Check Out The Lead Cut Off The Immensely Talented Dallas Guitarist’s New Collaborative EP Of Tastefully Orchestrated Atmospheric Jazz.

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Chance Thrash — “Leaving Home”
RIYL: not leaving everything up to chance
What else you should know: Dallas-based guitarist Chance Thrash has a luscious new EP out called Following the Breeze, and his immense talents merit a listen. A collaboration with the South Korean artist Park Bird, the five-song EP boasts instrumental prowess that lures listeners in from the first notes of its opening cut, “Leaving Home.”

On artwork alone, one might peg Thrash as another pop culture remix act along the lines of Pogo, or perhaps the latest in a long line of Gorillaz acolytes.

Not so, though. That’s really nothing what the music is like.

Chance and Park Bird’s collaboration sounds like something you might like if you enjoy Mark Mothersbaugh’s vast work on Wes Anderson films (especially his Dallas-shot first film, Bottle Rocket. But don’t disregard this as smooth jazz meant to be audio wallpaper at some high-end restaurant in downtown Dallas; it’s something deeper than that.

One look at his Instagram page, and it’s clear Thrash loves finger-picking all over his Spanish-style acoustic guitar. With a lot of open strums, there are a lot of colors in the notes he plays — and, mixed here with gorgeous piano and orchestrations, “Leaving Home” is a great introduction to what Chance does.

Listening to Following the Breeze in its entirety is no huge commitment — the whole thing goes by quickly in its 12-minute runtime, with “Leaving Home” clocking in at fewer than three minutes long — but you also don’t need to listen to all of it to get a sense of just how talented this guy is.

Of course, not doing so would be your loss.

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