Join The Eagle for an evening of rock as they host the Halloween-inspired Freakers Ball. With headliners Marilyn Manson, Mastodon, Halestorm, In This Moment, Beartooth and Greta Van Fleet. — LK

Sealion, War Party, Pearl Earl at Shipping & Receiving Bar
This impressive seventeen band line-up takes the stage in Funky Town. Artists include the Fibs, Antirad, Movie the Band, Teenage Sexx, Acid Carousel, Bitch Bricks and so many more. Click the link above to view the full line-up and get you some tickets. — LK

Hacking Dallas at The Eyeball
On a mission to decode the city, Labyrinth will be leading the first City Hack in the U.S., starting the event at The Eyeball on Main St. Labyrinth founder Matt Valler will lead the experience in hopes to unite the community and make exciting discoveries you may not notice independently about the triple D along the way. The tour is set to end at the John F. Kennedy memorial. — LK

Fourth Annual Oak Cliff Lively Fest at Kiest Park
The fourth annual arts festival offers food and drinks, live performances, face painting, vendors and even a bounce house. Kids and furbabies are welcome and encouraged in attendance. Blankets or lawn chairs are suggested to comfortably view the show. — LK

Dolores at Alamo Drafthouse Cedars
Alamo Drafthouse will host a screening of this documentary about legendary civil rights leader Dolores Huerta. The film tells the life story of Huerta’s activism and her struggle to navigate a political sphere controlled by men. — OM

2017 PhotoVelo: Photo Scavenger Hunt at The Wild Detectives
Hosted by Bike Friendly Oak Cliff, this 4-hour photo scavenger hunt will lure the competitive side out of everyone. Teams of two to five people must decipher the given clues and return back to home base with their printed entry photos to display for the judges. One camera is allowed per team, creativity in technique and content are highly encouraged and — of course — no cars allowed! — LK

Dallas Beer Guardians Watch Party at Peticolas Brewing Company
Come watch FC Dallas as they take on the Seattle Sounders with the team’s largest supporter group. Full 90 Members will receive $1 off beers and items signed by players will be up for grabs in a giveaway. Hopefully Dallas can represent American soccer better than the national team.. — LK

Late Phases at The Door
The pop punk, alternative group from El Paso stops in Dallas in touring support of its latest album Bare. Tiger Parade, Ghost pilots and Fugue State also perform. — LK

James Whale’s The Old Dark House at Texas Theatre
James Whale’s 1932 spooky classic The Old Dark House has been restored to 21st century standards. This throwback starring Boris Karloff, Melvin Douglas, Charles Laughton and Gloria Stuart of Titanic will leave you with chills and kick-off the Halloween season with suspense and mystery. — LK

To find out what else is going on today, this week and beyond, check out our event directory.

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