Two Years After Its Impending Move Was Announced, The Henderson Avenue Hotspot Is Closing And Getting Ready To Move To Deep Ellum In A Few Weeks.

The idea of Beauty Bar’s Henderson Avenue location not being long for this world first became rumor in 2016, then got confirmed in 2017 as owner Brooke Humphries exclusively revealed to us that she’d be moving the hotspot to a Deep Ellum location in early 2018.

Of course, as tends to be the case in issues like these, the timeline got a little screwed up along the way.

But now it’s finally happening: With work on its new location on Main Street in Deep Ellum finally nearing completion (it’ll be located right next door to the country music club The Blue Light), Humphries announced this morning that this will be Beauty Bar’s last week at its home of the last eight years.

With as-yet-unannounced opening parties at the new venue surely looming — Humphries says she’s wholly focused on Henderson’s closure at the moment before turning her attention to the Deep Ellum spot, but notes that she plans to open the new spot within a few weeks of the old location’s end — the dance club’s final nights along the extended Knox-Henderson strip will strictly feature the same recurring weeklies that have been Beauty Bar’s bread and butter for the last few years.

Here’s the schedule of events for the venue’s last few nights in operation along Henderson:

It’s perhaps worth noting that Blake Ward’s Saturday, March 30, event is also being promoted as “The Last Dance.” In his own Facebook post lamenting the impending closure of Beauty Bar’s current location, Ward promised special surprises at his bon voyage to the room, noting that, while he looks forward to taking his event to the new venue soon, he’ll greatly miss the old one, too.

Writes Ward: “There is something special about the vibes in that room that few other places give off.”

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