Love Kanye.

In his new book, Success and Luck: Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy, Robert Frank attempts to use academic research to prove how much luck plays a factor in the accumulation of wealth. It’s not that folks like Bill Gates aren’t super-talented or didn’t quote-unquote earn their money piles, he says, it’s just that we don’t often take into consideration how much luck also played a part.

Luck is also sometimes how we find ourselves at the coolest events in town. We go out, bounce from place to place and, by happenstance of pure dumb luck, wind up somewhere pretty spectacular.

But that’s the exception more than the rule. More often than not, the most surefire way to end up somewhere cool is by planning in advance. Here’s some scouting we’ve done for you this week.

Monday (9.19)
Twin Peaks at Dada
A damn fine band.

Rhett Miller’s Birthday Party at Twilite Lounge
With Cantina.

Tuesday (9.20)
Rent at Winspear Opera House
The 20th anniversary tour.

Donovan at Majestic Theatre
Your sunshine superman.

Carrie Underwood at American Airlines Center
Think before you cheat.

Wednesday (9.21)
Oral Fixation: Out From Under the Rug at Dallas City Performance Hall
True life tales of abortion.

Monster Outbreak Tour at House of Blues
With Post Malone and more.

Madball, Power Trip at Trees
Go hardcore.

Thursday (9.22)
Petty Fest in Denton
More than a dozen superstar musicians covering Tom Petty.

Titus Andronicus, A Giant Dog at The Loft
Stadium rock.

Kanye West at American Airlines Center
The tour of Pablo.

House shows for the rest of us.

Office Space at Texas Theatre
I’m going to need you to go ahead and come in on Thursday.

Friday (9.23)
Oaktopia in Denton
The city’s biggest and best fest.

Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival at Gexa Energy Pavilion
With Dane Cook, Sebastian Maniscalo, Jeff Ross and more.

Colvin and Earle at Majestic Theatre
As in Shawn and Steve.

James Blake at House of Blues
I need a forest fire.

Alice in Chains at WinStar World Casino
You got them wrong.

Brew Haha Comedy Series at Shannon Brewing
Laugh until Irish Red comes out of your nose.

Joketopia at Campus Theatre
LOL, Denton.

NEONNOAH at The Prophet Bar
Celebrating the release of their new EP.

Saturday (9.24)
Oaktopia in Denton
So much good bands.

Smoked at Main Street Garden Park
A barbecue and bands festival featuring the Toadies.

Ray LaMontagne at South Side Ballroom
He is the best thing.

Stereo on Strike at The Nines
Featuring Convextion.

Paella Master Class at The Wild Detecives

Dallas Derby Devils Championships at NyTex
Bout it, bout it.

Texas Mutiny at Texas Motor Speedway
Featuring Avenged Sevenfold, Deftones and more.

Fur Ball at the Omni
Raise a paw.

Sunday (9.25)
Prophets of Rage at Gexa Energy Pavilion

Chefs for Farmers at Lee Park
Farm to table.

Pinata Protest at Three Links
Volver, volver.

Gucci Mane at Park Avenue
Fresh out the pen.

Final Hurrah at White Rock Skate Center
The last go-round.

Oktoberfest at GoodFriend
Mmm, beer.

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