For The Lovers And Heartbreakers, Here Are Two Dallas Valentine’s Day Playlists For Falling In And Out Of Love.

Making someone a playlist is the ultimate gift, especially for a special occasion. That’s why we made you one — actually, two!

It takes a lot of time and effort to make a good playlist. There’s almost like a science behind it. A lot of thought and consideration goes into picking the best — perfect — songs for a playlist created for someone or a specific event or vibe, but we think we nailed it. Just like our Halloween playlist, we thought we should make one just for Valentine’s Day, which is coming up pretty soon.

We’ve compiled a list of 20 songs by 20 different Dallas musicians to get you in that lovey-dovey mood for your Valentine’s Day dates. Picnics at White Rock Lake, Dinner in Downtown Dallas, holding hands at Klyde Warren Park or whatever you’re into, we’ve got a track for you. You’ll definitely be feeling butterflies after hearing some tracks, or if you’re not in Valentine’s Day spirit, you’ll want to be. So, go find a date now while there’s still time!

We understand that for some (me haha) Valentine’s Day fucking sucks. The last thing you want to think about is that gushy love shit and this holiday is probably the worst time of the year for you — for whatever reason. You don’t need to convince us, but we also won’t leave you troopers out. We also made you an Anti-Valentine’s Day playlist full of somber heartbreak tracks by 20 more Dallas musicians so you scream, cry, smash a heart-shaped piñata or rock out at your Anti-Valentine’s Day parties. We love those.

We’re not leaving anyone out.

If you’re boo’ed up and in love, hell yeah. If you’re single and feeling wild, that’s fucking great t0o.

Whatever you’re up to this Valentine’s Day, we got the tracks for you. All of you.


Valentine’s Day 2022 Playlist: For Lovers Edition

Valentine’s Day 2022 Playlist: Heartbreak Edition

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