What To Expect When You’re Expecting New Victory Park Movie Theater, Cinépolis.

Throughout recent history, anyone living in or around Downtown Dallas has been fairly SOL when it comes to catching a movie at a nearby theater. The best options these folks have had were treks to West Village, Mockingbird Station or NorthPark.

Of course, that’s all set to change soon enough. Back in July 2014, the news broke that the ever-expanding-across-North-Texas Alamo Drafthouse brand would be taking its talents to The Cedars with a location set to open right by South Side Music Hall in the summer of 2015.

This week, though, yet more — and more unexpected — news came down on this front: Turns out Downtown’s getting a second theater, too. A chain called Cinépolis is now slated to open a 700-seat, eight-screen theater in Victory Park at some point in 2017. Officially, the space will be called “Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas – Victory Park.” And if that doesn’t sound like fancy and posh AF, well, I don’t know what does.

Of course, if you’re wondering what the hell a Cinépolis is and why you haven’t yet heard of it, don’t fret. you’re not alone. For one, this will be the company’s first Texas location. And, if you couldn’t tell by the little accent on the “‘e there, Cinépolis is Mexico-based, upscale theater chain — and the largest chain one Latin America, to boot, with 214 theaters existing across 97 cities.

It just so happens that I’ve been to one of those locations. Back in my family’s hometown of Chihuahua, Mexico, I once caught a flick at the “Cinépolis VIP Fashion Mall Chihuahua” location. Here’s what I learned during that trip, which should maybe help you get a sense of what you can expect from this new spot:

• The “upscale” notion isn’t just chatter. You’ll be spending a lot of money here. Think $17 to $20 per ticket. This isn’t a place to catch a trashy blockbuster on a dime. It’s a treat-yo-self theater.
• The lobbies resemble upscale lounges. The couches have dark leather couches.
• There’s reserved seating, which is especially nice in the smaller-capacity theaters. In Chihuahua, the theaters only averaged around 64 seats per theater.
• Speaking of seats: They’re roomy as hell. They’re also adjustable and can recline down to a 30-degree angle, providing an experience that’s almost like watching a movie in your bed.
• There’s a full-service bar and kitchen. The one in Chihuahua had all sorts of food, including pizza, sushi, crepes, fried rice and gourmet popcorn.
• There’s also a coffee bar with espresso machines and Frappucino-esque drinks.
• Oh, and as a nice touch, they even have blankets available upon request in case you get chilly.

Of course, the Dallas location could be totally different. But maybe this gives us all a little insight into the general vibe of the chain. Me? I’m excited about it, and I imagine this will be a great theater for people killing time before a game or for couples heading out on a fancy date night. Either way, it’s exciting to have more entertainment destinations in the Downtown area.

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