Take A Breather From Your Day-To-Day Stresses With The Calming Sounds Of The Nine-Minute Opening Track Off This Dallas Ambient Musician’s New Album.

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.foundation — “terminalia”
RIYL: Hans Zimmer without the drone
What else you should know: If you need something to help you trip out, or if you need something chill to help you zone out, you just might find bliss in the music that Dallas ambient musician Jake Carter creates under his .foundation moniker — and particularly his newly released Mountain Ambient III LP.

Let’s get the usual comparison out of the way first: Yes, this material owes a debt to Brian Eno, as most artists in the genre do. That said, the kinds of moods this nine-minute track evokes is more along the lines of what Mogwai and the more recent works of Explosions in the Sky are known for.

Since there are no lyrics or vocals to “Terminalia,” we recommend experiencing this album-opening song with headphones on, and preferably while in a relaxed state. No, this music won’t put you to sleep — there is no shortage of sound here, and the electronic keyboards and sound effects pull you right in — but it will transport your mind to a calm place.

Sometimes, it’s great to simply click play and not let anything else distract you. There’s no beat to tap your foot along with here. There are no liner notes to read about how this track was constructed.

It’s simply magic for your eardrums.

If you need a little help with getting yourself through another week, check out .foundation and give your stress a break for a little bit.

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