The Newest Solo Track From Fishing in Japan Singer Wolfgang Hunter Is Dreamy, Romantic And Imperfect In The Most Perfect Way.

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Wolfgang Hunter — Molly
RIYL: dream-like songs.
What else you need to know: The Fishing in Japan frontman has been releasing some solo work over the course of 2021, inclduing an EP, Death and Texas. While still retaining the fun indie-pop sound, Wolfgang Hunter has been indulging in some experimentation.

It’s always pleasant when a member of a beloved band ventures out and delivers solo material that is just as good, if not better, than their collaborative projects. Hunter delivers on this premise.

This year, we’ve gotten Death and Texas which takes on a moodier, grimer sound compared to the more bouncy, zippy vibe that we’re used to with Fishing in Japan. Full of creative instrumentals and imperfect (in a good way) vocals, it reminds us of the lo-fi indie sound of Car Seat Headrest. The most refreshing track of the EP is “Drunk In A Morgue,” a stripped-down, folky tune that slaps you with a lot of emotion.

But today, we’re featuring the most recent track “Molly.”

The three-minute track starts with muffled vocals that sound sleepy and sincere, like a lullaby, with only a quiet guitar backing them. Drums, bass and noise start to swell until it all snaps into clarify — like waking up from a dream.

Granted, the low-fidelity nature of the song makes it a little difficult to follow the lyrics at times, but the comforting spirit it possesses and lines like “Molly, I need you in my life,” it’s clear that this is a love song.

Whoever Molly may be, she’s a lucky lady.

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