Here Comes Your Man.

We don't always realize the value of our greatest freedoms until they're stripped away, folks.

Seriously: Look no further than what's going on in London right now to see how lucky we actually have it. Tons of business and homes are currently being evacuated after thousands of gallons of shitwater began flooding the streets.

All we're saying is not to take this weekend's array of events for granted.

Hey, it could always be much, much worse.

Dropkick Murphys at House of Blues (Sold Out)
What the Trans Siberian Orchestra is to Christmas, Dropkick Murphys have become for St. Patrick's Day. Though both tour year-round, one can't deny the fact that these groups have been pigeonholed. It's a tad bit more unfair in Dropkick's case, as they don't change up their set in March to include a bunch of numbers about leprechauns or green beer. So maybe it is better that they're House of Blues set comes a couple weeks before St. Paddy's does. Y'know, so folks might take their rowdy brand of Celt-punk more on its face value rather than simply writing them off as nothing more than a holiday-themed novelty act. — Cory Graves

Big Sean at Texas Hall
The 25-year-old Detroit-native has been collaborating with everyone in the music industry from Chris Brown and Drake to Pharrell, John Legend and Miguel. And, let's not forget, when Kendrick Lamar basically murdered every emcee in the game and blew up the internet in the process this past fall, that actually came as part of a guest verse on a Big Sean song. Without Lamar on this tour, though, you won't have to worry about anyone outshining the rapper. — Porschia Paxton

Band of Heathens at Kessler Theater
At first glance, you really wouldn't give this one a second look. On paper and on record, the Band of Heathens appear so boring, if competent, that seeing them live doesn't seem like a pressing need. Thing is, this group is quite good in person. On stage, this group morphs into something more closely resembling a jam band. If you like that sort of thing but are so over Widespread, this one might be worth checking out. Somebody's Darling opens. — Stephen Young

American Werewolf Academy, Satans of Soft Rock and Cliffs of Insanity at Double Wide
It's a shame that, after kicking around the Dallas scene for a decade now, American Werewolf Academy doesn't get more love than they do for their well-worn brand of jangly alt-rock. It's an even bigger shame when you consider that their December-released Out of Place All the Time just might feature the band's best material to date. The Tony Ferraro-led Satans of Soft Rock and Jon Dufilho's still new-ish Cliffs of Insanity project open. — Cory Graves

Clerks at The Inwood
Here's a chance to see the extremely low-budget flick that launched director Kevin Smith's career and gave birth to his famous Jay and Silent Bob characters on the big screen. Unlike Dante Hicks, you are supposed to be here today. — Cory Graves

For the Love of Bruce at Rubber Gloves
Rubber Gloves will eschew its longstanding no covers policy for its “Fuck You ASCAP” event tonight. The gig will also serve to show gratitude to the great Mr. Springsteen for standing up for another small bar being targeted by the performing rights organization, much in the same way that Gloves has been recently. RGRS' chosen method of saying thanks? Hosting a night of all Bruce Sprinsteen covers. Furthermore, RGRS brass say they plan to send The Boss a check in the amount of the total collected at the door, along with a note expressing their thanks for sticking up for the little guy. — Cory Graves

Pixies at South Side Ballroom
Without Kim Deal, the Pixies will probably always seem somewhat incomplete. Even though they've vowed to maintain a female presence in the band — for now, Paz Lenchantin is serving as the current touring bassist — no one can really take Deal's place. While the band says there'll always be a space in the band for Deal when and if her Breeders schedule allows, she won't be with them tonight. Maybe if you close your eyes and tilt your head in just the right way, though, it can still feel like the old days just the same. — Porttia Portis

Hecho En Dallas at Latino Cultural Center
Tonight marks the opening of the 11th annual Hecho en Dallas, which showcases popular exhibitions from Latino artists throughout Dallas — artists that include Bernard Bortnick, Peggy Epner, J. Dominguez, Elias, Ghosn, Ali Golzad, Aaron Lara Martinez, Susan Lecky, Roberto Mugina and many more. The exhibition will be open through April 12. — Porschia Paxton

Keller Williams at Granada Theater
Lest you think the Greenville Avenue theater was playing host to some sort of real estate convention this weekend, let us clear it up for you: Tonight finds the one-man jam band — not the country's largest realty firm — performing. — Cory Graves

Uncle Lucius at The Prophet Bar
It's hard enough for most bands to work through all their creative differences — at least enough so to record a few albums. Austin-based Southern Rockers Uncle Lucius somehow manage the feat with five songwriters in the band. More power to 'em, we say. — Cory Graves

Critical Mass at Main Street Garden Park
This group of cyclists are setting out to prove that two wheels are definitely a sufficient mode of transportation, despite the less-than bike friendly Dallas roads and monstrous SUVs that dominate them. But that's just what we need, right? Cars aren't all that great. I can store a bicycle in my apartment, but when I tried to do that with my car, all sorts of wreckage ensued. The group ride starts at 8 p.m., and, from there, the cyclists will dominate the roads, overturning every car in their wake and setting a new standard of road etiquette that demands bikes be taken seriously. — Chelsea Upton

Black Angels, Roky Erickson at Granada Theater
Unlike when these two acts have toured together in the past, the Black Angels will not pull double duty and back Roky Erickson tonight. His own Hounds of Baskerville backing band will fill that role this time around. Still, as often as these Austin-based psych outfits come through, it's still a treat anytime one gets to see the genre's inventor and its current biggest torchbearers on the same bill. — Cory Graves

Vaden Todd Lewis at Lola's
When he isn't doing it big with the Toadies, frontman Vaden Todd Lewis likes to switch it up a bit. To that end, he'll play solo acoustic versions of Toadies and Burden Brothers jams at this one. Joining him will be Somebody's Darling frontwoman Amber Farris and Un Chien's Stephen Beatty, who'll each perform unplugged songs from their own catalogs as well. — Porttia Portis

Heartless Bastards at Dan's Silverleaf
Heartless Bastards' last album, Arrow, helped the band further its artistic scope in what it feels is its strongest effort to date. And for a band that already boasts such a killer discography, that's really saying something. Hundred Visions and Daniel Markham open. — Porttia Portis

Ishi, Zhora, Home by Hovercraft and At Night at Trees
This show will mark the first time Ishi and Zhora will share the stage since the latter's original members split from the former act to start up a group to call their own back in 2011. It's hard to believe it's been so long. Opening is Home by Hovercraft, which made some news of its own this week thanks to an interesting new project with Austin's Borrisokane. — Cory Graves

Cody Canada & The Departed at Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
For better or worse, alt-country figurehead Cody Canada pretty much single-handedly helped kick off the red dirt country scene during his time in Cross Canadian Ragweed. Now, backed by the harder-rocking Departed, he's pretty much picked right back up where his previous outfit left off. The Bryant Carter Band will kick things off. — Cory Graves

Amos Lee at Majestic Theatre
As much grief as we gave to Mike Schwedler for talking a big game about returning the city-owned theater to relevancy and then booking acts like Shawn Colvin a few months later, it's time we finally started to give the guy his due. With the recent Neutral Milk Hotel show, and appearances by Conan O'Brien, Morrissey and Kids in the Hall in the coming months, it seems the Majestic has finally begun the process of turning its image around big time. And this show from critically adored folksy performer Amos Lee is no exception. Chalk it up as another win. — Cory Graves

Sarah Jaffe, Son of Stan at Shipping & Receiving (Sold Out)
One of the newest additions to Fort Worth's Near Southside neighborhood is bucking the notion of supply and demand with its two new music series. Despite the venue's somewhat limited capacity, they'll be offering up tickets to see regional bands for just $2 as part of their Cheap Date Friday series that'll kickoff next week. This week, however, they'll start up their South Main Saturdays venture that looks to bring more nationally-known names, like today's headliner Sarah Jaffe, to their intimate space for a ticket price similarly marked well below market value. — Cory Graves

Hooch & Pooch at Green Zone
The one rule to remember if you plan on attending Kitchen Dog Theatre's annual dance party/fundraiser event? You must wear a hat. Any hat will do. It's a small price to pay for complimentary food, booze and tunes. — Cory Graves

One-Year Anniversary Party at J. Hall & Co. Gentleman Tattooers
Here's an event where you can not only catch a set from fun-loving folk-grass outfit Parallel Play, but walk away with a $50 tattoo courtesy of the band's drummer, who works at the South Side tattoo shop that's celebrating its anniversary today. Dallas' Naked Cowboy and Madison King will also perform. — Cory Graves

J. Charles and the Trainrobbers, The Roomsounds and Drug Animal at Three Links
Country fans and punk rockers will find some common ground at this one. While the twangy blues rock of J. Charles & The Trainrobbers and The Roomsounds each have enough muscle to appeal to the hard rocking set, Drug Animal's brand of Texas angst straight up rocks. — Porttia Portis

Super Fresh Local Fest at Dada
Chava Coffee Co. presents a celebration in all things local and independent businesses, including art, food and music. As far as the latter is concerned, Dead Flowers, The Auxiliary Voice, Madison King, The Van Sanchez, Bad Mountain and Katie Carroll will each perform throughout the day. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Texas Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association and Homegrown Fest. — Porttia Portis

American Rodeo at AT&T Stadium
While Fort Worth and Mesquite host plenty of rodeos over the course of the year, this is the big one. Often referred to as the “Super Bowl of Rodeos,” the American Rodeo will see the world's top rodeo and bull-riding champions competing to win a $2 million cash payout. — Porttia Portis

AfroMan at The Aardvark
The Grammy-nominated one-hit wonder will stop by Fort Worth for what's sure to be a smoke-filled performance. Personally, when Afroman began to blow up in 2001, we thought he was on the verge of mega-stardom. Unfortunately, most of his fans were too blazed to bother going and buying his albums or attending his shows. They were going to, of course, but then they got high. Sorry, couldn't resist. Cory Graves

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