Get Throwed With Bun B At Trees, Sample All The Barbecue At Smoked Dallas And Play The Angel With Depeche Mode At Starplex Pavilion.

If you want to go to a great country music show in Dallas — well, right now you’re out of luck. But that will soon change.

You see, as we reported yesterday, a new country venue called Blue Light Live is set to open early next year. The venue will be partially modeled after Blue Light Live in Lubbock where performers like Cory Morrow, Wade Bowen and Dalton Domino first made their marks.

The venue’s owners are hoping to meet the demand in Dallas for live music country music performances and saving country fans the drive out to McKinney or Fort Worth. So you’ll be able to save a lot of gas soon enough, country fans in Dallas.

That opening is still a few months away, so we’ll be keeping an eye on any developments for you. But there’s still plenty to do in the meant time as you can see from the full list of concerts, parties and food and drink extravaganzas below. — Obed Manuel


Reverend Horton Heat at The Bomb Factory
There ain’t no saguaros in Texas, but there are psychobilly legends still going strong. The Rev will be pulling off his fretboard gymnastics and bass surf moves on the big hometown stage. Strung Out, Fishbone and Los Kung Fu Monkeys also perform.— Cory Graves

Honest Men at The Prophet Bar
The alternative tune makers from Waco are on tour in support of their debut album Okay Dreamer. It may have dropped back in January, but Honest Men is unlikely to have lost any of its enthusiasm for their jams. The Wildfrontiers, Meredith Wilson and Beneath The Waves also perform. — OM

Trapped Under Ice at Club Dada
It’s a night of nothing but punk, punk and everything punk with this lineup that features headliners Trapped Under Ice and opening acts Gag, Firewalker,  The Real Cost and Kept In Line. — OM

Dryjacket at The Dirty 30
The indie pop rock outfit from New Jersey may have amusing song titles like “Bill Gates’ Ringtone” and “Abe LinkedIn,” but its sound is no joke. Sundressed, Caterpillars, Electric Dreamers and Also Us open. — OM

The Warlocks at Three Links
The Warlocks formed in the ’90s through the band members’ mutual love of music form the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, but they refuse to be labeled a retro band. Expect old-school sounds, but never count them out from trying new sounds on stage. Bravo Max! opens. — OM

Wilsen at RBC
Wilsen’s music is probably best enjoyed under the clear night sky, as it inspires more of an ethereal awe than a desire to be in a crowded room. Check out “Heavy Steps” to see what we mean. And check this one out live Friday night. — OM

Lettuce Live at Granada Theater
Let it never be said that the world is not blessed with great funk experiences and Lettuce is proof of that. Maddy O’Neal opens the show. — OM

Draco Rosa at Kessler Theater
Quick, name a Menudo member not named Ricky Martin. Can’t? Well, here’s your answer. Like Martin, the New York-born, Puerto Rico-raised, often-singularly-named Draco has made himself a fine solo career post-boy band work, with much of his reputation being garnered under the border. Well, most of it. Fun fact: Draco wrote “Livin’ La Vida Loca” for his pal Ricky. — Pete Freedman

Bun B at Trees
Some idiot tried to get the Houston rapper banned from all Houston-area sporting events earlier this year via petition because he believed Bun B was putting bad juju on Houston’s teams. It doesn’t have much support, but if for some reason the city rally’s behind this delusional cry, we’ll gladly take him. He’ll be here tonight at least, so enjoy. — OM 

Sublime with Rome at the Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
They don’t practice Santeria nor do they have a crystal ball, but they do foresee you making your way to this doozy of a double headliner show. As for Rome, well, those guys promise one hell of a show. — OM

Depeche Mode at Pavilion at Starplex Pavilion
Things get broken and things get damaged, but one thing is for sure: Depeche Mode is forever. California indie rocker Warpaint also performs. — OM

Greek Food Festival at Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church
For three days, you’ll be able to feast on all the Greek food, enjoy live music and just have a blast. And also, don’t forget about all the food. — OMs

Bikini Boxing at South Side Ballroom
Bikini boxing requires no explanation. You know what to expect, but just to clarify, there will be girls in bikinis and plenty to drink. — OM

Tedeschi Trucks Band at Music Hall at Fair Park
When deciding to marry or move-in with someone, you’ve got a lot of things to consider. One checking account or two? Which coffee maker should we keep? How gently can you tell someone that their collection of 1992 Dream Team cups from McDonalds are not nice enough to serve drinks in at a dinner party? That stuff is tough enough, but what do you do if you’re both musicians with successful blues-rock projects? If you’re Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks, you combine the two acts into one Grammy-winning outfit. The couple that plays together stays together, it seems. — Stephen Young

Banks at South Side Music Hall
The singer-songwriter has stayed making waves, what with touring with The Weeknd and whatnot, but she doesn’t really have a social media presence, at least not accounts that she manages herself. But she did once give out her personal phone number on Facebook, which you might have though would lead to an onslaught of phallic-inclusive images, but instead resulted in people texting the artist some rather personal messages. So text her before the show and see if she’ll play your favorite tune. — OM

Ronnie Heart at Main at South Side
Ronnie Heart’s music is indeed funk, but it’s more along the lines of electronic funk. So it should be right up your alley if you want to jam without the full jam band. Deep Cuts, Plastic Picnic and Saint Loretto also perform. — OM

Hank & Cupcakes at Armoury D.E.
Funk and disco outfit Hank & Cupcakes will take the stage to get the crowd at Armoury moving, but before they do, Fun Button, SuperMook and JustNLongorio will open on the night with similar groovy vibes. — OM

Mario Bava’s Kill, Baby Kill 50th Anniversary at Texas Theatre
Texas Theatre presents another installment of its Italian Horror Masters with the 50th anniversary of Kill, Baby Kill, a horror story about a doctor investigating mysterious deaths in Transylvania. — OM

Alex Cameron at Double Wide
Alex Cameron’s 2017 album Forced Witness is apparently a departure from the immature schtick of his 2016 debut album. The tunes on his latest album offer up a scathing critique of the self-proclaimed alpha male. So if you’re down for an IRL lulzfest at the expense of misogynist dicks, have at it. — OM

P.O.D., Alien Ant Farm at Gas Monkey Bar N Grill
Few would have predicted that 2001’s “Alive” and “Youth of The Nation” would have become staples of that music time period, but they did. Even if people didn’t follow the band’s career after those hits left the airwaves, the words of those songs are forever ingrained in the heads of those who heard these songs on repeat non-stop. And now you can sing along to them in person. — OM


Lee Fields & The Expressions at Kessler Theater
Lee Fields has been doing his thing since 1969, and he’s managed to find a new audience. So if you’re looking for someone who knows how to put on a show, then look no further. Mia Borders opens on the night. — OM

Against Me! at Granada Theater
Were you a teenage anarchist? Then you probably love Against Me!  Fortunately for you, the band’s in town! — OM

Country Mega Ticket at Starplex Pavilion
It’s all sold out, but it’ll still feature the likes of Lady Antebellum, Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line. — OM

A Giant Dog at Three Links
It’s an all Texas punk line-up this Saturday night. Sealion, Son of Stan and SuperSonic Lips also perform. — OM

Royal Teeth at Club Dada
Royal Teeth’s sting with Elektra Records may have been a short one, and while the band’s members admit that leaving the company injected some doubt about the band’s future, the move has instead let them get back to what matters: going from town to town to play their danceable pop rock tunes to its large national following. Northern National and The Canvas People open. — OM

Jason Isbell And The 400 Unit at The Bomb Factory
The most refreshing thing about Isbel is the weight of what he’s singing about. Even when it’s not as heavy as a dying girlfriend, there’s always a gravity his subject matter from the harsh truths of working in a Kentucky coal mine to nursing a hangover with Pedialite. It’s something desperately lacking in a bro country scene that’s more concerned with superficialities like pearl snap shirts, painted-on jeans and shotgunning cans of light beer on a Friday night. Frank Turner & The The Sleeping Souls also perform. — Cory Graves

Antibalas at Trees
This 12-piece band from New York has been doing its best since 1997 to introduce more and more audiences around the world to afrobeats, and they’ve done a hell of a job all while leaving those same audiences in awe of their lively performances. Here’s your chance to experience that for yourself.  — OM

Sin Bandera at The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
The soft pop duo from Mexico is known for two things: soft vocals and songs that are romantic as fuck. So whatever you do, don’t fall in love with these dudes so much that you’l try and jump on stage only to have a giant security guard tackle you to the ground and ruin everyone’s night. — OM

Plano Balloon Festival at Oak Point Park & Nature Reserve
Did you know that first balloon took flight more than 200 years ago? How about the fact that the first casualty of hot air balloons was Pilatre de Rozier when he tried to cross the English Channel in 1975? You don’t have to know all the hot air balloon fun facts to get into the Plano Balloon Fesival, but they are appreciated. — OM

Party on the Porch at Amon Carter Museum
It is what it sounds like. Food trucks will be on site to sell tasty meals and lawn games will be played. Live music will be provided by Summer Dean Band, Matt Teder Trio and Green River Ordinance. Party kicks off at 6 p.m. — OM

Sixth Annual Barbecue Cook Off at The Fraternal Order of The Eagles
A mere $10 gets you in to sample all kinds of smoked meats and tasty sides to this party where you vote on who has the tastiest meat. Proceeds from this cook off benefit the North Texas Coalition Against Human Trafficking, — OM

Batman Day 2017 – Harley Takes Over at Red Pegasus Comics
Your favorite local comic book store is celebrating the 25th anniversary since Harley Quinn debuted on Batman: The Animated Series. Daddy’s Lil Monster baby T-shirts are encouraged. — OM

Dark Star Orchestra at House of Blues
The Grateful Dead didn’t have a show in Dallas during its summer 2017 tour, but that’s OK because you’ve got the next best thing in Dark Star Orchestra. — OM

The Room at Inwood Theatre
It’s Midnight Madness with the worst movie ever made. Folks will argue that opinions like that are subjective, but with an attitude like that, you are tearing us apart. — OM

WhiskeyDick at The Rail Club
The Fort Worth hard rock duo had its song “Drunk As Hell” featured on the hit TV series Sons of Anarchy because of course they did. Get out there and have a few shots of Jack, but not so much that you end up with a case of — you know… – OM

Wranglers & Rock n’ Roll at Billy Bob’s Texas
The Cowtown Throwdown will feature live music from Keith Mitchell Band and Live 80, and some lucky winners will walk away with $500 cash for being the best dressed in ’80s- or ’90s-inspired attire. — OM

Smoked Dallas at Main Street Garden
Fifteen barbecue joints will be on site to provide you with all the succulent brisket, pork and chicken your little belly can handle. This might actually be a little slice of heaven. — OM 

Harvest Thieves, Brave Little Howl at Main at South Side
If storytelling is just as important to you as quality alt country, punk jams, then head on over because Harvest Thieves has just what you need. Brave Little Howl and Western Youth also perform. Opening act Shadows of Jets will be celebrating the release of its latest EP. — OM

DAMN: Dallas Ambient Music Nights XXV at RBC
The 25th installment of this visual and auditory experience will feature live music performances from acts like Asukubus, Filth, IAMYU, Electric Sleep, Ravish Momin and The DAMN Ensemble. Doors open at 8 p.m. Prepare for an overload. — OM


!!! (Chk Chk Chk) at Three Links
This is one of those cases where band name recognition doesn’t really matter, namely because who actually knows how this musical collective’s name is pronounced? That won’t really be as important however once your hips are shaking along the the band’s combination of pop, funk and retro electronica vibes. Algiers opens. — OM

Endless Night: Vampire Ball 2017 at The Church
The following styles are suggested for this get-together: Vampire, Ghosts, Gothic, Steampunk, Victorian, Fairytale and Formal. The best dressed attendees will win tickets to the New Orleans National Vampire Ball. — OM

Front 242 at Granada Theater
The Belgian beat makers of Front 242 have mostly been doing their thing throughout Europe, but their influence has been felt for almost three decades around the world with the rise and continued popularity of industrial dance music. Leatherstrip provides the opening tunes. — OM

Chris Isaak at The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
While singer/actor Chris Isaak may be, by the strictest definition of the term, a one-hit wonder, the golden-throated falsetto machine isn’t necessarily a one-trick pony. The oft-understated musician incorporates elements of blues, rockabilly and dad-centric rock into his crowd-pleasing offerings. — CG

Leroy Sanchez at Cambridge Room (House of Blues)
After finishing up with his Man Of the Year Tour back in March, Spanish singer Leroy Sanchez enlisted the help of Madilyn Bailey to record a well-received version of the hit song of the summer — you know the one — “Despacito.” And it’s actually pretty cool. Sure, it’s been covered just way too  many times now, but at least Sanchez’s fellow performer can actually sing along in Spanish, unlike that one Canadian brat whom shall not be named. — OM

TexToberfest at Eno’s Pizza Tavern
The Bishop Arts pizzeria will turn its backyard into a biergarten where breweries like Deep Ellum Brewing Company, Four Corners Brewing and Oak Highlands will be showing off their seasonal brews. — OM

Queer Queens of Comedy at Hyena’s Dallas
This comedy show will feature headliners Poppy Champlin, Jen Kober and Sandra Valls. The show kicks of at 5 p.m. and $25 gets you in to this inclusive showcase. — OM

2017 Dallas Veg Fest at Kiest Park Recreation Center
This free community event will feature free demonstrations on healthy cooking and nutrition, giveaways, yoga and zumba classes and plenty of family fun. — OM

Raekwon at Gas Monkey Live
Even if the rest of the crew isn’t around, Wu-Tang Clan still ain’t nothin’ to fuck with. — OM

LUCKtoberfest at LUCK Trinity Groves
Wash down some German cuisine with some German-inspired North Texas brews from places like Rahr & Sons Brewing, Peticolas Brewing Company, Fraconia Brewing Co. and Oak Highlands Brewery. — OM

Bike To Bishop Arts – Neighbors Day
Don’t forget your pads and helmets as you bike to the Bishop Arts District to celebrate Bike Friendly Oak Cliff’s relaunch of the special cyclist discounts at participating stores. If you bring your kid, they’ll get a free juice box. — OM

All Outkast Everything at RBC
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeyahhhhhhhh! Get out here and jam with thejohnstewart and Blue, The Misfit. as they spin all night at this night when we honor the best os us. — OM

Oktoberfest at Happiest Hour
This get-together will feature season brews from Samuel Adams, Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co., Real Ale Brewing Company and Sierra Nevada. Oh, and don’t lose your punchcard as it will allow you to sample complimentary Oktoberfest brews. — OM

Dog Wash Fundraiser at Double Wide
Bring your doggos out and get them all cleaned up as the good folks over at Double Wide will be hosting this event where proceeds go toward animal rescue efforts . — OM

To find out what else is going on today, this week and beyond, check out our event directory.

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