Whether It’s For Film Or Digital Shooting, These Are The Best Camera Shops In The Area Where You Can Get All The Equipment And Supplies You Need.

They say it’s not about the quality of the camera but rather about the quality of the photographer.

And that may be true, but the photographer still needs the right gear and supplies to get going if they are to become a quality photographer behind the lens.

Here in North Texas, there isn’t a shortage of community when it comes to groups gathering to celebrate photography, like the Instant Film Society’s annual Polacon, a gathering to celebrate instant film and the Polaroid brand.

And just like there isn’t a shortage of camraderie when it comes to people geeking out, there isn’t a lack of camera shops and friendly faces at those shops that are glad to help you get on your way to becoming a better photographer.

So if you want to start shooting film or digital cameras but don’t know where to start, you’re in luck. Because we assembled this list of local camera and photography supplies shops in the metroplex.

Don’s Used Photo Equipment
Location: 2731 Irving Blvd, Dallas TX

For twenty years, Don’s Photo Equipment has been selling new and used photo equipment. You can pretty much find everything you need here. From film cameras, to rolls of film, Polaroids cameras, etc. Apart from just camera equipment and film, you can buy darkroom chemicals and darkroom paper. If you get the chance, speak to owner Don Puckett and ask about his Polaroid’s Frankenstein camera’s creations.

Denton Camera Exchange
Location: 117 Piner St, Denton, TX

If you plan to go to shoot photos in Denton, Armand Kohandani has you covered. Kohandani has been working to grow film photography in Denton since his shop opened in 2013. The shop is rather small, which is good since it makes it easier to roam around and locate film cameras and accessories. Film cameras do vary in prices. Kohandani recommends a 35mm manual focus camera, which will cost around $100. If you think you can handle a high-end camera, then be prepare to bring more cash since it will cost around $300-400. Yeah, it sucks that you have wait on the I-35 traffic, but it’s worth it for the personalized attention.

Location: 3111 Canton St #100, Dallas, TX

Do you have a faded, damage or old photograph that you wish you can fully restore? Well, depending on the damage of a photo print, Photographique employees might be able to restore the photograph. Restoring a photo costs from $80 to $150 per image and depending on the size or order, it will take around three to six weeks to process. You can also rent out Photographique’s dark room and develop your own film. You can also buy Polaroid cameras and rolls of film as well. Ask for Cassandra Black if you’d like some guidance.

Fort Worth Camera
Location: 1600 Montgomery St, Fort Worth, TX

For those who live in the Fort Worth area, you might have realized that Fort Worth Camera has a new location. The store moved from West Sixth Street to Montgomery Street and now has a more modern look to it. The store has an 11,000-square-foot, two-story building and specialize in digital cameras, though it does offer a few film accessories. DSLR cameras start as low as $499. Fort Worth Camera offers photo classes, private lessons, allows customers to rent a photo studio and can use its professional lighting and has a photo gallery. MacKenzie Hughes, marketing director, says and recommends for beginners to start with any brand of digital camera.

Competitive Cameras Ltd
Location: 2025 Irving Blvd, Dallas TX

This is the place for digital camera lovers. If you can’t afford to buy a camera, then why not rent it? Competitive Camera’s claims to be one of the largest camera stores in DFW area with its 5,000-square foot store. You can either buy or rent a variety of DSLR cameras and lenses. Depending on the camera and brand, rental cost rangers from $60 to $200 a day. You can also find Competitive Camera’s specials and offers on its website.

Cover image via Wikimedia Commons. 

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