Do The Hussle.

It was cold as balls yesterday, so hopefully you aren't feeling under the weather heading into the weekend. If you are feeling a cold coming on, though, scientists say a little whiskey will help with that. No, really! It has something to do with dilating blood vessels, which helps your body fight off infections.

Whiskey helps with all kinds of ailments, too — like sniffles, cabin fever and run-of-the-mill boredom. Try some this weekend. There's no prescription necessary.

To intensify the effects, pair it with one of the following activities. — Cory Graves

Doomtree at Trees
Even down a handful of members at its Index Festival performance last fall, nine-member Minneapolis hip-hop collective Doomtree was the biggest highlight of the weekend. The outfit released a new LP last week, though, so expect a few more Doomtrees to show up for this one. Considering the venue, expect a few more columns shaped like trees, too. Open Mike Eagle and Buffalo Black open. — CG

Miranda Sings at Majestic Theatre
Miranda Sings is an Internet character created in 2008 and portrayed by comedian/YouTube personality Colleen Ballinger. She's known for her outrageous, corrupt lipstick, and loud mouth. Ballinger says she created the character as a satire of the many bad-but-arrogant singers who believe that posting their videos on YouTube will lead to show business. Can you blame them, though? Ballinger's proved it can totally be a successful business model. — Lauren Rushing

Troy Cartwright (Album Release) at The Rustic
The bro country backlash is real. Seriously, it's like all anyone with even the most remote interest in the genre can talk about. And when it does, there'll be a batch of honest songwriters like Troy Cartwright left to takeover. That's what makes the young Dallasite's debut LP for Sony records one to watch out for this year. It's going to take some people by surprise, and not just locally. Pick up a copy at tonight's release show and see what we mean. — CG

Guster at House of Blues
Over the years, Guster shows have begun to resemble Rocky Horror Picture Show screenings in that the bands fanatics all know when to yell or throw certain things. For the n00bs, here's a quick rundown of what to bring: Pixie Stix (to throw during “Happy Frappy”), ping-pong balls (to throw during “Airport Song”) and bubbles (to blow during “Either Way”). There's a more complete list here. Kishi Bashi and his violin and loop pedals opens with a solo set. — CG

Jessica Lea Mayfield at The Prophet Bar (Small Room)
Jessica Lea Mayfield's newest album, Make My Head Sing…, puts a slight twist on the performer's previous work: Whereas those earlier albums placed Mayfield's sweet, enticing voice on a pedestal and let her lyrics shine through unfazed, this third album starts off with a biting guitar riff that's undoubtedly meant to raise eyebrows from longtime fans of the Ohio-launched artist. And it does: Mayfield's voice is still present here, but it takes somewhat of a backseat to the lead guitars on the new LP. The ploy works, too. When her lyrics hit this time through, they do so with greater impact. She also has a pretty sweet tour van. — Mikel Galicia

Nipsey Hussle at The Prophet Bar (Big Room)
He's yet to release a proper studio LP — that'll come later this year — but to imply anything other than that Nipsey Hussle is fast becoming a major player in the rap game would be absurd. In October 2013, as you may have heard, the Los Angeles rapper released Crenshaw, his eighth solo mixtape since 2005. Per protocol, it was a free-to-download release. But it was more than that, too: In tandem with the 2010 XXL “Freshman Class” rapper posting that 21-cut affair online, Hussle also conducted something of a social experiment, releasing 1,000 hard copies of the release in a L.A. pop-up shop, promising that fans who purchased the disc would also receive a free ticket to an upcoming live performance. Then a funny thing happened at that pop-up shop sale: Jay Z bought 100 copies of the disc, spending $10,000 in support of the fast-rising emcee. How's that for a cosign? Anyway, just like his show in this same room this time last year, this one will be absolutely packed. — Pete Freedman

Kastle at It'll Do Club
Forward-thinking Los Angeles dub/house producer is smarter than your average EDM producer. It shows not only in interviews where he might, say, make mention of some of the great transcendental writers of the 19th century, but in his music as well, which is mostly devoid of the heavy-handed builds and beat drops most everybody tends to rely so much on. Dubble A, Trailer Swift, Chrs Roze and Genova warm up the decks while you warm up the light-up dance floor. — CG

Goodfellas at Inwood Theatre
This is the story of Henry Hill, one of the most badass gangsters of all time. As far back as he could remember, he always wanted to be a one. He's pretty much the embodiment of “thug life.” Peep the legendary Copacabana scene in all of its innovative Steadicam glory on the big screen Friday and Saturday at midnight. — H. Drew Blackburn

Mitchell S. Jackson at South Dallas Cultural Center
In its glowing review of his novel Residual Years, The New York Times wrote “[Mitchell S.] Jackson's prose has a spoken-word ¬cadence, the language flying off the page with percussive energy.” Lucky then, that Jackson will be live in the flesh, discussing his work tonight with some of that brilliantly percussive energy. — CG

Carlos Mencia at Addison Improv
Two of the best episodes of Marc Maron's acclaimed WTF podcast was the 2010 two-parter that saw Maron grilling notorious joke-stealer Carlos Mencia about decades of allegations he's lifted material from and/or treated guys he's worked with like shit. To a man, though, nobody ever claimed he was a bad comic, which is, well, something. — CG

Records Collecting Dust at Kessler Theater
There's a saying that you can't make a music documentary unless either Dave Grohl or Jello Biafra agree to be talking heads. Grohl doesn't appear Jacon Blackmore's new documentary about the record collections of famous musicians, but Biafra does, along with Chuck Dukowski, John Reis, Keith Morris, Mike Watt, Nick Oliveri, Joey Castillo and a couple dozen others. The Kessler will sandwich a screening of the flick between live performances from Peter Harper and The Black Dotz. — CG

Junior Brown at Granada Theater
An American original and Austin's best-kept secret, Junior Brown should definitely be on your list of must-see acts in Texas. Tonight, Mr. Brown will serenade you with his savory country twang, dazzle you with his patented guit-steel prowess, and maybe even surprise you a bit with a song or two inspired by past trips to town. Openers Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King will release their new album at this one, too. — Nicole Arnold

In Defence at Three Links
Twin City thrashers, In Defence will get the circle pits going in support of its recently finished fourth LP at this one. Pissed Grave, Electric Vengeance and Wake the Fear open. — CG

Let's Talk About Sex at Sue Ellen's
Since 2011, the minds behind Dallas Mustache Envy collective have aspired to bring the art of the drag king to the forefront. Tonight finds the troupe performing its Valentine's-themed “Let's Talk About Sex” show, and then hosting an evening of free queeraoke. — CG

Moon Waves, Dead Mockingbirds, Panic Volcanic at Double Wide
Dallas arthouse shredders, Dead Mockingbirds, retro-leaning Dallas pych-rockers, Moon Waves and dirty Fort Worth heavy blues rock act, Panic Volcanic, make for a pretty solid all-local lineup at Double Wide on Friday. Get there early, too, as the powerhouse vocals of PV frontwoman Ansley Dougherty might be the best thing about this entire bill. — CG

Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish at Gas Monkey Live
Do you sometimes feel like the only person anxiously awaiting the arrival of a fourth wave ska revival? Maybe you are. But we're guessing you won't be the only person skanking around to third wave super stars Reel Big Fish at Gas Monkey tonight. Even fewer people will likely care that frontman Aaron Barrett is the last remaining of the band's original members. — CG

A Live One at Granada Theater
When the Giants won their third World Series in five years back in October, Phish was finishing up a three-night run a San Francisco's Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. Moments after the victory, the band busted into an instrumental version of Queen's “We Are the Champions” midway through “Moma Dance,” and then, bam!, right back into its own song. It's the kind of tough-to-pull off move only a band like Phish can pull off. To think this Austin band chose the legendary jam band to pay tribute to speaks volumes about its members' collective talents. — CG

Dallas Comic Con Fan Days 2.0 at Irving Convention Center
Compared to some previous impressive lineup offerings from the Dallas Comic-Con team, this week's final announcement of guests set to appear at next month's Dallas Comic-Con Fan Days isn't exactly earth-shattering. There's some cool names on the list, for sure. And fans of Arrow and Doctor Who will no doubt be pretty pleased about the fact that multiple cast members from each show will be headed the Irving Convention Center's way for Fan Days on February 7 and 8; Arrow actors John Barrowman, Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy especially look like they're being billed as the event's big draws. — PF

Reverend Horton Heat at The Aardvark
You know 'em, you love 'em and tonight you can catch them eatin' steak and the like out in the Fort with Holy Moly in tow. — CG

That 1 Guy at The Prophet Bar
How do you feel about one-man bands? Good, we hope, because Vegas performer and virtuoso musician That 1 Guy is in town this weekend. He's known for his quirky, homemade instruments such as the Magic Pipe, a 7-foot-tall collection of plumbing tubes, bass strings and electronics. Just pretend the other two blue men are home sick. — CG

True Widow, The Cush (Album Release) at Three Links
Don't forget to bring the earplugs to this one, because Three Links probably isn't big enough to contain all the droning, swirling guitars Dallas stonegaze trio True Widow and Fort Worth heavy psych outfit The Cush will surely be putting down at this one. The latter will have copies of its stellar, just-released new LP, too. — CG

Valentine's Chocolate and Beer Tasting at The Ginger Man
For $40 here, you get to taste eight seasonal beer and chocolate pairings while listening to an expert foodie describe why the candy in your mouth tastes so much better than that Snickers in your glove box. — CG

“Save Our Cop” Showcase at Trees
Been wondering what all the “Jesus Is My Homeboy” posters that have blanketed Deep Ellum the past couple months are all about? They're a sign of support for ex-DPD police officer Jesus Martinez, who was fired after a passerby videotaped him arresting a homeless man in the neighborhood. This show, too, is another show of support for Martinez. Playing sets will be local bands Dark Horse Darling, The Phuss, The Virgin Wolves, Page 9 and Down to Friend. — CG

Chipper Jones at Dada
Future Hall of Fame Atlanta Braves third baseman and his new Austin-based duo will head up this four-band bill with a batch of mostly-instrumental, Delicate Steve-like tunes. Holiday Mountain, Cantina, Catamaran open. — CG

Lumberjack Fest at Dan's Silverleaf
Way before people were writing think pieces on the new “lumbersexual” trend, folks out Denton way had long built an appreciation for the overly bearded among us. To wit: this offering from Future Self, Burntsienna Trio, Brave Young Lion, Christianos (Billy Joel tribute) and The Birds of Night is the 11th such gathering under this name. Keep Denton beard, indeed. — CG

Stop Light Social Run at Rahr & Sons
Need motivation to get your fat ass out of bed at 8 a.m. on a Saturday for a three mile fun run/walk? How about three hours of drinking at the brewery afterwards before the lazy general public are let in? Gives a new meaning to the term “beer run,” anyway. — CG

A View to a Kill at Alamo Drafthouse
This is the film that asks the question, “Has James Bond finally met his match?” In short, the answer is, no. But, it does mark the end of the line for Roger Moore as the titular character. The 14th film in the franchise was also Moore's seventh and final time portraying 007 on screen. Damn you Christopher Walken. — CG

Whitey Morgan at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
Whitey Morgan ain't your granddaddy's country singer. Wait a sec, yes he is. That's precisely what makes his beer-soaked, Waylon-esque honky-tonk anthems so damn appealing. They don't make 'em like Whitey no more, and that's a damn shame. — CG

2015 Winter Bicycle Brewery Tour at Continental Avenue Bridge Park
Beer, it's proof that God loves us and wants us to be fat — or so a drunk guy once told us. When you burn calories biking to the brewery, though, you don't feel so bad. Meet at the Continental Avenue Bridge Park at noon and then meet up with your riding partners/drinking buddies that you'll hit Peticolas Brewing Company, Noble Rey Brewing Company, Texas Ale Project, Small Brewery and Braindead Brewing with. — CG

Cory Morrow at House of Blues
Thanks to the help of compatriots of guys like Pat Green, Cory Morrow's carved out a niche for himself as one of the Texas country scene's elder statesmen. Tonight he holds court at House of Blues. — CG

Hot Chocolate 15K at Fair Park
Remember that episode of Seinfeld where the marathon runner accidentally grabs Kramer's cup of hot tea? We imagine the “America's sweetest race” will be a lot like that. But with more marshmallows. — CG

For the Love of Kettle at Kettle Art
When we dropped by last year's For the Love of Kettle fundraiser, it was pretty much a madhouse. Packing the gallery was a simple enough task for Kettle: When you make a social media push saying that the purchase of pieces is first-come, first-serve and all going for a rate of $50, people will rush to be there at opening — especially when its known, too, that this is Kettle's lone annual fundraiser, with 100 percent of the show's proceeds going directly to the gallery's maintenance. It's one of this town's few opportunities, along with Art Conspiracy, where the proletariat can enjoy the experience of buying fine art — some pieces more fine than others — while acting philanthropic, too. — Scott Mitchell

Enter the Dangerous Mind at Texas Theatre
The way the genre has blown up the past couple years, it was only a matter of time before there was a movie based around an EDM musician. This one's a violent, psychological thriller with an electronic soundtrack to match. — CG

Art Show in the Alley at Expo Park
We're assuming this is the same art show that was supposed to go down in the alley between Pizza Lounge and Craft & Growler last weekend. We're also assuming that one was cancelled because the weather turned unexpectedly cold and rainy. We can't say for sure, though, because we ended up not going. The weather was pretty shitty. It's looking like it'll be clear and warm this time around. — CG

Motion City Soundtrack at House of Blues
Though pop-punk stalwarts Motion City Soundtrack formed in 1997, the band still seems to be doing OK these days; it's appeared on recent Warped Tours and will release its sixth LP later this year. Credit the band's ability to evolve for its extended careers; as its fans have aged Motion City Soundtrack has begun to lean more in a pure pop direction. Hey, whatever it takes. — CG

Hares on the Mountain (Album Release) at Dan's Silverleaf
Yeah, Denton danger folk collective Hares on the Mountain has played free shows at Dan's every Sunday for years, but this time it's different. This show not only marks the band's fourth anniversary, but the release of its new Lambs LP. Buy 'em something nice, like a round of shots. Or maybe just pick up a copy of the new album. Of course, nobody says you can't do both. — CG

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School at Three Links
A good old fashioned life-drawing session is a necessary staple for artists of all types. Drawing from observation is a classic technique to improve your skills and increase your technical abilites to perceive form and function. Unfortunately, that sounds totally boring and academic. The idea between these regular Dr. Sketchy's events is to come up with a more relaxed lesson in the art of life-drawing. Hey, it doesn't get much more relaxed than being held in a bar! And whereas anyone who's ever done an actual, serious life-drawing or figure-drawing session has that, “Oh, you wouldn't believe what the model looked like!” story, Dr. Sketchy's does it right, bringing burlesque performers in to hold court. These models are always in costume, and there is a theme every month. This month's model is Dallas pinup Amber DeVille. — Jeremy Hughes

Lovin' Workshop at ArtLoveMagic
All V-Day week ArtLoveMagic is putting on an array of interesting, love-oriented classes as something of a fundraiser. Kicking things off is one of those drink wine and learn to paint things, but with a live nude model and an instructor to guide you on how best to paint bare anatomy. — CG

Sunday Supper Club w/ George Dunham and Bobby Duncan at The Live Oak
While mostly known for his funny impersonations and patented “hot sports opinions,” the co-host of 1310 KTCK-AM The Ticket's Dunham and Miller morning show will be showing off his musical talents tonight. George “Jub Jub” Dunham will be performing solo renditions of his Bird Dogs tunes along with his pal Bobby Duncan, at this happy hour show. — Jessica Petrocchi

Oscar-Nominated Short Docs at Texas Theatre
Tonight, Texas Theatre will screen three of the five films nominated in the “Short Documentary” category at this year's Academy Awards. If you missed the first two — em>Joanna and Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1 — which they showed on Thursday, you've got exactly two weeks to track those down. Tonight they'll screen Our Curse, White Earth and The Reaper. In any case, three out of five ain't bad. — CG

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