Have A Siamese Dream.

Recently, to promote the awesomeness of their printers, Canon staged an event where they gathered the top musicians and New York and had them sight read Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 while the sheet music was being printed out in real time in front of them. It worked out and was fun for all, but only because these participants were really world class.

For the rest of us, having a successful go at it requires planning, a little bit anyway. We’re not good enough to just wing it. Which is why lists like the one below are so useful. — Cory Graves


Deafheaven, This Will Destroy You at Trees
Deafheaven can be described in any number of ways. The band itself seems most keen on a generic “metal” label — even as most critics tend to categorize it within the more-specific black metal subgenre. Still, there are many other mentions that the band earns. Among them? Post-rock, shoegaze and hardcore descriptors that in fact all work, at least in some capacity. The new-look This Will Destroy You opens. — Mikel Galicia

Donavon Frankenreiter at Granada Theater
Like the head of his label, Jack Johnson, Donovan Frankenreiter is a barefoot, surfer boy that takes to strumming his acoustic when the waves get too small. The Gilmore Girls town troubadour, Grant Lee Phillips, opens. — CG

Nasty Women Exhibition: Dallas at Sunset Art Studios
When the ol’ Trumpmeister muttered about Hillary Clinton being a “nasty woman” during debate No. 3, he had no idea he’d galvanize a movement or inspire so many artists. The first big Nasty Women art show in New York raised $50K for Planned Parenthood, and spawned similar events all over the globe, like this one that’ll be raising cash for the Dallas Area Rape Crisis Center. — CG

Back to the ’80s Live at Verizon Theatre
OK party people in the house, you’re about to witness something you haven’t witnessed in at least a couple decades. Doug E. Fresh, Slick Rick, Al B. Sure!, Jalil & Ecstasy of Whodini, Hi Five, Force MDs, Big Daddy Kane and Cherrelle are all on this jam-packed, backward-looking fun time party bill. — CG

’90s Throwback Skating Party at Forum Roller World
After they kick the kids out for the night, it’s a good ol’ fashioned adults-only skate party. As in no kids allowed. And, the best part, it’s BYOB. You never skate-partied like this. — CG

Born of Osiris at Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill
Technically complex metalcore from Chicago. Yup! Volumes, Within the Ruins, Oceans Ate Alaska and Fire From The Gods open. — CG

Emo Night L.A. at RBC
Not that dissimilar to recurring Dallas party, Top 8 Tuesday, or hyperfocused Dallas DJ nights like those All/Everything ventures, is this Los Angeles residency that’s taken to starting parties in other cities on occasion. — CG

Disco, TX at the Stoneleigh Penthouse
This free party from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. in the penthouse of the Stoneleigh Hotel comes from the mind of inescapable Dallas DJ Blake Ward and promises “disco-inspired hedonism,” which sure sounds like fun. Ward is hoping that this is more than just a one-off, but concedes that this first go is indeed an experiment — albeit one where the music should thrill. Basically, expect more deep cuts than Donna Summer. Says Ward: “I’m not playing cheesy top 40 disco.” Just be sure to bring some dollar bills, as the bar will be operating on a cash-only basis. — Pete Freedman

James McMurtry at Dan’s Silverleaf
The son of Lonesome Dove author Larry McMurtry and rising Americana star Curtis McMurtry, the adored singer-songwriter makes one of his many trips up I-35 this weekend. — CG

Acidez, Scandals, Hoodrat and Noogy at Three Links
A perfect example of why we need to continue building bridges and not walls? This show, which features Mexican street punks Acidez looking to incite a little body-smalling in Ellum atop a bill of similarly fast-paced bands. — PF

Josh Turner at Billy Bob’s
The Grammy-nominated country singer/actor brings his chart-topping, Christian-tinged music to the stockyards. — CG

Son Volt at Kessler Theater
It’s hard to believe Uncle Tupelo split up 23 years ago, or that its offshoot projects Son Volt and Wilco put out their first albums 22 years ago. It’s even harder to believe they’re each doing so with such continued frequency and fervor all this time later, too. — CG

Wade Bowen at House of Blues
Fresh off some of the best country records of 2015 and 2016, his pair joint efforts with frequent tour buddy Randy Rogers, Waco’s gospel-tinged red dirt star returns to the House of Blues – a venue Rogers just played two nights in a row a couple months ago. — CG

JRD Drag Race Pre-Party at Local Hub
On Saturday, as part of Gravelthon!, the Just Ride Dallas Drag Races will take over the Ronald Kirk Bridge. But first, we party with PBR and Red Bull and other adrenaline boosters that might otherwise get us pumped up for the big day ahead. — CG

Riff Raff at Lizard Lounge
In 2012, Riff Raff couldn’t secure anything outside a niche fan base. During the recording process of his second studio album Peach Panther, Raff aka Jody Highroller gained 55 pounds of pure muscle, rendering him totally unrecognizable. While steadily building a rap career and unapologetically being himself, the Houston artist expressed a desire to pursue a wrestling career with Hulk Hogan as his personal trainer. You can’t not love this guy. — Calvin Cashen

Nightmares on Wax at It’ll Do Club
A British DJ that likes funk, hip-hop, soul, jazz, reggae and making those people showing up to his dance parties feel like it’s 1995 again. — CG

The Hardline Live at Wild Acre Brewing Co.
Stay hard as The Ticket’s Old Grey Wolf, the Snake and Danny from Lake Highlands broadcast live from the brewery. Who wants to do a power hour? — CG

Willis Alan Ramsey, Brice Beaird, Tom Faulkner at Poor David’s Pub
Ramsey put out one great, but not all that popular record in 1972, then pretty much disappeared for a few decades. In the interim, the Dallas-raised singer-songwriter saw the album’s songs, like “Muskrat Love,” and “North East Texas Women” covered by America, Captain & Tennille, Jerry Jeff Walker, Waylon Jennings, Jimmy Buffet, Widespread Panic, Shawn Colvin and many others. One of the great unknowns to say the very least. — CG

Project XX Celebrating Ladies at Candleroom
A party lit enough for a man but made for a woman. Christy Ray and Poizon Ivy will be your DJs. — CG

Marcus Striplin at AllGood Cafe
Backed by most of his Pleasant Grove brethren, Marcus Striplin will do two sets here, one performing the songs of Margaret Chavez, and another featuring select PG cuts. — CG


Siamese (Album Release) at Texas Theatre
Siamese’s live sets exist at the confluence of set design, costumes, choreography and character exploration. But none of it would amount to shit if the band’s tunes weren’t any good. Fortunately, Siamese has cranked out some actually great glam-influenced art rock that sounds great live and even better on its debut LP that’s due out this weekend. On Saturday, they’ll play an album release at Texas Theatre along with choreographer Danielle Georgiou, whose “explorations in themes of gender and ritual bring an enigmatic reverence to the production.” — CG

Sarah Jaffe at Dan’s Silverleaf
Like she does once a year, Sarah Jaffe heads back to the Denton club where she once worked as a bartender to headline back-to-back nights. Both will probably sell out, so advanced ticket purchases are highly recommended. — CG

George Bush at Barnes and Noble (Lincoln Park)
Looks like Dallas’ highest-paid painter — and Preston Hollow’s most famous resident — will further raise his artistic profile. A few days ago, George Bush released a new book containing 66 portraits of military servicemen and women. Titled Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors, the book also has “stories written by Bush in ‘his inimitable voice’ about each of the subjects,” says the Crown Publishing Group behind it. And now, like just any ol’ regular author man, he’ll be doing a book signing at a Barnes and Noble. — CG

The World Famous Tony Williams Presents: Uncle Pete’s Parade at RBC
Aspiring artists, grab those notepads. Created and hosted by Grammy award winning and multi-Platinum singer/songwriter The World Famous Tony Williams, this event features live music as well as encouraging those artists out there to embrace their style. Aside from Mr. Williams himself, Medicine Man and Mr. Carter Davis will also perform. — Sidney Johnson

Cody Jinks, Scott Copeland at Lola’s Trailer Park
Recently, Fort Worth country singer-songwriter Cody Jinks made his national television debut, performing the title cut from his critically acclaimed 2016 LP I’m Not the Devil on Conan. During that no-frills performance, he donned the shirt of Fort Worth-based Americana musician Scott Copeland to boot. It makes this live pairing all the more fitting. — CG

Yoga on the Bridge at Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
As is annual tradition, there will be a free one-hour class on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge that’s designed for yoga n00bz and experienced persons alike. This year, they’re expecting 2,000 participants. You will need at least a $15 tax-deductible donation for the non-profit Trinity Commons Foundation to participate in the event. Children, however, may join in for free as long as an adult comes with them. — Carly Seitz

Truth in Comedy at Full City Rooster Coffee Studio
Also known as TIC, three blood-sucking storytellers will tell intimate tales about their lives, then a fourth comic will do a stand-up set based on those stories. An interesting concept! — CG

North Texas Irish Festival at Fair Park
This thing calls itself an Irish festival, but there isn’t nearly enough focus on alcohol for our liking. Other than a whiskey tasting, it’s mostly centered on music performances, sheep herding, and Deloreans. Expect a lot of bagpipes. Expect a lot of pipes in general. — Paul Wedding

1919 Hemphill Benefit at Three Links
Fort Worth DIY space 1919 Hemphill might be out of the woods following its skirmish with alt-right 4Chan trolls, but makling sure the space has the funds to renovate its building and keep up to code is still a vital part of maintaining that victory. Hence this show across the region, featuring iill, Obstruction and Vault Dweller. — PF

Dita Von Teese at House of Blues
For two nights, the Queen of Burlesque will revive some of her best loved routines for a greatest hits show of sorts. Of note, this Art of the Teese tour, which ends after this weekend, also features local talent Ginger Valentine. — CG

Green Day, Against Me at American Airlines Center
Thanks to the Master of Ridiculousness that’s currently sitting in the Oval Office, hokey Green Day lines like “I’m not a part of a redneck agenda / Now everybody do the propaganda / And sing along to the age of paranoia” suddenly seem relevant again. Sad! — CG

Lordi at Trees
The long-running Finnish metal band (think: Gwar without the blood?) bring their heavy riffs, soaring choruses and mysterious, monstrous personas to town. — CG

NuSoul Revival Tour at Verizon Theatre
Featuring performances from Musiq Soulchild, Lyfe Jennings, Kindred the Family Soul, Avery Sunshine, and Chrisette Michelle. — CG

Silent Planet at The Prophet Bar
The This Will Destroy You disciples bring their Cali metalcore to Ellum. Hail the Sun, Dayseeker and Ghost Key open. — CG

Tanya Tucker at Billy Bob’s
Tucker scored her first hit song at age 13, but eventually was able to change her image to the gritty country-rock hybrid that helped her become known as the biggest female in the outlaw country subgenre — a subset that is almost entirely male otherwise. — CG

Gravelthon! Dallas at Ronald Kirk Bridge
This is the amalgamation of many bike-related events, including some drag races and trail rides just to name a few. Pedal on over to the epicenter of outdoor activity in town this weekend. — CG

Crate Diggers Dallas Record Fair and After-Party at Dada (Free)
The world’s biggest online vinyl marketplace gets physical this weekend, hosting a big record fair at Dada. An impressive lineup of DJs — including one surprise guest — spin all day. — CG

Monte Montgomery at Kessler Theater
Usually when the phrase, “he’s a guitar player’s guitar player” gets tossed around, it’s in reference to someone who is a Grade A wanker, unmatched in his penchant for noodling, but usually at the expense of any songwriting ability whatsoever. Fortunately for Montgomery, that’s not the case. While he’s about the best acoustic guitarist currently touring, he pairs it with a pretty solid roots catalog as well. — CG

Mystic Bill at It’ll Do Club
Chicago House is alive and well. It’s just referred to as “old school” now. Bill has been doing this three decades now. — CG

Koffin Kats at Lola’s Saloon
Like any good psychobilly band, this Detroit trio knows that performing tricks with the standup bass is just as important as playing it well. — CG

Questionable Company Launch Party at The Wild Detectives (Free)
Questionable Company makes greeting cards intended to help you pass on difficult news – like when you want to break up with someone but just don’t have the balls words. Celebrate their launch while you shop for cards – to, um, keep for one day down the road, y’know just in case – and watch some comedy performances. — CG

DC vs Marvel at Viva’s Lounge
They can’t all be Harley Quinn, though you can bet everyone’s favorite Batman villain to fantasize about will be a big player at this burlesque event. Fun for the whole family! Ha, just kidding. — CG

James Taylor & Luke Pell at Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill
Two dudes that JoJo dumped on last season’s Bachelorette have springboarded their TV appearances into country music careers. Seriously, though, you can’t just be a singer and keep your birth name if you are James Taylor. Super awkward, dude. — CG


Sarah Jaffe at Dan’s Silverleaf
The body just keeps on winning. — CG

R. Kelly at Gas Monkey Live
Dude pees on kids but also makes good songs. What to do, what to do? — CG

Maluma en Majestic Theatre
In Columbia, they have a version of The Voice that’s just for little kids. So, um, get ready for that to hit the U.S. when Blake Shelton’s pointer finger schtick starts getting old. Over there, reggaeton producer Maluma is one of the program’s judges. He’ll try to get your chair to turn this Sunday – kidding! The Majestic is like 100 years old. Those chairs do not swivel. Sucker. — CG

Sick of it All, Murphy’s Law at Dada
Heroes of New York’s early ’90s hardcore scene, Sick of it All, are still around and kicking some 30 years later. The band has released a new LPs in recent years, which are full of plenty of old fashioned vigor, though its venom is reserved to lambaste things like smartphones these days. — CG

Lift Up Lunch at Lounge Here
If you’ve still yet to visit the East Dallas oasis that is Lounge Here, this event provides as good an opportunity as any. Part of a new series meant to expand its attendees’ minds, this $35 event offers up a three-course meal with a guest speaker on hand to share tales about their efforts at bettering the community. The guest this time around is music therapist Kamica King, who, among other ventures, helps area homeless escape from the harsh realites of their day to day through therapeutic karaoke sessions— PF

Celebrity Chef Chili Cook-Off at Shipping & Receiving
Everything’s better with a celebrity – selfies, reality TV dancing competitions and, yes, chili cook-offs. Hit the link to see the list of participating food maestros. And know that a portion of every ticket sold will go to Cook Children’s – note the capitalization. It’s a hospital, not a cannibalism thing. — CG

Castle, Slow Seers and Ten Foot Beast at Three Links
Throw up your horns and get to the spot early enough to see Slow Seers, a promising new duo comprised of two Three Links staffers. — PF

The Second City Touring Show at Kessler Theater
The Second City’s touring cast was started by comedy giants Harold Ramis, Brian Doyle-Murray and Joe Flaherty, and the company has featured dozens of Saturday Night Live alumni and comic legends, including Joan Rivers, John Belushi, John Candy, Bill Murray, Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Stephen Colbert, Rachel Dratch, Amy Sedaris and so many more. It’s a comedy training ground whose shows are not only guaranteed to make you laugh, but shine some light on the stars of tomorrow. — CG

Inglourious Basterds at Alamo Drafthouse (Cedars)
Alamo continues its trend of Tarantino movie screenings with his sixth film, Inglourious Basterds. This was the first of his period-piece films and arguably his best. A film with an alternate history of World War II featuring a group of Jewish-American soldiers hell bent on a mission to scalp and murder as many Nazis as possible, leaving behind a trail of blood and gore that could only be the work of Tarantino. — PW

Dita Von Teese at House of Blues
The, um, bodies keep on winning? — CG

Cover photo by Rambo. To find out what else is going on today, this week and beyond, check out our event directory.

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