We’re Searching For New Talents To Add Our Team Of Freelance Contributors. Think You Might Fit That Bill? Awesome. Here Are The Next Steps To Take.

It’s a New Era for Central Track!

Earlier this month, I joined this team here as an editor, and I’d like to think that with a new set of eyes, exciting things are in-store for us — and, yes, that includes new team members.

I inherited a pretty solid group of creatives here at Central Track, but we’re ready to find the next generation of great storytellers in North Texas.

Much like Dallas, we here at CT are growing faster than ever before, which means we’re ready to bring some new blood into the fold yet again. We’re looking for writers, photographers, videographers and graphic designers to join our ever-expanding roster of freelance contributors.

If you love Dallas as much as we do — and perhaps you’ve been looking for a side-gig to fill that creative void in your life, too — then you just might be the exact kind of contributor we’re seeking.

We love telling stories about Dallas (and its music, and its food, and its nightlife, and its fashion, and its art, and its culture and so on), and it’s important to us that our contributors share that same enamor. If your love for the city comes in the form of, say, an eye for fashion with our Street Style series (oh yes, we’re looking for a photographer to help us bring that much-adored feature back from the dead) or the need to shine a light on a local up-and-coming musician, we want to bring you into the fold!

So: What’s the move for going about all of this?

Well, first of all, start off by exploring our website and getting a feel for the work that we already do. Explore our weekly columns — like, say, White Noise and The Spread — to get a sense of the things we’re interested in covering. But don’t just stop there. Go deep into the archives of other stories we’ve told. This could help you arrive at story-germinating questions like, “Huh, I wonder what happened after that story ran?” or, “That band recently went on hiatus — what’s up with that?”

Once you feel like you’re on to something, go ahead and send me a note at alec[at]centraltrack[dot]com.

Make sure to include a resume, some samples of your work and a story idea (or two) that you think you’re ready to attack.

Feel free to test your luck by sending me a note that simply says, “I just love music and will write about whatever you want me to,” but I can’t promise I’ll even reply to such a broad email. I would genuinely rather you yell at me about why some sub-community of Dallas deserves more coverage (I have thick skin and promise I can handle it) than you coming at me looking for help on where to get started.

We’re looking for additional eyes to help us cover this city — not more mouths to feed.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, hit me up as requested above. One way or another, I promise I’ll get back to you.

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