You're Invited To The Party Of The Deacde.

Now that you've had a couple days to sort of get used to them, how do you feel about Facebook's new reaction emojis? Do you love them? Hate them? Are you surprised by them? Angry? In any case, you should at least care that they exist.

It's Facebook's endgame not only to use these reactions to better filter what it lets through to your news feed, but to keep you engaged on its site for longer periods of time. Wow is right. But don't get all angry face about it, just log off and get out of the house this weekend. How's that for a way to combat “the man?”

Yeah, that was dumb. Cry-laughing face. Anyway, here's some places to hang, if'n you do want to get out these next few days. — Cory Graves

Erykah Badu Presents: Still Booming, The Annual Birthday Bash at The Bomb Factory (Sold Out)
The Queen of Neo-Soul's birthday is coming up and, as she has done annually, she's holding a concert to celebrate. Erykah Badu is one of, if not the, biggest musician to come out of Dallas. She's won multiple Grammy awards and has had several hits on the U.S. music charts. She also got a shout-out recently by Kendrick Lamar on “No More Parties in LA.” It's gonna be tight. Everybody loves her, including BFF David Chappelle, who'll be hosting this sucker. And you just know how awesome it is when those two get together. — Paul Wedding

Dropkick Murphys at House of Blues (Sold Out)
Dropkick Murphys is a Celtic rock band from Boston, most well known for “I'm Shipping Up To Boston,” which was used perfectly in The Departed. It isn't the most experimental or diverse band, but its members do know what they are, and they're really good at making kick ass Celtic rock music. Tiger Army and Darkbuster open. — PW

Sealion, Party Static, Pearl Earl, Dead Mockingbirds at RBC
All four of these local bands specialize in making fun rock music. It's a cheap show and you're guaranteed to have at least a somewhat enjoyable time. It's also your first chance to pick up Dead Mockingbirds' new album. — PW

Deon Cole at Addison Improv
Deon Cole is a stand-up comedian and comedic writer. He is most well known as a writer for Conan, but he's not the one to blame for the show not being that funny any more. Other than that, you can currently see him on Black-ish and Angie Tribeca. — PW

Valley of the Dolls at Inwood Theatre
Valley of The Dolls (1967) is a tell-all story of the fantastic and depressing world behind the glitz and glamour of major stardom. Starring Barbara Perkins, Patty Duke and Sharon Tate, the film follows the lives of these three women and how they are chewed up and spit out by a monstrous show business. The film may be over-the-top melodramatic, but it is necessarily poignant. — RA

Grand Opening at Storage Warz Flea Market
If there's such a thing as a high-end flea market, this Ennis flea would probably be the closest thing to it. Storage Warz Flea Market is a massive indoor market for vendors from local businesses to yard sales to set up inside. They will also be offering a food court, as well as gun and knife shows in the future. — PW

Grand Opening at Brass Tacks Lakewood
Already home to some of coolest barbers in Dallas, the Brass Tacks Barbershop crew has been putting in major work since 2014. After two years of phenomenal cuts, they are embarking on opening a second location in Lakewood. To celebrate the move they will be throwing a party at their new shop. Bad Mountain, Danny Diamonds and Jake Paleschic will be serving up the tunes. — RA

Trans X and Silk Rodeo + Screening of The Apple at Texas Theatre
The Texas Theatre has one hell of a Friday night set up for you. First, is a screening of the dystopian-disco-musical The Apple (1980) that takes place in a then-futuristic 1994, where everyone seems to still do the electric slide and the hustle. Appropriately accompanying the film are the Italo-disco masters Trans X and Austin's Silk Rodeo. If you've ever wanted to time travel to a time when the future was seemingly figured out, this is your chance. Also, DJ G will be spinning an all-vinyl set for your dancing feet. — RA

Brew-HaHa Comedy Tour at Oak Highlands Brewery
Oak HIghlands Brewery is getting two birds stoned at once, or something like that. They are releasing their bourbon barrel-aged beer, Chump Change, and hosting a comedy show. Comedian Ross Day will serve as the host and emcee, Tyson Faifer is the headliner and David Jessup will be the featured funny man. For $20, you get a pint glass, a tour of the brewery, three beers and a pretty decent comedy show. Azucar will be serving delicious Latin-American food to soak up all that booze. — RA

Aaron Copeland at Rockin' Rodeo
Aaron Copeland is a country artist from Coriscana, that's currently working on his debut EP. He played with the Casey Donahue Band for six years before deciding to branch out and find success on his own. Still not sure if the fact that he shares his name with America's all-time greatest contemporary composer helps or hurts his cause. — PW

Eric Benet at Music Hall at Fair Park
Eric Benet is one of several R&B singers that cropped up in the late '90s, and much like that crop, he's not very relevant anymore. He's probably best known for being Halle Berry's ex-husband. Lyle Jennings and Jon B. open. — PW

Mike & the Moonpies at Mother Trucker's
Austin's Mike & The Moonpies like to refer to their sound as “outlaw country,” but it's far less dangerous than it sounds. Of course, in the modern climate when bro “country” is so mainstream, all it takes is a few traditional country instruments and a friendly, Pat Green-like sound to be considered outside the norm. It's a sad state of affairs, indeed. — CG

Pell at Three Links (Early Show)
Pell is the stage name of Jared Pellerin, a New Orleans-based neo-soul singer and rapper. He's been on a huge rise lately after the debut of his album Floating While Dreaming. He's been talked about by several magazines and music services like Complex, Billboard and Spotify. He's probably going to blow up soon, so make sure to check him out in a small venue like Three Links while you still can. —PW

Responsible Johnny at Three Links (Late Show)
The music of Responsible Johnny harkens back to the days of punk music a la The Ramones or The Sex Pistols. No bullshit, just pissed off rock. Bastard City and The Costanzas open. — PW

Rachel Platten at Granada Theater
Rachel Platten is responsible for such anthems as “Stand By You” and the obnoxiously cloying “Fight Song,” which helped drive last year's Wildfire LP to the top of the charts. Erich Hutchinson and Christina Grimmie open. — PW

William Single at Cambridge Room (Sold Out)
William Singe is an Australian singer, best known for his unique cover songs he publishes on YouTube. These covers have received millions of views, and the guy is doing pretty well for himself. However, it seems like he has yet to release any original material, so it will be interesting to see what he has to offer at a live concert if he's only playing covers of other people's work. — PW

Ronnie Milsap at Billy Bob's
Ronnie Milsap is perhaps most known for his rebellious 1983 “Stranger In My House,” which pushed the bar for the genre. Furthermore, his “Smoky Mountain Rain” is one of the greatest country songs of all time, and earned him induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame last year. Tonight he returns to The World's Largest Honky-Tonk. — Chase Whale

Critical Mass at Main Street Garden Park
This group of cyclists are setting out to prove that two wheels are definitely a sufficient mode of transportation, despite the less-than bike friendly Dallas roads and monstrous SUVs that dominate them. But that's just what we need, right? Cars aren't all that great. I can store a bicycle in my apartment, but when I tried to do that with my car, all sorts of wreckage ensued. The group ride starts at 8 p.m., and, from there, costumed cyclists will dominate the roads, overturning every car in their wake and setting a new standard of road etiquette that demands bikes be taken seriously. Hey, they've got a costume contest to get to. — Chelsea Upton

The Bottlerockets at The Foundry (Free)
The Bottle Rockets are a Missouri-based southern rock band that's been playing for more than 20 years. They were one of the leaders of the southern rock revival in the '90s and have kept that consistent sound to this day. Fitting, then, that you can eat fried chicken while watching them perform tonight. —PW

Pinkish Black, Aztec Death, iill, and Death Stairs at Double Wide
For those into the more experimental, weird music, Double Wide is putting on some of the weirder Dallas-based bands. The critically-lauded Pinkish Black plays music ranging from metal to post-punk, sans guitars. iill, meanwhile makes darkwave electronic music sans backing tracks. Aztec Death and Death Stairs complete the group with a post-punk shoegaze sound. — PW

HOT SINCE '82 at It'll Do Club
Hot Since 82 is an English DJ and music producer. He's risen a lot over the past number of years and this will be his first show in Dallas. He plays house music that sounds like it came out of a '90s dance club, heavy use of cymbals, bass drum and short vocal samples. —PW

Donald J. Trump Rally at Fort Worth Convention Center
The Donald is visiting Fort Worth on his campaign trail to the White House. He's fresh off a huge win in Nevada, and really starting to separate himself from the rest of the republican pack. In Texas, where the Canadian-born Texan Ted Cruz rules, Trump is behind in almost every poll. Of course — and maybe deservedly so — there will be anti-Trump rallies that you can attend as well. Check out the Rally Against Hate hosted by the Texas Democratic Action Fund. And, please, everyone play nice. Or else… — RA

Moving Panoramas at Double Wide
Moving Panoramas is pretty dang dazed and dreamy. The trio's sound is like sitting in the back of a station wagon watching the road wind behind you. You seem to be in a trance, but constantly aware of your surroundings. The Austin trio made up of Leslie Sisson on guitar and vocals, Rozie Castoe on bass and Karen Skloss on drums. The band is as interesting as their last names. Local rock band Dove Hunter open the show. — RA

Xtreme Knockout 29 at Gas Monkey Live
As with any live performance, fighting is at its ultimate when experienced live. This year will be the first time that a pro Muay Thai fight will be a part of the Xtreme Knockout series. There will be 12 total mixed martial arts bouts scheduled for the event. XKO differs from UFC by pitting fighters together in a square cage, which tightens the quarters a bit. The pre-party kicks off with giveaways, a full bar, food and a DJ. — RA

The Cowtown Ultra Marathon at Will Rogers Memorial Center
This is the 38th Cowtown Marathon. There will be a host of races from an Ultra Marathon to a half marathon to a mile run. Kids will also have fun running in their own 5K run. The weekend's festivities also include an exposition of health and fitness products on the market. Get healthy, run like the dickens and spend a Sunday afternoon recovering from all the sweating. Don't forget your cowboy hat! — RA

Bernie Sanders for President Rally at Verizon Theatre
A day after Trump and Rubio were in town, Sanders will commandeer the Grand Prairie venue to talk about “a wide range of issues important to Texans, including making college affordable, getting big money out of politics, and combating climate change.” It's free to attend, though entry is granted on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you want to guarantee you'll get to feel the Bern firsthand, you might want to RSVP. — CG

“Oh, Rocky” A Rocky Horror-Themed Burlesque Show at Texas Theatre
It seems like a no-brainer to marry burlesque performance with The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Thank the lingerie wearing God for The Texas Burlesque Peepshow for having the wherewithal to do so. There will be plenty of booty shaking and pelvis gyrating to go around, not to mention bondage and makeup. Tickets are $20 for general admission, but you might as well spring for VIP. It's only $5 more. — RA

“The Next Chapter” (Grand Opening) at PDNB Gallery
PDNB has officially relocated to a bigger venue and a cooler sounding street name. The event will be dedicated to the work of the various artists celebrating the creative spirit that allowed the gallery to be where it is today, including Bill Owens, Keith Carter and Peter Brown. — PW

Bonehouse Poets at The Wild Detectives
It doesn't mean what you think it does. Bonehouse is a group of poets who derived their name from Gerard Manley Hopkins's The Caged Skylark to reflect interest in the life of the body. They believe that good poetry comes from a thoughtful community and want to show off some their work to that community. So, um, get your mind out of the gutter. — PW

Grand Opening at Bishop Cider Co.
Also, Bishop Cider Co. is expanding, adding a second cidery to the Brewing District Design District. To celebrate, they're hosting a grand opening party on Saturday, February 27, featuring local bands, food trucks and some new ciders. — Porttia Portis

Alison Wonderland at Trees (Sold Out)
Alison Wonderland is an Australian DJ who took her classic musician roots and applied them to her music production. Her music features intricate arrangements, with highs and lows to draw in the listener and take them on a journey. She manages to make solid mixes with excellent vocals that accomplish more than an average DJ music set. — PW

Common Kings at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
Common Kings is not common, with respect to the band's origin story, anyway. All four members hail from the Pacific Islands namely Samoa, Kiribati, Fiji, Tonga and Hawaii. Sure that's five islands for four people, but these islands are tiny and people commonly move from island to island depending on jobs, education and resources. Common Kings music is truly a world music combining rock, R&B, and reggae. The beats a rhythms groove so well with JR King's silky smooth voice. This is truly feel good music. – –RA

Granger Smith at Billy Bob's
Granger Smith is yet another Texan country star on the rise. He's been going at it since he was 19 at Texas A&M. He did, however, take a break from school and shuffled on over to Nashville where he learned all too much about the country music biz. By 2008, he moved back to Texas to get his priorities straight, and that was to get his degree and travel as a band playing the honky-tonk circuit. Eight years later, his hit “Backroad Song” is No. 1 on the U.S. Country Airplay chart. Hard work pays off, folks. — RA

Protomartyr at RBC
Protomartyr is a Detroit post-punk band that just released its newest album, The Agent Intellect, a few months ago to widespread critical acclaim. The band's music is effective in its moody atmosphere, there's a lot of bass and distorted guitars and it works wonderfully. — PW

PBR's Iron Cowboy at AT&T Stadium
It's a bunch of guys dressed like cowboys riding on pissed off bulls and seeing how long they can stay on. It's really remarkable that events like this still exist. — PW

DFW Pokemon Pre-Party at Roll2Play
Nintendo is finally making the jump to mobile games, and what better franchise would fit than Pokemon? People already bring their DS's everywhere to play it anyway, now you can just play it on your phone. Roll2Play is holding a pre-party in advance of the release of the new game, including time to meet other Pokemon fans, compete in a tournament, trivia and bingo. So get out there and socialize, because you probably won't be doing much of that once the new Pokemon game comes out. — PW

TangoTab's Breaking A Guinness World Record: Most People Making Sandwiches Simultaneously at Dallas Convention Center
A bunch of people are looking to try and break the world record for most sandwiches made in 90 minutes this weekend. They need at least 3,000 people for it to actually work, so come out and be a part of something. All sandwiches made will be donated to the North Texas Food Bank, The SoupMobile, the Bridge, Good Samaritans and others. — PW

Kraw at Josey Records (Free)
Kraw was formed in 2015, but has already developed a cohesive sound that is well worth a listen. The outfit draws from the good ol' days of buzz radio, meaning there are inklings of Stone Temple Pilots, Tool and Alice in Chains. Yet, there's a complete honesty in its sound, and the band doesn't cut corners. It's almost as if Kraw is picking up right where the '90s left off. — RA

Netsky and Chill at Lizard Lounge
Boris Daenen aka Netsky of Antwerp, Belgium is the new face of drum and bass. He doesn't employ all the grimy sounds of jungle and technical drum and bass. Rather, his flavor is more tropical, upbeat and summery. He's been collaborating with Digital Farm Animals, which make for great videos and vocals. Lizard Lounge regulars Johnny Funk, Raydar and Shaolin will be on hand, as well as a guest performance from DJ Titan. The closing set will be handled by Travis Elliot, Yunglist and System. — RA

Vandoliers at Dan's Silverleaf
Vandoliers will be making its Denton debut with its dusty, leathery country sound. These guys have keen country sensibilities with great fiddle work, trumpeting, banjo picking and thumping bass lines. These are great drinking tunes with a number of two-step jams. Denton's A.M. Ramblers will be an apt compliment to the headliners, and great storytellers to boot. Kim Nall & The Fringe also performs. — RA

Agent Orange at Trees
Agent Orange is a punk rock band from the '70s and considered the first band to combine punk rock with surf rock. It's something that's done a ton these days, but these guys were the first. It's like they play surf rock, but it doesn't suck. In The Whale opens. —

The Local Ticket Live at Harvest House
The Local Ticket is a Sunday night radio show on 96.7-FM/1310-AM The Ticket. Crazy that the sports talk station is DFW's main source of local music, but I guess that's the state of radio these days. Anyway, The Local Ticket is teaming up with 35 Denton to give a preview for the festival at Harvest House. They'll be showing some musical guests that will be performing at the Denton music festival all night, and there will be a chance to win free tickets — which is good, because based off the lineup, you probably shouldn't waste your own money on tickets for it. — PW

Ace Frehley at The Bomb Factory
Ace Frehley is a guitarist and founding member of the legendary rock band Kiss. He is known worldwide for his excellent guitar work and considered highly influential, and has had the most successful solo career out of all the members of Kiss, which isn't surprising, because Kiss fucking sucks. — PW

Chelsea Grin at The Rail Club
Chelsea Grin is a deceivingly-named deathcore metal band playing as part of The Rail Club's Dirty South Festival. Musically, they're a fairly unremarkable run-of-the-mill metal band, with albeit impressive technical drumming, angry guitars and nearly unintelligible lyrics shouted by the lead singer. —PW

Hawthorne Heights at House of Blues
Hawthorne Heights is emo rock at its most high school. Lyrics on cutting wrists, shifting between whining and screaming and typical, boring guitar riffs to accompany their typical, boring lyrics. — PW

Chili for Charity at Jack Mac's Swill & Grill
Chili For Charity is a chili tasting contest held for the charity Nickel From Nicole. The goal of the charity is to remind teenagers and parents to drive safely in remembrance of 16-year-old Nicole LeGrow, who lost her life in a reckless driving accident. There will be around 15 different chilis to taste and entry fees will be donated to the charity. — PW

Hank & Cupcakes at Crown and Harp
Hank & Cupackes are a husband-and-wife due that first founded their band after meeting in the Israeli army. Despite the odd origins, these two make some pretty kickass music and put on energetic, vibrant displays. Seriously, check out how insanely awesome they looked during a recent Three Links show. The duo's sound is complex enough you'd swear there were more than two people playing, which is about the best compliment you can give a two-piece. — PW

Movie Award Watching Party at Texas Thetatre
The Oscars suck. They drag on way too long and they rarely give the award to the person or movie that actually deserves it — especially if the person that deserves it isn't white. It's basically a four-hour-long circle jerk for all of the big names in Hollywood, and it manages to capture millions of viewers every year. On the bright side, the Texas Theatre is hosting a betting pool for the event, and the winners will receive a free VIP badge to the 2016 Oak Cliff Film Festival, with all proceeds going to the Oak Cliff Foundation. — PW


















































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