Caroline Taylor Finds Self-Love In Her Latest Acoustic Track About The Struggles Of Being Hard On Yourself.

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Caroline Taylor – “Blurry”
RIYL: love yourself
What Else You Should Know: The way singer-songwriter Caroline Taylor describes herself in this track is so relatable, but also not at all how we view her.

Last week, Taylor released the first track off her upcoming debut EP – a song about all the ways she overthinks and negatively talks herself down. Despite that “Blurry” is a track full of emotional lines, she delivers it with a sweet, comforting voice. The way she describes herself as a blurry photograph, a “song that’s way off key” and “a first draft full of typos” sounds like she’s singing it with a smile on her face.

Even when she sings the line, “I wish I could go to my own funeral/ It would really help my self-esteem,” the gentle guitar strums and drum taps make no room for frustration.

Not once does Taylor make us feel her pain – or even our pains. That’s because deep down she knows that she’s wrong about herself. “Blurry” reminds her that she’ll never have it all figured out and it doesn’t matter because her path to grow and endless just like the love she receives.

She says she’s a song that’s way off key, but she ends it with “that you keep playing in your head” and “you don’t’ need me perfect/ You just need me in your life.”

There’s a lesson to learn from Taylor and it’s to quit being so hard on ourselves. It’s time to put an end to overanalyzing who we are and listen to our loved one instead. She looks around and see’s someone who will always choose her the way she is. With someone like that, there’s no need to overthink your imperfections.

Loving the mess we’re in. That’s it.

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