See Whatever Tomorrow Brings With Incubus, Enjoy A Burlesque Performance Of “Grease” At Viva’s Lounge And So Much More To Do This Week.

It’s someone’s birthday at work and there’s a cake in the break room. “Great,” you think. “Free cake!”

But, my friend, that cake comes at a price and I’m not talking about calories. Turns out Janet from accounting made a wish and blew out some candles on that cake, thereby increasing the bacteria on that innocent birthday cake by 1,400 percent.

If that factoid took away one of the few joys that your job has to offer, maybe you can blow off some steam with one of these events instead. It’ll no doubt be more therapeutic than some breathed-on pastry.

Monday (7.31)

James Taylor at The Star Frisco
You’ve got a friend, and he’s in town to perform a huge concert.

Tim and Eric 10-Year Anniversary Awesome Tour at Majestic Theatre
Celebrate a great job done well.

The Alarm at Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill
New Wave rockers take a stand.

Uncommon Ramen feat. Chef John Tesar at Top Knot
All ramen isn’t good ramen, thankfully this is.

Fossil Youth, Heavy Hearts, Sleep In at Dirty 30
A trio of indie rockers, back to back to back.

New Math Mondays with IAmYu at Off The Record
Avant-garde soundscapes to get lost in.

On The Air at The Nines
I want my MTV.

Bar Institute at Women’s Museum
Classes for entrepreneurial mixologists and community-minded booze slingers

National Cotton Candy Dat at Mercat Bistro
Nostalgia-inducing cocktails made from everyone’s favorite fairgrounds treat. Gin and cotton candy. Two great tastes that taste great together.

Tuesday (8.1)

Anderson East, Doug Burr at Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden
Americana outdoors.

Fran Lebowitz at AT&T Performing Arts Center
One of the greatest minds in America today on stage.

CoLab, Friday’s Foolery at Three Links
A little bit of funk, a little bit of soul, a whole lotta ass shakin’ music.

School of Rock All Stars at Club Dada
See the next guitar gods and goddess before they become rock legends.

The Bodyguard at Bass Performance Hall
As tempted as you might be to sing along with “I Will Always Love You,” don’t. You can’t hit those notes. I know you think you can. You can’t.

Seattle Mariners vs. Texas Rangers at Globe Life Park
Take me out to the ball game.

Open Mic Night and Happy Hour at Arlington Improv
Take the stage, work your bit, get cheap drinks.

Wednesday (8.2)

Unforgiven 25th Anniversary Screening at Magnolia Theatre
It’s a hell of a thing, killin’ a man.

Dollar Hot Dog Night at Globe Life Park
Tubesteak-lovers rejoice.

Trivia With Geeks Who Drink at The Whistling Pig Neighborhood Pub
Show off all of your obnoxious know-how in the right setting for once.

Will Payne Harrison w/ Steven Dunn at Opening Bell Coffee
Soulful, bluesy players.

Shockwaves at The Nines
An aptly named punk act that’ll burst your eardrums.

Ray William Johnson at The Comedy Arena
The YouTube star and clickbait artist extraordinaire takes the stand.

Thursday (8.3)

Cole Risner at Sundown at Granada
Texas country and Americana.

Lionel Richie at American Airlines Center
All night long.

Nite Jewel, Geneva Jacuzzi, Harriet Brown at Three Links
Poppy ‘90s vibes electronica.

Show & Tell: Singer Songwriter Showcase at The Prophet Bar
Artists bring something they’re proud of to put on stage.

Big HooDoo, DJ Clay, Damien Quinn at Rail Club
Hip hop in the raw, it’ll be sweet.

Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk at Texas Theatre
A documentary exploration of Northern California’s role in the music and politics of punk rock.

The Low Down at The Nines>
Electronic soundscapes and mean beats from a number of DJ wizards.

Friday (8.4)

Cody Jinks at Verizon Theatre
Dark honky-tonk country from a former metal singer.

Phora at Gas Monkey Live
Yours, truly.

Scary Cherry & the Bang Bangs, The Guillotines, Mean Motor Scooter, Cruella at Three Links
Come get you some.

Look and See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry at The Texas Theatre
Dive into the mind of the American novelist, poet and all of the above during the age of big agriculture.

A Ghost Story at The Texas Theatre

Brew Ha-Ha Comedy Series at Rabbit Hole Brewing
Laugh, drink, laugh more.

Elise Davis at The Rustic
Smooth country music jams.

Panic Volcanic Album Release Party at South Side
Introducing their album, Speak Your Evil.

Mine Spiders, Nervous Curtains, Born Snapped at Dan’s Silverleaf
A selection of punk and garage rock for your listening pleasure.

Saturday (8.5)

Tecmo Madison Presents: Tecmo Dallas at Iriving Convention Center
Gamers face off face to face.

War on the Catwalk at the House of Blues Dallas
A drag queen tournament that includes contestants from RuPaul’s Drag Race on VH-1.

Maze featuring Franking Bevery with special guest The Isley Brothers at Verizon Theatre
They’ll never let you down.

Bobby Sessions Presents: The DDD Experience at Club Dada
Sam Lao, T.Y.E., Rikki Blue, Xes, Blue, The Misfit.

Road House in 35mm at The Texas Theatre
All the roundhouse kicks you’d ever need in glorious, rich 35mm.

2 Chainz at Gas Monkey Live
Pretty girls (and Dallasites) like trap music.

John Mayer at the American Airlines Center
If you’re the kind of person who is not grossed out by the phrase “Your Body is a Wonderland,” this is the artist for you.

Photo Swap Meet at Dallas center for Photography
Trade your valued momentos for other, unfamiliar valued momentos.

Adakain, Kaiyros, Save Me San Diego, Sweet Chaos at Trees
Harder hard rock and heavier heavy metal.

Sharam at It’ll Do Club
Techno all the way out of DC.

Brian McKnight at Music Hall at Fair Park
Stokley and Lyfe join for lady’s choice.

Outcry Festival at The Bomb Factory
For the godly types that want their bands not to be even remotely satanic or decadent, if you can imagine such a thing.

Locked & Loaded: Starfruit, Loafers, Native Fox at Armoury D.E.
An arrangement of pop and psych rockers.

Viva Dallas Burlesque Presents “Grease” at Viva’s Lounge
Not “greased.” Grease. Like the musical.

Sunday (8.6)

Summer Slaughter Tour at Gas Monkey Live
The Black Dahlia Murder, Dying Fetus, Slaughter to Prevail and a veritable legion of metal bands.

Incubus at Starplex Pavilion
Wish you were here.

Primus at Southside Ballroom
Slap bass that can slap your face straight off.

Crystal Garden at Trees
Featuring Bruce Tinsley of Dave Matthews band.

Back to School Mimosa Walk at Bishop Arts>
Drinking is an excellent way to prepare for the school year.

Thieves of Sunrise Single Release Party at Spinster Records
Two singles, both recorded totally analog and direct to disc. Grab your 7” vinyl.

Blame the Comic at Hyenas Dallas
Blame is comic from Houston whose very name is a joke.

First Sunday at Sons of Hermann Hall
Reach out and learn about what’s going on in your community.

Donut and Beer Pairing Flight at LUCK at Trinity Groves
Wine with cheese? Not nearly enough carbs.

Peticolas Ping Pong Tourney at Peticolas Brewing Co. 
The sport of kings.

To find out what else is going on today, this week and beyond, check out our event directory.

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