Black Pat’s Latest Freestyle Is The Confidence Check We All Need And A Fierce Reminder That This Desoto-Sprung Rapper Is Here To Stay.

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Black Pat — “Final Notice Freestyle”
RIYL: Letting people who the f you are
What else you need to know: A year after the release of Never Mind, Desoto’s Black Pat is back with a vengeance. And he’s coming to get all that’s his.

Black Pat is far from new to the Dallas music scene. In fact, his SoundCloud is rich with nine years of rhymes rooted in the rawness of his experiences. Now, Black Pat is reintroducing himself to DFW as a multidisciplinary artist with an alter ego, Billionaire P, that cannot be ignored.

In his latest single, “Final Notice Freestyle,” Black Pat is not holding back. He returns with a blunt ferocity that bleeds confidence with every bar.

Out the gate Black Pat lets us know what it is. “We’ve been nice too long, ain’t no more niceness to give out,” he warns in the intro. What follows is an explicit declaration of excellence.

“Head held so high / I kissed a star / Back to give you bars cause I’m a god/ I magnified my hustle/ I beat the odds,” he raps in the verse, signaling that he doesn’t need anyone to give him his flowers — he’s snatching them right out of our hand with a one crisp seamless verse. In a one minute freestyle, Black Pat lets us there ain’t no confusing he’s it.

The melodic beat smoothes the edges of abrasive rhymes. Each lyric penetrates the audience with determination. You can’t help but vibe with the beat and take in the rappers tenacity.

There ain’t no overlooking Black Pat now. He’s taking DFW by storm in more ways than one, like already being published twice as a model this year. His hard work over the last decade is shining through.

Take this freestyle as a literal final notice, It’s Billionaire P’s time to shine.

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