A Ghost Story, The Latest Anticipated Effort From Dallas Filmmaking Tandem David Lowery And Toby Halbrooks, Gets A Trailer And A Release Date.

A few weeks back, we shared with you the news that the red-hot Dallas filmmaking tandem of director David Lowery and producer Toby Halbrooks had once again struck Sundance gold with their latest effort, A Ghost Story, which they quietly shot in Irving last summer.

Reuniting that team with their old Ain’t These Bodies Saints co-stars Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara, A Ghost Story purports to be exactly what it sounds like — the story of a very rudimentary ghost (a dead Affleck spends the bulk of the film covered in a white sheet with eyehole cut-outs) haunting the grounds upon which he lived his life. It also apparently features Rooney Mara hate-eating a Spiral Diner pie for five minutes straight!

And, after receiving rave reviews at Sundance, the film was picked up by distributor A24 pretty much immediately. But details beyond that about the film’s fate were fairly scant.

Well, now we know some concrete details about the film’s eventual arrival. In a trailer dropped today — rough timing! — that gives audiences outside of the Sundance set their first look at the film, the studio announces that the film is “coming soon.” The YouTube upload’s description, however, gets more detailed, announcing that A Ghost Story will be released on July 7, 2017. That’s just a little more than three months away!

Hoo boy. Anyway, check out the trailer — or don’t! — to see some of why people are so stoked on this film.

Hmmm. Doesn’t look scary at all. More like a thinker, from the looks of it.

Speaking of thoughts, we asked Halbrooks about an obvious one that will come to the minds of most who’ll see this trailer: Once his character becomes a ghost, just how much of the film actually features Affleck himself under that sheet?

“90 percent,” Halbrooks confirms.

That’s dedication, folks.

We’ll have more from Halbrooks and Lowery as the film approaches.

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