First Look: Late-Night Food Destination R&B At The Statler.

With A Simple Menu And Even Simpler Decor, The Ramen- And Bao-Focused R&B At Downtown Dallas’ Statler Hotel Hits All The Right Notes.

Picture this: It’s after midnight and you’re on your third old-fashioned at Bourbon & Banter in the bowels of the revamped The Statler in Downtown Dallas. The night is nearing its end. But, before you summon that Uber, you remember that it’s important to fill your belly with something other than booze, or tomorrow is gonna hurt.

Well, aren’t you lucky?

Just steps from where you currently sit is R&B, a spot that’s open till 4 a.m. on weekends and whose letters represent what’s on the menu — ramen and bao offerings, almost exclusively. What was originally intended to be a throwaway pizza window is now downtown’s latest lunch and wee-hours destination. The story goes that Chef Angela Hernandez of Fine China noticed a door connecting its kitchen to hers, got a wild idea to turn it into a ramen and bao place and, well, the rest is history.

Its like this place was built with your inebriated ass in mind. The menu sure makes things easy: There are just four ramen bowls, two sides and seven baos to choose from. Better yet, everything costs between four and 14 bucks.

Of course you’ll want to try the storied Cheesebao-ger, which is as good as you might imagine, topped with onion jam, American cheese and pickles. The house-made wagyu beef pastrami is also a go-to. And the Dirty Joe? You can sample that same rich, spicy pork ragu that’s featured on the menu at Fine China for less than five bucks when you order it here. Ramen-wise, that ragu appears again in the Tantanmen bowl, and two brothless bowl options are also available for when it’s too hot for soup.

The place is small, sure. But it’s bright and clean, with a minimalist design with details that border on art deco. Just like the menu, the decor features only what is needed — and not much more.

After one too many drinks, R&B is indeed a perfect stop for one more bite at the end of the night. That’s the whole idea behind the spot, as Hernandez told us last month: “Like, if I’m drunk at 2 a.m., where’s my sloppy ass going to eat?!?!?”

Seems Hernandez has answered her own question.

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