Let The Whiskey Take The Reins.

As you're no doubt aware by now, a Presdential candidate by the name of Deez Nuts is currently polling at 9 percent in North Carolina. Between Deez Nuts and Donald Trump's combined mockery of the American political system, it's a sure sign things are pretty fucked around here.

Before things officially go all the way down the tubes, though, we might as well enjoy these final days of order as best we can. The combined 52 events we've compiled below is a sure sign that things are pretty swell around here — for now, anyway. — Cory Graves

Daniel Johnston at Dada
If you were a DJ or in a band or just the kind of person who hung around DJs or people who were in bands in mid-'80s Austin, chances were Johnston cornered you and shoved one of his home-recorded cassettes into your hand. Describing the music that came on those cassettes is difficult. By most measures, it isn't “good.” Johnston's instrumentals are, charitably, rudimentary. And his songwriting is often bizarre. What comes through, though, and what has resonated so strongly with Johnston's fans over the years, is the recordings' raw emotion and palpable vulnerability. Members of Midlake will round out his backing band on this night, and Dana Falconberry opens. — Stephen Young

Devin the Dude at Trees
A Devin the Dude show in Dallas isn't too rare a thing. The storied rapper resides in the not-so-far-away city of Houston, and, practically quarterly it seems, he makes his way to Dallas for a gig. No matter how many times he does his weed-centric set in front of the North Texas crowd, they still show up in big enough numbers to keep warrant return trips to some of the area's bigger midsize venues. — Mikel Galicia

The Decline of Western Civilization pt 1 at Texas Theatre
Fun Fact: The woman who directed this classic punk documentary also helmed Wayne's World. Talk about versatility. Sought after in punk circles worldwide, The Decline of Western Civilization Part 1 is a cult film on punks in Los Angeles and the youth it so profoundly impacted. Now, almost 40 years later, the triology of films only recently made it to DVD. Tonight the first installment makes its way to the Texas Theatre in a properly restored format. Director Penelope Spheeris is on hand for Q&A, while Denton's Bukkake Moms follow the screening with a wild performance behind the screen. — Evan Henry

Pink Smoke (Album Release) at Three Links
A great many acts released new music this week. For example, '70s-leaning Denton punks Pink Smoke are slated to release a sophomore effort, WEIRDORAMA this Friday. Like the band's fantastic debut, this one was recorded at Cool Devices Studio by Radioactivity's Mark Ryan and Jeff Burke. Ahead of that show, the thing's currently streaming in full over on BandCamp. Check it out here. The American Fuse, The Lash Outs and Blood Letters open. — CG

North Texas State Fair and Rodeo at North Texas Fair Grounds
Big Tex may not be making an appearance at this one, and you probably won't be able find any fried lobsters either, for that matter. “Some fair this sounds like,” you're probably saying to yourself sarcastically. Still, this event has taken place annually in Denton for the past 87 years now, drawing an average of 100,000 visitors during its annual, nine-day run. -Performances from Zane Williams and Randy Rogers kick this year's off. — CG

Billy D. Wasington at Hyena's (Fort Worth)
Frequent Aretha Franklin opening act, piano-playing comedian Billy D Washington brings his low-key brand of comedy to the Fort all weekend long. — CG

Late Night at Dallas Museum of Art (Free)
Another night at the museum that you get to stay after hours, if you don't know the drill for these late events it's like any other time at the DMA except inherently more interesting. Sure, the museum gets a great amount of visits, but seldom is it so crowded as for the occasional late night. See what the hype is about, night owls. — Lauren Kuehmeier

'til Midnight at Nasher Sculpture Center (Free)
Similar to the Dallas Museum of Art, the Nasher Sculpture Center hosts its own monthly night where they keep their doors open later just for you. It's free of charge so it's worth going if you've been tempted to check it out. Come in the earlier hours and you'll catch live music otherwise there are some rare, Where the Wild Things Are -esk sculptures along with a spacious lawn that looks extra special when lit up. This month's edition also features live performances from Wesley Geiger and TEAM* and a screening of The Lego Movie. — LK

Being Evel at Texas Theatre
Before there was Hotrod, there was real life shitty stuntman Evel Knievel, an iconic figure known just as much for the action figures he spawned as he was for breaking nearly every bone in his body — twice — while failing miserably at stunts like jumping the Snake River in a makeshift rocket. It screens all weekend long. — CG

Free Week at Rubber Gloves
Gloves' annual week of free shows begins its wind-down with this noisy bunch of acts. Rectal Hygenics, Deterge, Crisis Actor, Filth and Hymens and Gouge all make noise attcha tonight. — CG

Def Leppard, Styx at Gexa Energy Pavilion
Along with Poison, Def Leppard has almost singlehandedly soundtracked The Great American Strip Club Visit, providing us all a welcome respite from what otherwise would have been a night filled exclusively with Motley Crue cuts. Plus, as the extraordinarily astute Jimmy Pop Ali once pointed out, the drummer from Def Leppard's only got one arm. What's left of Styx also performs. — CG

Slightly Stoopid, Dirty Heads at South Side Ballroom
The laid-back ska and funk rockers, who picked up right where Sublime left off, are in town tonight. So dig up that hacky sack you know you have lying around from freshman year, grab some of your bros and head on over to South Side and check them out. The like-minded Dirty Heads and The Expendables also perform. — Erika Lambreton

Alpha Rev at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
Austin's Alpha Rev brings its classical instrumentation and indie sensibilities to Gas Monkey this weekend. Hmm. Classical instrumentation and indie sensibilities. Sounds just like a bunch of other bands that everybody likes right now. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing. Unlike previous swings through town, this show's going to be unplugged. — SY

Quiet Riot at Gas Monkey Live
Quiet Riot has been kickin' it in the rock 'n' roll scene since the early days of metal back in the '80s. Though the lineup's changed a bit since then, it's still a pretty cool to see 'em live. Opening for the Metal Health band at this one is Lynch Mob. — DV

Weird Al at Verizon Theatre
Weird Al Yankovic is pretty much a household name. I mean, with his parodies including “Amish Paradise,” “Eat It” and “I Love Rocky Road,” it's kind of hard not to find something funny about the accordion-wielding, curly-haired comedian. And if we're being honest, sometimes the spoofs are catchier than the originals. Bring your polka face and check out the master of spoofs himself tonight at Verizon Theatre. — DV

Late Night Pop-Up at DEC on Dragon
For one night only, the hottest new bar in town will be this late night pop at 1414 Dragon St. And then, just like that, it'll be gone. Easy come, easy go I guess. Until next month, anyway. — CG

Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play at Stage West
The apocalypse has come, we're off the electric grid and it seems all hope is lost. Or, is it? What would you want to do if the world had turned around its “Open!” sign and closed down for good? Well, if you're a The Simpsons fan, maybe you'd want to sit around with others and reenact some of your favorite episodes of the 27-season strong series. Seems like an oddly specific idea, but that's exactly what Anne Washburn's Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play is all about. A group of people finding sanity in acting out their favorite episodes. — DV

Delta Maze (EP Release) at Cambridge Room
Dallas musician Andrew Meals aka Delta Maze is known from his Big Red Rooster days, but is releasing his debut solo EP, Forever Mañana tonight at Cambridge Room at House of Blues. The album starts with his latest single “Oh No Don't Go,” a poppy mix of hip-hop and electronic music that's done pretty well on local radio stations since its release. Also playing tonight are Jonas Martin and LEV. — DV

Lone Star Beer Texas Heritage Festival at Gilley's (Free)
Texas is definitely proud of itself and with the music scene around these parts, why not? The Lone Star Beer Texas Heritage Festival at Gilley's has a pretty awesome line up with Old 97s, Dale Watson, The Black Angels and more homegrown talent from out great state. And get this; it's 100 percent free. — DV

Mad Decent Block Party at Zouk
Since 2008, the Mad Decent Block Party has been kickin' it in the streets, parking lots and anywhere else they can cram a few thousand attendees and musicians into. Today is no different, with the seventh annual event happening at the outside lot at Club Zouk. If you're into the likes of Skrillex, Borgor, Bro Safari, Gent & Jawns then you'll wanna check it out. — DV

Death at Dada
Not to be confused with the metal band of the same name, '70s proto-punk outfit Death has resurfaced in the last few years due, in part, to the discovery of a 1974 demo tape. Years before “punk” would become a thing and take over society as we know it, brothers David, Bobby and Dannis Hackney were already making such sounds in their Detroit basement. But alas, two thirds are now making their first-ever trip to Dallas in support of its first new full-length in over 30 years. — EH

Body Count at Trees
While not solving sexually-based crimes as part of New York City's elite squad of detectives known as the Special Victims Unit, '90s rapper Ice-T likes to spend his leave fronting the LA-based gangster rap/butt metal hybrid Body Count, an outfit most known for 1992's “Cop Killer.” Talk about a man that likes to play both sides of the thin blue line. — CG

Shooter Jennings at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
Unlike some of his past swings through town, Jennings actually provides a pretty compelling case for making the drive out to Gas Monkey tonight. For this one, his Waymore's Outlaws backing band will feature the original surviving members of the outfit that used to back his dad Waylon in the studio and on the road. — Porttia Portis

Screaming Females at The Foundry (Free)
Screaming Females are one of those bands that just feel important. From the heaps of love their hard-edged punk-infused sound garners, you get the impression we'll praise them 20 years from now as laying the groundwork for the Next Big Movement in rock history. Time will surely tell, but that hasn't stopped outlets like Pitchfork from acting like they might be mentioned in a book like Our Band Could Be Your Life someday. In the meantime it helps that, whether in severe sickness or health , the band never fails to give it 110 percent night in and night out. — CG

Doug Benson at Hyena's (Dallas)
Comedy Central darling and marijuana enthusiast Doug Benson is at Hyena's Dallas tonight. He's played a few roles in the industry; TV host, writer, actor and his latest project is a podcast called Doug Loves Movies . It's basically just meandering funny banter on movies, which is something you can definitely sign us up for. It's also something he'll be recording at the Alamo Drafthouse this Sunday. — DV

Free Week: Riverboat Gamblers at Rubber Gloves
Back in June, the Red Bull Sound Select program brought the extremely rambunctious Riverboat Gamblers to town for a pretty incredible $3 show. Welp, as it turns out, you got ripped off. You can totally catch the band this weekend for free, as it puts the capper on the latest installment of Rubber Gloves' free week. — CG

Monsters of Mock II at Gas Monkey Live
Local AC/DC cover band Back in Black is so renowned on the tribute circuit that it actually does quite well for itself as a touring entity. Tributes to Ozzy, Van Halen and Motley Crue also perform, so you might want to start looking for your old leather now. — CG

Fort Worth Brew Scene Anniversary Party at Chimera Brewing
Chimera Brewing Company plays host Fort Worth Brew Scene's second anniversary party. And why not? That town's got some pretty awesome breweries to be proud of; Rahr and Sons Brewing, Martin House Brewing Company and Panther Island Brewing to name a few. So go check it out, it's free to get in and you'll get to taste all the delicious local poison you like. — DV

North Texas Fair and Rodeo at North Texas Fair Grounds
Ronnie Milsap and Green River Ordinance are just a couple of the reasons to check out the 87th annual North Texas Fair and Rodeo. — CG

The Secret Life of Pigeons at Klyde Warren Park
Pigeons are all around; sneaking crumbs on patios drinking from fountains. We may not even notice them much anymore but, did you know they were the first domesticated animal? They've actually served humans pretty well since their arrival on the scene way back when. So, they deserve a little respect! Head to Klyde Warren Park today to learn more about these little guys with their Secret Life of Pigeons event. Then watch as their released to return to the Trinity River Audubon Center. — DV

The Decline of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years at Texas Theatre
Following the punk bands of the earlier 1980s in Los Angeles came hair metal, thus enter a new decline in society. Part two of Penelope Spheeris' Decline of Western Civilization examines this time in Los Angeles where metal took over and ultimately fell apart, all to cash in something now-intangible. Watch as even the stars of the scene lose it, inside and out. Afterward Spheeris steps in for Q&A on the film. — EH

Vice Palace Presents: Crucifixion at The Public Trust
Combining his love for cutting edge sound in the city of Dallas and his newly established tape label — sponsored by the City of Dallas — Arthur Pena's Vice Palace continues it's live album recording series with the trending and eclectic Dezi 5, a collective fusion of R&B, funk and soul for the modern age. Building up to this is the multi-talented musical effort of Rat Rios. Watch as a rare form of crucifixion takes place in a public forum, all of which is being recorded live, as it happens. — EH

One-Year Anniversary at Off the Record (Free)
Everyone's favorite new Deep Ellum pre and post show hangout Off The Record is turning one. To celebrate this first year of public gathering and panel discussions, Sarah Jaffe, Son of Stan, Blue, The Misfit and Tyrone Smiley will DJ throughout the night. Vinyl prizes and photo booths will be on hand, too, as OTR is also one of the booming suburb's only record stores. Best of all, the whole night's free of any cover charge, but that's nothing new. — EH

Jim Norton at House of Blues
By now, you should know the name. But, on the off-chance that you don't, you'll recognize the face. Thanks to a steady stream of stand-up specials and regular appearances on Louie and Inside Amy Schumer over the last few years, Jim Norton's been a tough guy to miss. And, once you've spotted his mug, it's a tough one to forget — in large part because of the things that come out of his mouth. As comics go, Norton sits comfortably on the more cringe-inducing end of the spectrum. He'll say pretty much anything — from too-honest reveals about his sexual perversions to sometimes off-the-wall opinions about current events — in the name of earning a laugh. — Pete Freedman

Florida Georgia Line at Gexa Energy Pavilion
LOL, bro country. — CG

The Biters at Three Links
If you take the sounds of The All American Rejects and add a little more drugs to the mix then take the aesthetic of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club but with a bit less authenticity you've got Biters. To be honest, they definitely seem like an interesting live show. Check them out tonight at Three Links. Also playing are American Sharks, Hundred Visions and Duell. — DV

Stars of Nashville Tour at Billy Bob's
This weekend stars of ABC's Nashville Charles Esten and Clare Bowen drop by Billy Bob's to perform songs from the show — some of which, we should point out, were written by Fort Worth's own T. Bone Burnett. Per an interview we did with their cast mate Jonathan Jackson, uncle-niece Deacon Claybourne and Scarlett O'Connor will be playing their own instruments and whatnot, so it's not entirely fake. — CG

Pee-wee's Big Adventure Movie Party at Alamo Drafthouse
It's been 30 years since we followed Pee-wee on his big adventure. Today, Alamo Drafthouse is celebrating with a party. Grab your red and white beach cruiser and revisit the classic lines and cringe to Herman's dance to “Tequila” (they'll even have a “Tequila” dance contest before the show.) They'll also have some specialty tequila drinks in commemorative glasses. Tell 'em Large Marge sent you. — DV

16bars.xxx House Party at Ash Studios
At the ripe age of 24, Atlanta rapper Sonny Digital has found himself releasing music via Universal Music Group. You'd think such attention would have him playing a much larger space, but on this night he makes way to Ash Studios (3203 Ash Lane) for a 16Bars.XXX and The Outfit,TX-presented Mad Decent Block Party after-party. Included in this limited fanfare are sets from Blue, The Misfit, Bemyfriend and plenty more. — EH
Update: This event has been postponed until a later date.

It Came from the Saloon at Adair's Saloon (Free)
Dallas' Sugarfoote has been known to play Adair's every Monday night for the past few years. This one will differ from that regular offering in that the band will perform its breed of prudish rock 'n' roll revival on a Saturday night. For three sets worth of tunes you'll have a “devilish good time” at this one. It's rumored they'll be embracing the Halloween spirit months ahead of schedule, so there's that too. — EH

Burning Palms, Triptides at The Prophet Bar
Whatever you do, don't confuse this last minute performance from Arizona psych freakout, Burning Palms with the 2010 theatrical thriller of the same name. As the Lolipop Records superstars caravan through, so do tourmates Triptides, which recently released its Azur full-length. It'll be one for the proverbial books. Waco's Loafers come ripping through early in the evening. — EH

The Foo at Lola's
Did you know the city of Fort Worth has its own Foo Fighters cover band? Well on this night they will, and they're called The Foo. In celebration of its (first?) show, they be performing the 1997-classic The Colour and Shape in full to audience old enough to remember the album's release as if it were yesterday. Breakout that used cassette copy or vinyl re-issue in preparation. Shake The Moon and Panic Volcanic open. — EH

Men Without Hats at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
For the last 30 years, time and time again someone you know has shouted, “you can dance if you want to,” and you just go along with it. Now all that shouting finally has purpose, as Men Without Hats return to Dallas, and for only $14. Welcome in that old '80s new wave as the outfit has a new full-length called Love In The Age of War that we're sure will be a big player at this one. — EH

Fea at Three Links
Armed with former members of Girl in a Coma, FEA has been signed to Joan Jett's Blackhearts Records and is making a name all on its own. Phanie Diaz and sis Nina always wanted to start a riot grrrl band, like those they rocked out to growing up. Check 'em out tonight at Three Links. Also on the bill are Monkeysphere and Responsible Johnny. — DV

The Decline of Western Civilization III at Texas Theatre
In the third and most recent installment of The Decline of Western Civilization, director Penelope Spheeris examines a wave of homeless teens and gutter-punks scraping by in the back alleys of Hollywood in the mid-'90s. The atmosphere is almost comparable to that present in part one, which documented punk in Los Angeles in the late '70s and early '80s. See the decline come full circle on the final night of this epic three-part screening. — EH

MsPattyCake Pop-Up Nail Booth at Vickery Park
Patricia “MsPattyCake” Valle is setting up her pop-up nail booth at Vickery Park this Sunday to raise money to refurnish a vintage trailer she hopes to be able to take around town, beautifying the nails of Dallasites everywhere. So get your nails did by a pro and enjoy some local delights on draft. Of course, if you can't make it out, you can always donate to her Kickstarter campaign here. — DV

North Texas Fair and Rodeo at North Texas Fair Grounds
Mini Miss beauty pageants, a rodeo, tractor pull, junior Heifer show and a perfomance from Bobby Pulido are but a few of Sunday's attractions at the Denton fair's opening weekend. — CG

His Girl Friday at Strauss Square (Free)
Rom-coms are nothing new, but this '40s Cary Grant classic set the standard. The charming and racy for its time His Girl Friday, screening under the stars at Strauss Square Sunday evening. So romantic. — DV

J. Cole at Gexa Energy Pavilion
Squad cars and fire trucks lined the streets, camera crews swarmed the area, news choppers circled above and the entire block was shut down to traffic. People, meanwhile, were everywhere, shouting their excitement and frustration at once. Such was the scene outside of the House of Blues when J. Cole made a surprise free performance back in June. This one will be a little less chaotic, though folks will probably be just as enthusiastic at this huge venue. — Brandon Mikeal

Benson Movie Interruption: Johnny Pneumonic at Alamo Drafthouse
Marijuana/movie-loving comedian Doug Benson is no stranger to sending up popular cinema. Back in 2007 he released the documentary Super High Me, a Morgan Spurlock-style parody that saw him smoking weed for 30 days in a row. Tonight he'll go where Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Master Pancake have gone before him, sitting in the front row of one of Alamo Drafthouse's theaters riffing on Johnny Pneumnoic as part of his Benson Movie Interruption podcast. Appropriately, this one starts rolling at 4:20 p.m. — CG

Doug Benson + Master Pancake: Road House 2 at Alamo Drafthouse
Sometimes the planets just align in the most perfect ways. With Doug Benson and Austin's Master Pancake riffsters both in town on the same day, they've decided to combine forces to make fun of the ill-advised Road House sequel. It'll be really damn funny to say the least. — CG

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