Enjoy a Toadies Night at the Opera, Dance Quietly at a Silent Disco, Get On a Roll at a Sushi Making Class or Opt For Some Pop-Punk.

Wanna hear something that’ll keep you up at night? It’s possible for a spider to crawl inside your ear, spin a web and try to live there forever.

Nope. Nope. Nope.

But as long as you’re not going to sleep tonight anyway, well, here’s some stuff to do while you vigilantly wait for dawn.

Vaden Todd Lewis, Sarah Jaffe, Josh Weathers, Austin Allsup at Bass Performance Hall
The Toadies may have their own official day in Fort Worth, but the band’s frontman has never performed in the city’s most prestigious music venue – until tonight when he helps kick off a new music series alongside a bunch of other notable Texas singer-songwriters.

Mousey at Ochre House
Toy Story goes dark when the respective Woodys and Buzzs in this musical start questioning their existence, and whether there’s more to life than being a child’s plaything. Catch it before it’s gone on September 8.

Lincoln Durham at Dan’s Silverleaf
Up from the Hill Country come the southern gothic sounds of the Whitney-based folky. Isaac Hoskins opens.

Remo Drive at Three Links
The pop-punk outfit hits town in support of its Epitaph Records debut. Field Medic and Beach Bunny open.

Hybrid Silent Disco: Feezy & Mykel at Candleroom
Like most everybody no doubt does, we like to play a fun game when we go to silent discos. We take our headphones off, do a quick scan of the room and try to guess which people are dancing to the same music. To those who have never been, everybody who comes gets a pair of headphones with which they can switch between two separate live DJs and a third channel matching up with ‘80s music videos on another screen.

Jacky Vincent at 2513 Deep Ellum
The ex-Falling in Reverse frontman comes round screaming about his solo project.

Sushi Making Class at Musumé
Roll up to this two-hour class, where you’ll get a hands-on history of sushi while making your own dinner. Executive Chef Ken Lumpkin shows you the ropes at this one, which also doubles as a sake tasting.

Vaden Todd Lewis cover photo by Allan Hayslip. 

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