The Dallas Cowboys Won’t Be Offering Season Tickets For 2020, Texas Universities Finalize Back-To-School Plans And Much More. 

As is expected in a Coronavirus world, a fair amount of updates have come to light since we last touched base

Here are the latest in COVID-19 developments around North Texas: 

  • On Thursday, Dallas County reported an additional 537 cases and six deaths. The day before, Dallas hit a new single-day record with 36 reported deaths. County Judge Clay Jenkins said it was a “somber reminder” of the severity of this outbreak. On Wednesday, he also clarified information regarding a TEA meeting on Tuesday and reassured parents that Dallas County would work to ensure students are safe when schools reopen. He also stated Dallas appears to be on a positive trend with a consistent lower case rate than in recent weeks.

This concludes our weekly COVID-19 round-up. Make sure to check back in on Tuesday to catch up with everything that unfolds over the next few days. 

Until then, stay masked up. 


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