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The Guy In The DTF Cowboy Hat at The Dallas Donald Trump Rally Was A Jimmy Kimmel Plant.

OK, enough about Donald Trump’s Monday evening campaign rally at the American Airlines Center in Dallas already, right? Right.

Well, OK, with one brief, final exception. Seems, like us, noted prankster Jimmy Kimmel decided that someone from his Jimmy Kimmel Live! squad should do a video at the rally. Their premise? That a comedian — Jake Byrd — could come into the arena, go totally nuts and over the top and somehow blend into the Trump audience.

It worked, too. You know that guy in the DTF cowboy hat? The one seen in most every photo from Trump’s rally? As revealed on last night’s show, that dude was a Kimmel plant. Yup, him. Not a yahoo. Just a troll.

Great stuff here, folks. Check out the Kimmel show’s footage of that plant’s escapades below.

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