We Made American Girl Dolls Based On Some Of You. Which Doll is Most Like You? Or Should We Just Take A Guess?

Based on the American Girl doll Instagram meme account @hellicity_merriman, we decided we needed Dallas versions of these girlies — for representation, of course.

American Girl is a line of 18-inch dolls that portray boys and girls of different ethnicities, faiths and social classes from different periods of history and contemporary life. Buyers can purchase dolls from the original American Girl line or create and personalize their doll to look like them with its extensive accessory series.

The meme page, which currently has 84K followers, took a different spin on creating American Girl dolls with oddly specific personalities for them. It makes templates of American Girl Dolls with sarcastic and very descriptive personalities for each doll, which are a little too specific that you’ll probably see yourself as one. For example, “We need an American Girl doll who was served the head of john the baptist on a silver platter and was unphased” and “We need an American Girl doll who broke up with her ex for listening to too much Joe Rogan.” Yeah, that one.

So, screw it, we made you a Dallas edition of American Girl dolls.

Hope you enjoy.

Cover photo and edits by Frances Tingle.

Eduardo Martinez contributed to this story.

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