Wax Nostalgic For Record Store Day.

From the looks of it, you've got one crazy weekend ahead — and not just because your favorite stoner holiday happens to fall on Easter this year.

On Saturday, along with Record Store Day, Good Records will celebrate its 14th birthday and Bill Wisener of Bill's Records and Tapes will celebrate his 70th.

Then there's the Old 97's, who are literally the hottest thing going right now — yes, still, even all these years later. The band will host a release show for its badass new album Saturday at Strauss Square.

But that's far from the weekend's only goings-on.

The Sounds at Granada Theater
Swedish music has long had the reputation of being super poppy and steeped in heavy metal. The Sounds finds a happy median between the two ends of that spectrum with its form of indie rock. Five albums in, the band still jams. — Porttia Portis

Noah Gundersen at Three Links
At age 24, Noah Gundersen is already somewhat of a veteran in the music industry. His music career began through touring his home state of Washington and Oregon with string accompaniment by his sister in their band The Courage, but he eventually pushed onward to become a solo artist of spirituality and romantic dogma. — PP

Trust at Dada
Only two albums in, and Trust as it was formerly known is no more: Maya Postespski left Robert Alfons to his own devices so she can focus on more dream-poppy efforts with Austra. The decision seems to be oddly fitting, though, as Trust is a band rooted in introversion and alienation. Joyland is a type of club album made for loners who hang out in the basement of the club — more suited for private freakouts than it is for dancing. That's not a knock, of course. Hey, the folks at Gorilla vs. Bear liked the thing so much they let Alfons take over their site for a day last month. — PP

Skeleton Coast, Son of Stan, Ronnie Heart, Bummer Vacation and The Fibs at Lola's
In a weekend full of can't-miss bills, this one might just top them all. If it seems like you haven't seen or heard much from the Skeleton Coast camp since last April's Untapped Festival it's because, well, you haven't. Following frontman Bobby McCubbins' move to Washington last year, there really hasn't been much opportunity to catch a live set from these guys. It's a shame, too, as the band was always one of our favorite live acts in town. Of course, these days, that title could just as easily apply to any one of the veritable who's who of like-minded acts opening this one. — Cory Graves

Rock-a-Tron 5000 at The Grotto
For the third year of its annual day-long Rock-a-Tron 5000 fest, the folks at Up To Eleven Entertainment have expanded their affair into a two-day event. Like in years past, you'll still get to see bands like Pinkish Black, House Harkonnen, UNTD SNKS and Sealion — some 15 acts in total — for just $15. That's a dollar a band, math whizzes. See the full lineup here. — CG

Dick Dale at Trees
We've got some vintage surf rock from one of that genre's true pioneers right here. Tarantino's use of “Miserlou” to kick off Pulp Fiction remains the most badass way we've ever seen a movie start. Also: Remember when the Black Eyed Peas sampled that song, too? No? OK, good. It's probably best that you don't let that crap enter your consciousness. — H. Drew Blackburn

Neil Young at Meyerson Symphony Center
We have a hard time believing Neil Young is hard-up for cash these days, but how else could you explain the fact that the double Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee recently turned to Kickstarter to fund his new high-end Pono music player, or that tickets to this solo acoustic performance will cost up to $300? Oh yeah: Because he's a living legend and he can totally get away with it. — CG

Beware of Darkness at The Prophet Bar
If you like your music reminiscent of a Depression-Era Southern exorcism with angst towards modern life, then this show is for you. This fast-moving rock with mid-song rhythm changes and slow-cooked bluesy sounds will have you shaking, screaming and brooding in all the right ways. — PP

Andrew Tinker (Album Release) at Dan's Silverleaf
Tonight, the Polyphonic Spree's original French horn player, Denton's own Andrew Tinker, celebrates the release of his sophomore solo effort, Upon the Ecliptic. Here, fans will have the opportunity to get a limited edition print of the album, which encompasses a broad range of pop and indie rock sounds. — PP

$2 Main Friday at Shipping & Receiving
For at least a little while now, the folks at Fort Worth's Shipping & Receiving venue have been going out of the way to make sure you know that they exist by throwing cheap-ass, high-quality shows with nationally recognized acts local ties — like, say, $15 to see Ben Kweller in its intimate setting, or $10 for Sarah Jaffe. This show follows the same model, but on a smaller scale. Here, Whiskey Folk Ramblers, Rye Boys and Hanna Barbarians — three stellar, ever-impressive-in-live-settings outfits — will grace the stage. And it'll only cost ya $2. — Pete Freedman

Party Static, Sealion at The Foundry
Two of the city's most entertaining — if not flat-out best — punk-oriented acts join forces for this completely free bill. That should leave you with enough cash to splurge on some Chicken Scratch chicken while you're there. — CG

Eisley and Merriment at Trees
Like most of the DuPree siblings' many ventures, this bill is — you guessed it — a total family affair. To wit: Opening for the Tyler-born clan on this tour is Merriment, a band that features the youngest DuPree siblings that aren't in Eisley. — CG

Old 97's, Black Joe Lewis, Madison King and Slobberbone at Strauss Square
In roughly a week and a half, alt-rock pioneers and Dallas luminaries the Old 97's will release its tenth studio LP. We'll have more to say about that one later on. For now, just know that the drunken singalongs that fill the disc recall the earliest — and subsequently rowdiest — period in the band's career, and that's certainly a good thing. Atop a stacked bill, they'll celebrate that new one at this hometown release show. — CG

Record Store Day at Good Records, CD Source, Doc's Records and Bill's Records
While independent record shops all over North Texas — and, really, all over the country — will celebrate Record Store Day today by hosting in-store performances and offering special limited collector's edition vinyl, Good Records' day-long blowouts tend to be far and away the best place to spend the hipster holiday. Maybe that's because, with their 14th birthday falling this weekend, too, they've got twice as much reason to celebrate than anyone else? In any case, the promise of Stardeath and White Dwarfs covering Bowie's Ziggy Stardust album front to back at this one should be pretty killer. Check out the rest of Good Records' lineup here. You can also find out what's going on at other area shops — including CD source, with maybe its best-ever RSD live lineup to date, and Bill's Records, where shop owner Bill Wisener will also be celebrating his 70th birthday — right here. — CG

Dallas Brew Bus Great White North Tour
This month, the brew bus will shuttle you to Franconia, 903 Brewers and Community Beer Company for tours and tastings. —PP

Devin the Dude at Granada Theater
A Devin the Dude show in Dallas isn't too rare a thing. The storied rapper resides in the not-so-far-away city of Houston, and, practically quarterly it seems, he makes his way to the Granada for a gig. To be fair, Devin's still quite the draw around these parts — and the Granada Theater was packed at his most recent show in town, thus proving it — but Devin shows in Dallas have become almost so commonplace that they need a bit of a surprise factor involved, if only to rejuvenate what could otherwise become a stale routine. For last September's visit, that meant billing the show as including a “special guest,” which, as it turned out, was fellow Houston rapper Scarface. This time, however, you'll get Potluck // Cool Nutz, and J. Hornay to kick things off and zero surprise appearances from any Texas rap legends. Well, not pre-announced, anyhow. Given that this performance comes on 4/20 eve, though, bodes exceptionally well for the attendance figures regardless. — Mikel Galicia

Dovetail, Oil Boom and Foxtrot Uniform at Three Links
These three area bands cover a spectrum that includes nostalgic garage rock, Motown bass groove-infused indie and reject country-rock. Maybe we should just agree up front to brand this one as an Americana offering? Anyway, the inability to pinpoint an exact sound should keep you on your toes. — PP

Spring Swing Burlesque Revue at Kessler Theater
La Divina Productions welcomes back its spring tribute to beautiful women. The show will be headlined by Medianoche, the 2013 Queen of the New Orleans Burlesque Festival, with appearances by Dallas' own Ruby Joule and Charlotte Truse. — PP

Senor Fin at Dan's Silverleaf
Catch 'em while you can, because, after this one, Denton's Senor Fin has said it's moving to Washington. — CG

Fakir Musafar at Lakewood Theater
This weekend, Dallas is playing host to the three-day convention known as Suscon that is dedicated to the act of suspension — or hanging human bodies from hooks pierced through their flesh. And while the convention itself isn't open to the general public, tonight's lecture and performance from 50-year suspension veteran Fakir is. — CG

ARTAFACT Gallery & Shop Soft Opening at Valley View Center
ARTAFACT Gallery & Shop will be showcasing 12 months worth of Dallas-based art, in addition to teaching art classes on alternating weekends throughout the year. The opening will have live art provided by the Just Us League and a DJ, plus wine and beer with light refreshments. The event will take place from 6 to 10 p.m. — PP

Curren$y at South Side Music Hall
Sure, being known as “New Orleans' hardest-working stoner” may sound like a pretty contradictory descriptor, but, in Curren$y's case, it's entirely fitting. Since 2012, the Louisiana rapper has released two proper LPs, five EPs, five mixtapes and turned in a couple dozen guest appearances on other people's albums. Just sayin': We're not sure we'd be nearly as productive if we smoked as much marijuana as Curren$y boasts that he does in nearly every one of his rhymes. Oh, and judging from the number of folks turned away when the rapper performed at December's Red Bull Sound Select show at Trees, we'd recommend purchasing tickets in advance. — CG

Rageville Music Festival at The Prophet Bar
Following last month's Big Folkin' Fest at this same venue, Intelligent Grind will take over both the bar's big and small rooms to throw its inaugural hip-hop and trap EDM-centric Rageville Music Festival. Acts performing at this one include Houston rapper Travis Scott and locals The Outfit, Pass The 40, Colton Carlyle, Crit Morris and Blue The Misfit, among many, many others. — CG

Green River Ordinance at House of Blues
After walking away from its major label deal a few years back, Fort Worth's Green River Ordinance recently changed its sound to go full-on country and released a new EP showcasing its new direction back in November. Tonight, the newlook GRO does its thing for the Dallas crowd. — CG

Record Swap at Crown and Harp
Dallas is a city that prides itself on the sounds and acts that it's pushed off and out into the world — artists such as Erykah Badu, Gibby Haynes and Bobby Patterson, just to name a few. But where did these acts get their influence from? The age of music now comes from digging through music past, and, here, some of the city's best collectors and DJs will take over both floors of the Lower Greenville bar. As a bonus, B L A C K I E, Ronnie Heart, Def Rain, UNTD SNKS, The Black Dotz and -topic will perform throughout the day. — Brian Knowles

Powerman 5000 at Trees
So this is what it's like when worlds collide? In all fairness, if we believed in guilty pleasures, we'd maybe thrust that designation on this band's cover of The Cars' “Good Times Roll.” But, seriously, why should we feel guilty for not actively hating something? — CG

Dazed and Confused Quote-a-Long at Alamo Drafthouse
Pretty much everyone has seen this movie, which, on the plus side, makes it infinitely more quotable. The cast is a who's who of “Oh, right, I forgot he/she was in that!” including Parker Posey, Milla Jovovich, Ben Affleck, Jason London and Matthew McConaughey, whose “Alright, alright, alright,” line from the film has followed him for 21 years now. — Chelsea Upton

Strike (1925) Featuring James Talambas at Kimbell Art Museum
The Theater Fire's James Talambas will provide a live score to the 1925 silent film Strike at Fort Worth's Kimbell Art Museum today. The producer/musician recently told us he plans on fully taking advantage of the room's quadraphonic capabilities by using electronic manipulation to make sounds “spin around the room and such.” — CG

Freaks and Fetish: Suscon Closing Party at Lizard Lounge
Like Saturday night's performance at Lakewood Theater, tonight's Freaks and Fetish party is the only other Suscon-related event open to the general public. True to its name, there'll be performances from sideshow freaks, burlesque acts and the like. After attending a suspension convention, though, we imagine those things probably appear pretty tame by comparison. — CG

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