Blending Entrepreneurial And Spiritual Manifestation, The Up-And-Coming Dallas Rapper’s New Single Is A Wavy Endorsement Of Investing In One’s Self.

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Amore Bey — “Paradise”
RIYL: knowing your worth
What else you should know: The underlying message of Amore Bey’s new single “Paradise” is pretty simple: If you want to succeed in this life, you must maintain perseverance and keep up faith.

Originally released last month on the young Dallas rapper’s latest EP, Know Yah Worth, “Paradise” is a follow-up to the artist’s 2020 debut full-length, Flow of Life.

As he sees it, Bey’s successes haven’t always been predetermined in the clouds. He even admits the he stumbled a little late into the music game after a chance encounter with the one and only Lauryn Hill — an encounter sure to turn anyone’s head to the game. But he’s been hard at work ever since then, steadily leveling up his own game and crediting the most-high in enabling his conviction.

These roads all lead up to the new visual for his “Paradise” single, which boasts a little beach flare alongside some Kingdom of Judah vibes. As Bey puts it: “Religion is my foundation. I use my sound to spread love, truth, peace and freedom.”

“Paradise” takes things a step further: “Hair like wool skin like copper,” he sings on a hook referencing the description of Jesus provided by the Book of Revelations. He continues: “No weapon formed against me shall prosper,” this time nodding at an Old Testament warning from the book of the Hebrew prophet Isaiah.

There’s an entrepreneurial nature in play with Bey, too: You see he’s always been something of a gardener, and whether it’s mustard seeds or lyrical nuggets of wisdom he’s sowing, he’s definitely reaping benefits from the battlefields over which he’s toiled.

Know Yah Worth was just me getting back into the flow of releasing music again,” Bey says. “I have lots of songs recorded that I’ll be putting out all through the summer. ‘Paradise’ is just the beginning.”

Check out our exclusive premiere of the song’s visuals below:

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