Are You A Young Area Creative Or Aspiring Journalist Who Already Loves Dallas Culture? Wow, Do We Have The Perfect Opportunity For You!

Mercifully, the academic calendar is coming to its end. If you’re a student at one of North Texas’ many great higher learning institutions, or perhaps a student returning to the area from a school in a distant setting for the upcoming break, you’re probably laser-focused on how you’re going to be spending your summer.

Well, allow us one possible suggestion for that: You should consider being one of our summer interns!

It’s a cool opportunity, for sure. If you’re already a Central Track reader, then you already know: We’ve made it our job to keep our eyes firmly locked on all things Dallas culture-related, and we bust our tails doing our best to report on the city from different angles than all the other publications around town. (We also aren’t scared to tell it like it is — presuming, of course, that the facts back our arguments up.)

If joining us in the above mission sounds like it’d be up your alley, please take a minute to read the below descriptions of the interns we’re seeking to join our team next semester:

  • Editorial Interns. Our ideal candidate here is not just interested in area culture (music, nightlife, fashion, restaurants, bars, etc.), but also at least a little familiar with it. Applicants should be strong, efficient and prolific writers who aren’t afraid to have and share an opinion. Responsibilities will include assisting in our day-to-day operations, maintaining and contributing to our daily event previews, and crafting other articles for publication, both pitched and assigned.
  • Photography/Graphic Design Interns. The perfect candidates here should be well-versed in all aspects of the Adobe Suite, and creators in their own rights. We seek interns who are eager to help our writing staff better visualize their stories, but are also capable of telling their own stories through visual means. Responsibilities will include photo editing, creating infographics and shooting event that take place throughout the market.
  • Social Media/Marketing Interns. Here, we seek candidates with interests in social media, events and branding. Responsibilities will include conceiving and executing social media campaigns, assisting with event production and helping out with other branding efforts, both inside and outside of our office.
  • Video Interns. As Central Track continues to expand its video offerings for both editorial and promotional projects, we’re seeking interns with the ability to help us produce that content. Responsibilities will include assisting on video shoots, logging footage, pre-editing, editing, working on motion graphics, applying text overlays and more. Previous work experience with Adobe Premiere and After Effects is preferred.

Any of those sound like they apply to you? Then you should definitely keep reading about what we’re looking for in our internship applicants.

This is an unpaid internship program we offer, so the top candidates for these positions will preferably be currently enrolled in a college or university, and would thus be able to receive class credit in exchange for their internship. We’ve worked with most accredited North Texas colleges and universities to accomplish this, and with a number of out-of-market schools, too. In other words: Even if you’re not sure what your school’s rules are in regards to this sort of thing, just ask your advisers and counselors if earning credit for an internship is a possibility. (It probably is.)

As for what the internship looks like in terms of workload requirements, we ask that our interns come into our Deep Ellum offices at least 10 to 15 hours every week, between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. each Monday through Friday. We’ll work with you to customize a schedule that works well for both your needs and ours, but please keep in mind that you will be expected to provide your own laptop, and your own transportation to and from the office. Acquiring any other basic gear that may be necessary for your field — like, say, a camera, if you’re applying for the photography internship — is also on you.

Now, with that all out of the way: Are you still interested? You should be!

Consider Mira Scott, our lone intern this past semester. That’s her pictured at the top of this post, notepad in hand while covering a taco festival for us. And that’s just one of the many cool bylines she’s earned with us these past few months.

If you want to be the next Mira — and you should; she’s great — then please shoot an email to me at pete [at] centraltrack [dot] com — and be sure to put “2019 SUMMER INTERNSHIP” in the subject line so I can easily find it. Within your email, please include a resume, some links or attachments to work samples that align with the position you seek, and a cover letter that briefly details why you think you’d be a good fir for an internship at Central Track.

The deadline for applying for a Summer 2019 internship is 5 p.m. on Friday, May 17. Applications sent in even a minute after that will not be accepted — deadlines are a thing in this field! — so you better send your information our way well before then if you want in one this action.

Cool? Cool.

We look forward to hearing from you all!

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