In The Spirit Of The Holiday, We Made Ten North Texas-Inspired Valentine’s Day Cards To Give To The Dallasites In Your Life.

Earlier in the week we gave you some festive dining options and two specially-made playlists — one romantic and one heartache-themed — but a Valentine’s day isn’t complete without cards.

If you have a significant other and are into the whole rigamarole, more power to you, but let’s not kid ourselves and pretend that V-Day is as fun in adulthood as it was yesteryear. We’re of course referring to the days of elementary school.

No matter how grand of a romantic gesture, it won’t hit as hard as putting a pause on learning fractions to pass around cutesy cards and candy to your peers. You put a little something special in your crush’s card,  maybe give your arch nemesis the worst of the bunch. And at the end of the day, you got to go home with 20 little gifts.

The aesthetic. The drama. The camp. Your boyfriend could never.

So, in the spirit of class Valentines, we made some especially for you — with a local twist, of course. They’re a little amateurish looking, but that’s how you know they were made with love. Feel free to save them and send to your partners, besties and/or hoes.

So Dallas, will you be our Valentine?

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