This Week, You Can Wait A Minute, Make Your Dreams Come True, Ship Up To Boston, Rock And Roll All Nite, Reject Scrubs, Fight For Your Rights And So Much More.

Have you heard that David Simon, creator behind HBO’s The Wire, was planning to begin production on a new, upcoming HBO series right here in Texas?

Well, no worries if you hadn’t. Because, turns out, he’s not anymore!

See, the showrunner is taking a stand against the state’s recent restrictions on abortion by moving production elsewhere. As Simon explained it on Twitter, he refuses to “ask female cast/crew to forgo civil liberties.”

While we don’t know the exact plot details of the show he was working on — HBO hasn’t even formally announced the project yet — it appears as if it was based on events in Texas. Plans to film here would have provided a sense of authenticity, but now, as Simon asked his Twitter followers, “what else looks like Dallas/Ft. Worth?”

In the wake of his announcement, some have been critical of Simon’s stance, insisting that he’s doing more harm than good by taking away jobs from Texans in the industry. Even the Dallas Film & Creative Industries Office chimed in with their own Tweet, saying, “we need talent/crew/creatives to stay & vote, not get driven out by inability to make a living.” But Simon has stood his ground, insisting that the decision is for the best interest of the women on his team.

While on the subject of depriving women of necessary healthcare and incentivizing what’s essentially a modern day witch hunt, Dallas is having a reproductive liberation march this weekend that will be followed by an event in which Pussy Riot-er Nadya Tolokonnikova will be in attendance. And that’s just one of the many cool things we have on the schedule for you Dallasites these next few days.

This week you can march, see stand-up, mosh or, we suppose, just stay in and rewatch The Wire.

Monday (September 27)

Kiefer at House of Blues
A pianist and music producer, Kiefer takes a classic jazz sound and modernizes it with hip-hop, electronica and R&B for a blend that’s perfect for studying, taking a long drive or just looking mysterious in a smoky bar. He’s a 2020 Grammy Award winner for best R&B album, and he keeps his fans well-fed with piano-playing content on his Instagram. A lifelong musician, he’s clearly mastered his craft. I mean, dude can even churn out a track in under 10 minutes!

Front Bottoms at Amplified Live
If you’re feeling angsty or need a good cry, songwriting duo Brian Sella and Mathew Uychich — the unofficial kings of the sad boy indie-punk genre — are here to start your week off with some catharsis at the venue formally known as Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill.

Tuesday (September 28)

Hall & Oates at Dickies Arena (Fort Worth)
We’d hoped this gig would’ve landed on a Thursday, but there’s nothing wrong with having an Out of Touch Tuesday, is there? The legendary pop duo and their band are still grooving since their ’70s and ’80s heyday, and this show in Fort Worth is to make your dreams come true. Also, for the record: They’re totally on board with the whole #outoftouchthursday concept.

Quinn XCII at Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory (Irving)
The Detroit singer-songwriter has a little something for everyone as his stylings span across multiple genres. Primarily considered a pop artist, he’s also explored hip-hop, EDM and reggae. ANd he’s got fans across all audiences, too! I mean, just listen to these glowing reviews he provided on his Spotify bio: “He has great legs” – Rolling Stone; “A refreshing glimpse of what monotonous pop music can become” – Lunchables; “What a voice! So humble. Wise beyond his years” – Delta Air Lines.

Rancid and Dropkick Murphys at Texas Trust CU Theatre (Grand Prairie)
Two of the most formative punk bands out there are shipping up to Grand Prairie for this show. One comes from the West Coast, one comes from the East Coast and both have left undeniable influences on the genre. While Rancid has put new music on pause for the past couple years, Celtic punks Dropkick Murphys dropped their Turn Up the Dial LP this year. Lose your voice — and hearing — while singing along to the bands’ many classics at this double-headliner show.

Knocked Loose at Dada
A blend of metal and hardcore, Knocked Loose may very well knock your teeth loose with their amp-shattering sound at this now sold-out show. If screaming isn’t your thing, the band collaborated with electronic music producer MIK to release a lo-fi version of their song “Mistakes like Fractures.” It’s less “punching my friend in the arm” and more “anime beats to study to” in this version, and the unexpected genre switch results in a uniquely eerie but groove-worthy vibe that bridges the gap between two disparate schools of taste.

Wednesday (September 29)

State Champs at House of Blues
State Champs is such a pop-punk name, right? The genre may have hit its peak in the early 2000s, but this group from Albany has really done its part in keeping the spirit alive. After forming in 2010 and establishing a name for themselves, the group collaborated in 2019 with Simple Plan and We The Kings on the single “Where I Belong” to form a three-headed-pop-punk monster that connects three generations of pop-punk.

Willow at Trees
Wait a minute! Stop what you’re doing and head over to Trees to catch this young talent giving a sure-to-be electrifying performance. The offspring of a fresh prince, the 20 year-old Willow brings elements of pop-punk, nu-metal and R&B to share her experiences of growing up and finding her place in the world. Over the course of five albums, she has gone from Will and Jada’s kid to an artist of note in her own right. That’s something to whip your hair back and forth over, we’d say.

Anti-Flag at The Loft
Oh, you want more classic punk in your life? As if Rancid and Dropkick Murphys weren’t enough on the docket, Anti-Flag is also coming to Dallas this week The iconic punk group will, of course, be here to serve your anti-establishment needs, which is surely a high many of us have been chasing recently. The group told everyone how they really feel about all that with their 2020 release of 20/20 Vision, an album about a certain past president and vice president. Anti-Flag also revisited their roots this year by releasing an album of demos from 1992. So, no, it’s not just you who’s feeling nostalgic lately!

311 at Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory (Irving)
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally time to investigate 311! Birthed in 1988, this quintessential ska quintet blends those elements of reggae and funk with hip-hop, creating a sound that is so distinctly ’90s. Now, it’s 2021 and the off-beats and groovy bass lines have prevailed. This show probably won’t be as chaotic as the one they gave on comedian Eric Andre’s soundstage a few year’s back, but we’re still keeping our fingers crossed in hopes that T-Pain will show up unannounced at this concert, too.

Thursday (September 30)

Drowning Pool at Granada Theater
For you WWE fans out there, this is the band that gave you the SmackDown theme from 2004 to 2008. Alternatively, maybe you heard about how they can’t shake off one of their hit songs being associated with 9/11? Yes, it’s been a long, strange trip for this heavy metal group from Dallas, and this homecoming date in the midst of their current “Brothers In Arms” tour will no doubt provide the band a welcome respite from it all.

Dude Perfect at Dickies Arena (Fort Worth)
This group of dudes from Frisco, Prosper and Plano specialize in trick shots. Since their early YouTube days, they have grown immensely, even leaving the internet space and touring around the country, performing shows consisting of comedy and various stunts. The fellas also reportedly emphasize their wholesome Christianity within their act. So, if you went to high school in North Texas, chances are this crew was just endlessly promoted to you. Oh and, for some reason, they sell beans?

Friday (October 1)

KISS at Dickies Arena (Fort Worth)
Pick up some black and white face paint, and call your dad — because the iconic glam rockers of KISS are coming to Fort Worth. Aptly titled the “End of the Road” tour, this show arrives as what is alleged to be the final ever run from the band. So, if you’re a KISS fan, you probably don’t want to miss out. After the world tour concludes in the summer of 2022, the KISS Army will then have a biopic to look forward to. Called Shout It Out Loud, the film promises to focus on the first four years of the group’s collective career, and it’s set to have both a theatrical and Netlfix release.

Waxahatchee at Granada Theater
Indie songstress Katie Crutchfield creates music that makes you want to frolic in a field of flowers. Her latest album, Saint Cloud, dips into the waters of Americana and folk — a nod to her Alabama roots. She also released a lovely cover of Woody Guthrie’s “Talking Dust Bowl Blues” that’ll keep you hanging on to the fleeting summer season.

Saturday (October 2)

Dallas Reproductive Liberation March/Pussy Riot at Thunderbird Station
It’s been a devastating and nerve-wracking couple of weeks for Texas women following the passing of the Senate Bill 8, so now is a crucial time to ban together in effort to preserve reproductive rights. A liberation march will be held in Downtown Dallas, followed by a charity event at Deep Ellum’s Thunderbird Station hosted by Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot fame. Tolokonnikova will host a DJ set and a conversation on reproductive rights. More details can be found here. Get educated. Support each other. Tell Gov. Abbott to suck it.

Chromeo at Arlington Backyard
This Canadian duo combines elements of funk, disco and soul to create their own brand of electronic pop. Starting out as childhood besties, P-Thugg and Dave 1 have been throwing down jams together for nearly two decades at this point, and they also have a knack for really wild music videos. Seriously, just check out “Clorox Wipe” from their 2020 Quarantine Casanova LP. (You can probably guess what the central theme to that album is.)

St. Vincent at The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory (Irving)
Hometown hero Annie Clark will stop in Irving on the U.S leg of her international tour, having just released a new album called Daddy’s Home and a new meta-mockumentary called The Nowhere Inn. Still, with her powerful stage presence and ever-evolving, creative mind, the Lake Highlands graduate is sure to put on a hell of a show filled with impressive stage direction and wild art rock.

Princess Nokia at 1323 N. Stemmons
This NYC rapper’s presence is helping challenge the notions of masculinity and heteronormativity that have for so long dominated the rap genre. A bold and uninhibited performer, Princess Nokia is giving a needed shakeup to the industry while providing a voice for the underdog. After spending her adolescent years in a rocky environment, she’s since climbed her way to success, picking up influences along the way from varied sources like soul, nu metal and house. This Dallas tour stop will arrive as one of the first offerings to come at the Mark Cuban-owned Design District venue formerly known as HiFi Dallas, which was supposed to open last month but saw its debut delayed until this show, where it will take its bow under a completely new name.

Fortune Feimster at Majestic Theatre
Working in the writing room, on stage and in front of the camera, Fortune Feimster has hit all angles of the comedy world. She’s so busy, in fact, you have to wonder how Dallas was able to squeeze not just this Saturday date out of her, but also a Sunday one. Either way comedy fans are in for a treat: Her 2020 Netflix stand-up special Fortune Feimster: Sweet & Salty earned her a Critics Choice nomination for best comedy special.

Sunday (October 3)

TLC and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony at The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory (Irving)
The ’90s are are calling with this “Celebration of Crazysexycool” tour that finds TLC is teaming up with harmonic hip-hop group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony to commemorate the girl group’s iconic 1994 album. Fan interaction, surprise guests and all the ’90s fashion are promised for the tour. Scrubs need not inquire.

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