Spend This Christmas Like A Proper Dallas Jew: Schlep Your Tuchus Out For Chinese Food At One Of These Seven Fantastic Area Restaurants.

Christmas is the Super Bowl of Christian holidays and retail events alike. Yes, I promise, even Jews like me, we get it. Totally.

Approximately one thousand people will wish us Jews a “Merry Christmas!” each December — and, honestly, it’s fine. Really, cable news makes too big a fuss over that gripe, and I personally take no offense to it; far as I’m concerned, kindness and well wishes are gifts that everyone should share in unlimited quantity.

Plus, the old cliche you’ve heard is true: Christmas is dope as hell for Jews, too.

As our Christian friends are enjoying ham, turkey and nog with family, we just as eagerly embrace our own Yuletide pastime of linking up with loved ones to pack out movie theaters and gorge on Chinese food.

It’s a pretty great deal if you ask me — especially if one does so a little mindfully.

Just as you should be diligent in choosing what to see in cinemas this Christmas, it’s important that you put a little thought into where you should dine. This ain’t the old days any more; Dallas’ Chinese food spots aren’t just the best option because they’re the only places open on the holiday. These days, we’re fortunate to have a variety of fantastic Chinese food options to choose from all across the city — some old, some new; some cheap, some fancy; some American Chinese, some more traditional. There’s something for everyone, I mean. Yes, even a scrooge or two.

Looking to spend this Christmas in Dallas like a proper Jew? These 10 spots will do you right — and not just one day a year, frankly.

Yao Fuzi (Plano)

Lots of folks will tell you Yao Fuzi is the best Chinese in town. Is it? Embark on another storied Jewish tradition — debate! — over some dumplings here, and try telling those loyal customers they’re wrong.

Royal China

Don’t already have a Christmas reservation for Royal China this year? Well, you might want to just go ahead and try getting your table set for next Christmas now. This family-owned, award-winning American Chinese and Taiwanese restaurant is perhaps Dallas’ most storied Jewish Christmas destination of all. It’s packed to the gills every year for a reason, folks. Royal, indeed.

Royal Sichuan (Richardson)

Another classic spot! At this Richardson mainstay, you’ll find plenty of noodles, dumplings and fried chicken to satisfy your cravings. But it’s the spicy stuff that reigns supreme here. Got stuffed sinuses this season? You won’t when you leave.

Jeng Chi (Richardson)

Soup dumplings? Whole fish? Dim sum? This little Chinatown favorite has slinging those treats to its regulars since 1990.

Fine China

Found inside The Statler in Downtown Dallas, Fine China recently revamped a bit. It tampered down its once-exclusively Chinese-American offerings and added a more pan-Asian gloss through items like sushi. It’s still tasty, though. And fancy! Fine China is a fine bet this holiday.

First Chinese BBQ (Richardson)

Don’t sleep on the duck noodle soup, barbecued pork, soup dumplings and noodle dishes, but Peking duck is the big draw here. I swear: Seeing those beautiful birds glistening in the lights all in a row here? It looks better than any Christmas lights I’ve ever seen.

Jia Modern Chinese

With classic Chinese-American favorites like Kung Pao chicken, crispy beef and chili prawns on the menu, this chic newcomer is poised to become a favorite in North Dallas.

Cover photo via Royal China’s Facebook page.

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