Downtown Dallas’ Splashy New Entertainment Hub Is Going Big With A Weekend-Long Independence Day Bash This Year. Here Are Five Reasons Why You Need To Go.

This story is a sponsored post presented by the AT&T Discovery District, which is celebrating Independence Day in a big way this year via a July 3 and 4 celebration called Red, White & Groove. Hosted right in the heart of Downtown Dallas, this free-to-attend, two-day event will be filled with live music, entertainment and an engaging light show. Head here for more information.

The Fourth of July will be hitting a little different this year, for sure.

After a 2020 filled with social distancing, canceled events and state-mandated quarantines, we’re all itching to have a good time again here in 2021. And, no, the usual fireworks- and hot dog-filled festivities just aren’t going to cut it.

Fortunately, the AT&T Discovery District has us all covered. This Independence Day weekend, the flashy Downtown Dallas entertainment hub is throwing a two-day celebration of life, love, art, music and freedom with a new must-attend entry into the Dallas social calendar.

Called Red, White & Groove, this wide-ranging event held on July 3 and 4 is sure to offer a little something for everyone looking to get in on the action this holiday.

And the best part? It’s completely free to attend!

Need even more reasons to pop on by the biggest July 4 celebration in Downtown Dallas this year? Fine. We’ve got five for you.

1. The AT&T Discovery District Is Finally In Full Swing.

If you’re not yet familiar with this $100 million entertainment complex that AT&T plopped right in the middle of Downtown Dallas, just know this: This isn’t your usual corporate campus. Far from it. It’s an awe-inspiring destination that connects and celebrates both community and entertainment. And now, after a rollout slowed some by the pandemic, this destination is currently fully operational, with all of its many facets — on the food front, on the entertainment front, on the park space — now finally, officially open and operational. It’s a space that’s brimming with personality.

2. Even Your Grumpy Cousin Will Find Something To Like Within The Exchange Hall’s Varied Food Offerings.

Boasting a spread of 16 separate food stalls from the minds of some of Dallas’ favorite chefs, your whole squad — even the pickiest eaters among them — are sure to find something to salivate over. From burgers and tacos to seafood and savory desserts, this 26,700 square-foot catch-all just opened its doors in June, and it really does boast something for everyone. Seriously: Even if you’re more thirsty than hungry, there’s the Exchange Hall’s centerpiece bar, Double Tap, which serves up all of your favorite cocktails on tap. Cheers to that!

3. The Music Is Guaranteed To Slap.

It’s not a celebration if there’s no dancing, right? Well, Red, White, & Groove has you covered there, too. Across its two days of performances, the even will host a showcase of dance-ready performers and DJs, including Tess Vockler, CB Smoove, Sam Blacky, Deejay Mike B, Red Eye, DJ Blake Ward and even the revered Dallas party-starters of Ishi.

4. The District’s Unique ‘The Globe’ Art Installation Is A Stage Unlike Any You’ve Seen Before.

Is it even a party if you can’t make your friends jealous with some over-the-top social posts? Well, you’ll score plenty of Instagram-worthy content while checking out this weekend’s performances, many of which will be housed within this unique installation in the heart of the District. The interactive art piece stands 30 feet tall and consists of some 300,000 LEDs, making it a prime stage for some of the weekend’s featured electronic music performers

5. A State-Of-The-Art Light Show Will Illuminate The Night.

Fireworks are so last year. This year, trade in fireworks for lights as Red, White, & Groove promises to feature an impressive and immersive 6k-resolution light show on the AT&T Discovery District’s nine-story media wall. It’s sure to provide the grandest of finales to your Fourth of July celebrations.

Oh, and did we mention all this is free?!?!?!?

The AT&T Discovery District presents Red, White & Groove on Saturday, July 3, and Sunday, July 4. Head here for more information. Cover photo by Kathy Tran.

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