We Asked And Our Readers Answered — Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Buy Central Track And Ensure It Keeps Serving The Dallas Community.

Let’s summarize that past few weeks.

On May 24, we officially announced that this publication is up for sale. But we weren’t going to just ask for buyers with no good reason, so we put our money (or lack thereof, lol) where our mouth is and gave you 100 examples of Central Track excellence. Then, to give you an idea of what kind of person we’d like to see take ownership of CT, we wrote up our dream list.

The next clear step of this saga was to hear from you, the readers — aka the reason why we’re even doing this whole thing in the first place — on why people should give a shit about this website. So we took to our socials and said, “tell us why you think Central Track is important and why someone should buy it.”

Below is the list of responses. Take them with all that they’re worth, because no one can honestly define CT better than the people who read it.

Thank you so much for reading, from the bottom of our hearts. And if this list moves you to want to purchase this website and keep it alive, email your inquiry to our founder at Pete [at] centraltrack [dot] com.


“As an indie artist, it has meant SO MUCH to have central track supporting over the years” — @katrinacainmusic


“Because they know more about Dallas music than anyone else” — @cosgrove.jackson


“I can find stuff to do in dallas that isnt some low level influencer hucking trash” — @spicytaco77


“some of the best local music coverage in the scene: essential for uplifting creatives!” — @danquijote


“The badass women that run it” — @jacksonlgbt


“Because it’s female ran and you should buy it to support the movement” — @thyroidsband


“CentralTrack was the best source for interesting events around DFW. Their input is what drove my week.”  — @treyconner


“Y’all are a bit unhinged but reliable and bring a unique perspective to local media” — @natgempel


“Because it’s raw and real content. We NEED this to remain in Dallas FOREVER.” — @redpegasuspod


“I need hands-on recommendations for all the cool local stuff going on!” — @tr8ss


“Great info for the DFW area, great place to find things to do and news” — @thecollectinglemon


“Because independent taste- making is still vital” — @thirstandcompany’s


“Bring a big spotlight to local artists in need” — @juliusdelaughter’s


“Support local journalism” — @a.baby.abby


“Because it’s what’s poppin’ right now and it’s the future.” — @yxngblxdes


“You guys represent DFW arts & culture for real people, not just the old money crowd.” — @paytonnicolem


“The one and only publication that digs deep in the Dallas and DFW culture in general.” — @alex_oaiza


“It’s the only publication I believe is worth a damn when it comes to the arts/community.” — @surfwraith






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