Backstage At JMBLYA With 10k.Caash & G.U.N.

We Spent JMBLYA 2019 Backstage With The Fun-Loving Pair Of Dallas Rappers Who’ve Been Freshly Signed To The Legendary Def Jam Record Label.

Last Friday in Fair Park, for the seventh year in a row, Dallas hosted the annual JMBLYA festival. It was, per usual, a great time.

But it also was a little different, at least in one regard.

While JMBLYA has always included at least one or two local artists on the bill, organizers this year included two of Dallas’ fastest-rising rappers on its bill by booking frequent collaboratorsand recent Def Jam signees —  G.U.N. and 10k.Caash to perform an early-afternoon set at the event.

That the two would sign deals and perform alongside one another perhaps isn’t surprising given their similar backstories. G.U.N., originally born in Memphis but Dallas-raised, started his career off in the dancing scene of Dallas, then found his footing in the rap scene. 10k’s story is similar: After establishing himself as the creator of the Dallas-sprung, nationally revered “The Woah” dance, 10k too is now working on his rap career.

Watching these two — who, along with their fellow Dallas rapper Bobby Sessions, now represent a trio of area rappers now scooped up to the legendary Def Jam roster — interact with one another is like watching siblings interact. They’re both goofy, quick with put-downs and happy to laugh at their own expense if it gets the other laughing, too.

That attitude came in useful at JMBLYA on Friday afternoon, where we shadowed the two as they managed to keep their spirits high despite showing up late to the fest and missing out on their chance to perform for the fans who’d shown up to the grounds early.

Unfazed, the pair spent the rest of day walking around the festival, meeting and taking photos with fans, playing impromptu dice games backstage and just generally enjoying their time watching the other performers while promising they wouldn’t let tardiness get in the way of their slated Austin appearance the next day. Alas, that opportunity would be taken from them too, as that second half of JMBLYA’s 2019 run would get rained out.

Still, even without performing, it’s safe to say that 10k.Caash and G.U.N. made the most of their JMBLYA experience, proving themselves humble during their fan interactions and seeing their fun-loving nature approved of by their fellow performers backstage.

At the top of this post, you can check out our photos from hanging around with the pair. Below, peep some of the answers to the questions we asked the rappers while tailing them around the grounds.

Where were you born? If you weren’t born in Dallas, when did you move here?
10k.Caash: Dallas, Texas. From B.F.L!
G.U.N.: Memphis. I moved to Dallas at 13.

How were you introduced to the dancing/music culture of Dallas?
10k.Caash: Watching weirdos dance and fucking up. But then I ended up linking with C. James (G.U.N.).
G.U.N.: I met T. Jones, built something from the ground up with Willie, Swagg and DP when Cedrick Fields created Yung Nation at Neka’s house. R.I.P. Willie!

What is your first memory of dancing?
10k.Caash: In the womb, woah-ing.
G.U.N.: Being with T. Jones at his mom’s house.

How do the two of you get in connection with each other?
Both: Playing Xbox.

What is best piece of advice you have gotten from each other?
10k.Caash: Get money, fuck bitches.
G.U.N.: Keep rapping, stop robbing.

How does it feel to be signed to Def Jam?
10k.Caash: It just feels….
G.U.N.: …normal?

What was the first thing you did when you got signed?
10k.Caash: Black tees.
G.U.N.: I just laughed.

If you could make a song with anyone in the world, who would be on it and who would produce it?
10k.Caash: G.U.N., and it would be produced by me and G.U.N.
G.U.N.: 10k, and it’d be produced by me and 10k.

What did you think of JMBLYA?
10k.Caash: It was live!
G.U.N.: I fuck with them! Cool peeps, and they looked out for us, for sure.

Who was your favorite artist on the lineup/favorite artist you got to see perform?
Both: Da Baby

What is your favorite thing about performing/dancing/rapping?
Both: Just having fun

What advice would you give to any Dallas artist trying to make it right now?
10k.Caash: Grind and worry about yourself. Don’t hate.
G.U.N.: Grind hard, don’t hate and stay down.

If you could throw your own festival in Dallas, who would be on the lineup?
10k.Caash: Rico Nasty, G.U.N., 500gwuapgang, Ski Mask The Slump God, Da Baby, Stunna, Asian Doll, Roddy Rich…
G.U.N.: 10k, Ski Mask, Crash Rarri, Insomniac Lambs, Rico Nasty, 500gwaupgang, Chapo…

Do you have a favorite weed strain?
10k.Caash: WEST COAST CURE! And ice cream cake.
G.U.N.: Gelato! And west coast cure.

Do you have any funny stories where you got too high and did something dumb?
10k.Caash: I once fell up the stairs.
G.U.N.: I once lost my phone in my pocket.

Last question:What do you want people to know about you?
10k.Caash: Life ain’t fair?
G.U.N.: That I don’t give a fuck how you feel — ’cause I’m the shit!

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