My Big Fat Greek Wedding Star Nia Vardalos Is Co-Writing A Soon-To-Be-Cancelled Television Series Inspired By Grand Prairie’s Chewbacca Mom.

Does anyone even care about Chewbacca Mom anymore? Nope. No one gives a fuck.

But don’t tell that to Nia Vardalos of My Big Fat Greek Wedding fame, because she’s set to star in a new show she’s developing for Bravo that was inspired by Grand Prairie’s own Candace Payne. The two met while they were each promoting who-knows-what on the set of a morning show last year.

The working title of the show is Suburbs Famous, which, yes, sounds about as boring as a show about the suburbs can be. Vardalos is co-writing the show’s script with Raising Hope writer Mike Mariano.

“I wanted to explore the concept of sudden fame for someone who isn’t prepared and doesn’t want it, for someone who gets power and doesn’t know what to do with it, as well as what happens next,” Vardalos said to Deadline.

The show centers on a yet-to-be-named suburban housewife who goes viral and ends up under the microscope of Hollywood and featured on talk show after talk show after talk show, all while dealing with the people who are trying to make her a star.

Of course, it goes without saying that Payne is without a doubt one of the worst examples of someone who abused their overnight fame. After all, she piggybacked on the downtown Dallas shooting last year that left five dead by posting a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Heal The World” on her YouTube account in order to extend her 15 minutes — minutes that we thought were long up until this news of a TV came along.

Anyway, we’re not alone in our disdain for Payne. Most folks wised up and stopped giving her the time of day shortly after she went through a string of inexplicable success based on no apparent talent other than her giddy laugh and — as AV Club describes it — the “white mediocrity” that comes along with being a white suburban mom who did something slightly out of the ordinary.

So, yeah, here’s your chance to not contribute any more to the shit-fuckery that is undeserved viral internet fame. Do the world a favor: Don’t tune in once this show goes on the air, should it get that far.

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