Riff on RiFF RAFF.

It's safe to say that pretty much everything going on this weekend revolves in some way or another around the Thanksgiving holidays.

That much makes sense; it is one of the few big visit-home-and-eat-as-much-as-you-can holidays going.

But, whether you're looking for some ways to burn off some of those extra Thanksgiving calories, seeking a bar to avoid your families or taking advantage of some Black Friday and Small Business Saturday deals, we've got you covered this long weekend.

YMCA Turkey Trot at City Hall Plaza
If you wake up pre-9 a.m. you might consider participating in one of Dallas' oldest Thanksgiving traditions. The cold conditions expected this year, organizers say, make for prime running conditions, so there's some potential for a record-breaking scenario. But even if you're not up for smashing the eight-miles-in-37:05 record that was set over 40 years ago, it's still a good idea to try and burn a few calories heading into today's engorging session if at all possible. — CG

Dallas Cowboys vs. Oakland Raiders at AT&T Cowboys Stadium
Before firing up the tailgate, or even just claiming your spot on your parents couch to watch the Cowboys game, we recommend taking a look at this fact-filled infographic, which chronicles the 40-plus-year history of the Cowboys' traditional Thanksgiving showdowns. — CG

VIBE Thanksgiving at Beauty Bar
Lest you think DJ Colly T would take a break from his weekly party on Henderson just because it's Thanksgiving, we're here to tell you otherwise. Furthermore, he's convinced Redsean to join him in presiding over the festivities this week. And, provided you didn't wake up in time to participate in any eight-mile runs this morning, you can consider this dance party your calorie-burning excuse to stay out way too late tonight. — CG

Trombone Shorty at House of Blues
Born into a well-known New Orleans jazz family, Troy Andrews began cutting his brass chops since the age of six, and spent his formative years as a member of several prominent NOLA brass bands. The outfit he now fronts, Orleans Avenue, fuses contemporary jazz with funk and R&B. He's a versatile performer — enough so that he's collaborated with a wide-ranging batch of performers, such as like Jeff Beck, Kid Rock, Warren Haynes and the Rebirth Brass Band. And quite effortlessly, at that. — Cory Graves

Black Friday Records Store Day at CD Source
Following the growing success of the now-annual Record Store Day events that take place at record store days all across the country in April, the powers that be have more recently added a second official RSD celebration to coincide with Black Friday. As such, CD Source, Good Records and Docs are all holding in-store parties today. A dozen acts, including the lovely Kaela Sinclair, will perform throughout the day at CD Source, which is also using the occasion to celebrate its 20th anniversary. For a full list of the exclusive Record Store Day releases coming out today, head here. — CG

Oh, Whitney at Lola's
A chance meeting in their current hometown of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, last year led to this once-Fort Worth-based outfit recording its upcoming album, with Donald Fagen of the legendary jazz-rock band Steely Dan sitting in the producer's chair. Recorded locally in part at Eagle Audio, their upcoming disc will be mark one of the few times Fagen's produced an album for a band he wasn't in. So taken was Fagen with the locally-tied outfit that he even went as far as sitting in with the band on keys during a Fort Worth gig earlier this year. — CG

Son of Stan, Blackstone Rangers, Def Rain and New Fumes at The Grotto
For someone who splits his time between North Texas and Los Angeles, divorce pop auteur Son of Stan sure manages to maintain a heavy local presence. But for as much face time as he's been putting in around DFW this fall, Son of Stan's Jordan Richardson has earned his share of national praise of late as well. Earlier this week, for instance, the website Beats Per Minute premiered the artist's “Noxeema” video. Immediately, the clip, which was directed by the Emmy-nominated Daniel Stessen, is a contender for the year's best thanks to a few unlikely twists and a heavenly reimagining of MTV's The Grind. Friday, he'll top the best electronic offering in town this week. — CG

The Big Lebowski at Magnolia Theater
For the next two nights, the Magnolia is hosting midnight screenings of everybody's favorite stoner-dude-mystery-comedy hybrid, The Big Lebowski. For our money, it's the Coen Brothers' best film, Fargo be damned. With two late-night showings this weekend, there's really no excuse not to catch one or the other. Hell, you even have time to bowl a few frames before the show if you really want to do The Dude proud. — Jordyn Walters

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation at Main Street Garden Park
For the next three weeks they'll be showing classic holiday flicks Downtown among the freshly lit buildings. And, in all realness, there's really not a more classic Christmas comedy than Christmas Vacation. Just remember: This one's outside, so sweaters and blankets are a must. — JW

HRVRD at The Prophet Bar
Last time North Carolina post-hardcore outfit HRVRD was in town, it was in support of the Say Anything/Eisley tour that played this same venue over the summer. Tonight, the band tops a bill that also features Semaj Jones, The Questions and Reggie Scott, who Dallasites may remember as the longtime frontman for religious rock outfit Rhythm. — CG

Juicy J at Trees
Juicy J's not the type of artist who needs much of an introduction. He's just Juicy J, member of the famed Memphis rap group Three 6 Mafia, Oscar winner, producer and, now, solo artist. Well, OK, he's mostly just technically a solo artist. Since branching out on his own a couple years back, it's not really like Juicy has been working by his lonesome. Quite the opposite, actually. Over the course of the last two years, he's worked with some of the biggest names in the game — Wiz Khalifa (who signed Juicy to his Taylor Gang imprint), Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, The Weeknd, 2 Chainz, Future, Mac Miller and B.o.B., just to name a few. And, really, why wouldn't these young artists want to work with Juicy? He's created a lasting reputation and brand for staying trippy (read: partying hard and staying high through a mix of high grade marijuana, the popular syrup and just about any other drug in the rap lexicon). “Top 10 get high rappers, Number 1 is my rank / You say no to drugs, Juicy J can't,” he raps in “A Zip and a Double Cup.” — Mikel Galicia

The Ruby Revue Burlesque Show at Cambridge Room
A week removed from #JFK50, the fringe assassination tie-in events have finally begun to taper off. But we're not completely out of the woods yet, as evidenced by the fact that 75-year-old burlesque dancer Tammi True will be turning in a pair of special performances as part of the local troupe's double-feature tonight. At the time of the assassination, True was a regular dancer at Jack Ruby's Carousel Club. — CG

R. Kelly's Black Panties Album Release Party at Medusa
A wise man once said, “When people know R. Kelly is in a night club, they lose their shit.” That much, we do know. What still remains unclear is whether Kelly's official release party for his new album will entail any actual performing from the king of R&B. More likely, he'll just do a little bumping and grinding in the VIP section and/or solicit lap dances from big-breasted attendees. — CG

Critical Mass at Main Street Garden Park
Starting at 7:30 p.m., you can join other local bikers (er, cyclists) to spread awareness to the fact that, yes, people actually do bike in Dallas. Helmet-heads need to stick together. Also, don't worry n00bs, they ride at a slow pace so that everyone can keep up. — Chelsea Upton

A.Dd+ (Album Release) at West End Event Center
Now, with the recently revamped national release of DiveHieFlyLo: Every Man is King, it won't be long, we reckon, before the names Paris Pershun and Slim Gravy carry as much weight outside of North Texas as they do around these parts. The re-release contains five new tracks (“Every Man is King,” “Drive Safely,” “Dirty Cotton Candy,” “Break Bread,” and “Where You Been”), which completist owners of the locals-only edition can grab for free right here. And, finally, tonight's formal release-type show — and we do mean formal, as Slim tells us that he hopes attendees will heed his request to dress in their finest for the affair — will celebrate the 11-month journey it took to get here. — CG

PANTyRAiD at Lizard Lounge
The DJ duo that makes up PANTyRAiD (read: Josh Mayer of Glitch Mob and Marty Folb of MartyParty) don't tour. Like, at all. Instead, as Mayer's been known to quip, they think being a strictly one-off type of act makes their offering somewhat more unique. Whether or not you think their limited availability makes them more interesting, it does at least make their appearances in town somewhat more of a rarity. — CG

Tone Bell at Addison Improv
Tone is funny. We know, because that's the URL of his website. You may recognize Bell as RJ the bartender on former NBC sitcom Whitney. Then again, judging from that show's ratings and subsequent cancellation, you may not. That's OK, Bell's real bread and butter was always the random observational humor he employs during his stand-up sets. — CG

Riff Raff at The Prophet Bar
Look around. RiFF RAFF is everywhere. All over the world. All over the internet. The rapper also known as JODY HiGHROLLER can't help it. He's the center of attention on all fronts. And he's constantly in the news. He's threatened legal action to the tune of millions against actor James Franco for the portrayal of a wannabe rapper that looked just like him — and sounded like him, too — in Spring Breakers. He's been arrested for drug possession after stopping traffic to chop it up with some fans. He's been grilled over and over and over about the authenticity of his extravagant persona. He's even seen his semi-secret origins put on blast and published for all to see. Seems like the only thing the so-called FREESTYLE SCiENTiST hasn't done this year is release his long-awaited debut album, NEON iCON. And, oh yeah, headline a proper venue show in Dallas. That all changes tonight, of course. — MG

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at Verizon Theatre
Sure, the wildly popular rap project's rise to fame came on the back of a jokey song about thrifting. But, since then, they've proven themselves to have quite a bit more substance than one might have initially assumed. While their follow-up hit “Same Love” became a rallying cry for marriage equality advocates, they've also aligned themselves with the ACLU and, most recently, used their American Music Awards acceptance speech to speak out against racism. No matter your views on their actual music, the way they've used their newfound platform for the betterment of man is, at the very least, to be commended. The duo have also announced that they'll go on a long hiatus beginning in January, while they rest and begin work on their next album. In any case, it may be awhile before they get around to performing in town again. — CG

Cartoon Cereal Party: Tough Ladies Edition at Alamo Drafthouse
It's the return of the theater's monthly cartoon/cereal/pajama party. This month's tough ladies theme will feature the greatest hits from animated heroines such as Jem, She-Ra and Rogue. Besides, what better place to hide away from the masses of shoppers this weekend than in a darkened theater while wearing your pajamas and feasting from an extensive cereal bar? — CG

James Murphy (DJ Set) at It'll Do
Despite that familiar it's-better-to-burn-out-than-to-fade-away adage, few humans have actually had the resolve to walk away from a field they've dominated whilst still at the top of their game. Michael Jordan and Jay-Z are two examples that quickly come to mind — until you remember that neither of these legends' initial retirements lasted very long at all. Thus far, though, LCD Soundsystem's sold-out, April 2, 2011 retirement gig at New York's Madison Square Garden very much remains that iconic, revered band's final show. And while LCD mastermind James Murphy has kept himself busy the past two years — doing things like breaking Ad-Rock's refrigerator and producing a decidedly-LCD-sounding album for indie darlings Arcade Fire — the mastermind behind the project has yet to go back on his word and announce that he's got any plans to get his band back together to headline a big-name festival. But that doesn't mean he's going quietly into that good night. Tonight, for instance, he'll be doing a DJ set at It'll Do. — CG

Cowboy Mouth at Granada Theater
The 2011 Louisiana Music Hall of Fame inductees' current lineup boasts former members of pop-punkers Jimmie's Chicken Shack, southern rockers Dash Rip Rock and new wave/punk rockers Red Rockers. Not that it matters with a band like Cowboy Mouth, whose albums have always contained a pretty varied collection of country, alternative and straight ahead rock. For as hard as the band's recorded output has been to pin down over the years, most agree that their live shows are simply thrilling, high-energy displays. — CG

Screaming Females at Dada
Screaming Females is one of those bands that just feels important. From the heaps of love the band's hard-edged punk-infused sound garners, you get the impression we'll praise them 20 years from now as laying the groundwork for the Next Big Movement in rock history. Time will surely tell, but that hasn't stopped outlets like Pitchfork from acting like they might be mentioned in a book like Our Band Could Be Your Life someday. In the meantime, it helps that, whether in severe sickness or health , the band never fails to give it 110 percent night in and night out. — CG

Junior Brown at Kessler Theater
An American original and Austin's best-kept secret, Junior Brown is on the Kessler's list of must-see acts in Texas — and deservedly at that. Tonight, Mr. Brown will serenade you with his savory country twang, dazzle you with his patented guit-steel prowess, and maybe even surprise you a bit with a a song or two about Dallas. — Nicole Arnold

The Turnpike Troubadours at Billy Bob's
Finally, some virtuosic Red Dirt musicians that aren't all in-your-face about it — or that they wear pearl snaps, drink beer and frequently operate farm equipment. Needless to say, their songs are better for it. — CG

Matt the Cat Trio at Double Wide
What better way to celebrate Small Business Saturday than by supporting our favorite kind of small businesses, bars and local bands? To that end, the Double Wide is generally one of the best places we've found to commiserate with like-minded curmudgeons after a holiday dinner, and Eleven Hundred Springs frontman Matt the Catt's country-tinged rockabilly trio always provides a pleasant soundtrack to an evening out. — CG

Behind the Screen Comedy at Texas Theatre
It's the last Saturday of the month, which means more low-cost stand-up comedy courtesy of this Oak Cliff spot. This month's comedians are Tobias Livingston, Nathan Lund and Sam Tallent, each of which hails from Denver. Dallas Cowboys blogger Scott Crisp will perform, too. — CG

Design District Market at Community Beer Co.
In addition to their regular Saturday open house — and in direct correlation with Small Business Saturday — Community Beer Co. will be hosting the Design District Market this afternoon. Aside from numerous local vendors, they'll have seven food trucks, three bands and all of their award-winning beverages onsite for mass consumption. — CG

Thanksmus Party at Doc's Records
Doc's will be extending its Black Friday sales at their annual post-Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas party by offering 20 percent off everything in the store (excluding any of the exclusive Record Store Day releases they have left in stock). But it wouldn't really be a party, per se, without artists like Fort Worth's Jake Paleschic, Son of Stan, Bashe, Fogg and Pinkish Black, each of which will performing sets in the store throughout the day. — CG

Stage Fright: Denton Does The Band at Dan's Silverleaf
A slew of Denton notables will band together to cover the catalog of Canada's greatest Americana outfit tonight. Among them? Centro-matic's Scott Danbom, Satans of Soft Rock's Tony Ferraro, Descender's Jeffery Gruber, Slobberbone's Brent Best, Midlake's Eric Pulido, Isaac Hoskins and both members of RTB2. — CG

Jonathan Richman at Three Links
In the last 40 years, Richman's evolved from teenage frontman of punk rock forebearers The Modern Lovers to the equally quirky acoustic guitar-toting troubadour best remembered for narrating There's Something About Mary. To hear Richman and longtime drummer Tommy Larkin tell it, though, they've never stopped evolving. “Me and Tommy play totally different than we played two years ago,” Richman once wrote in an old bio. “We already play a different style than we played on that live DVD, and the way we played then was totally different from the way we played three years before that. I still feel like we're just starting out, and I still learn new stuff every night.” — CG

Great Trinity Forest Ride at Transit Bikes
At 6,000 acres, the groves of urban bottomland hardwood that make up the Great Trinity Forest is one of the largest of its kind in the country. Depending on your bike's off-road ability, the folks at Transit Bikes have organized a pair of routes to help riders make the most of this trek through Dallas' one true urban jungle. — CG

The Gong Show Karaoke at Outpost American Tavern
Since the Oak Cliff eatery has been taken over by Chris Jeffers (owner of Bolsa, Smoke, Bar Belmont, The Foundry), “they have a new menu, new management, new drinks, and a new attitude,” says DJ Hammertimez. He should know: The longtime Good Luck Karaoke ringmaster has also recently been named the joint's new creative director. Meaning? He's already begun booking shows at the restaurant several nights a week, and instituting another weekly DJ night to his schedule. This one will differ slightly from his Thursday night Good Luck offering at Double Wide in the fact that stand-up comedians will be introduced into the mix. — CG

Assassination City Roller Derby Open Try-Outs at Dad's Broadway Skateland
If I ever hear anyone say that women aren't tough, I delicately point them in the direction of the nearest roller derby, where injuries abound and punches fly. Today, you can lace up your skates and vie for a permanent spot battling alongside the badass broads of Assassination City. In other news, I will be forcing people to look at my splinter that is way more painful than it looks. — CU

Master Pancake Celebrates Hanksgiving at Alamo Drafthouse
Sure, multiple “Best Actor” Oscar winner Tom Hanks may be one of the most universally beloved and talented actors of his generation, but the MST3K-aping crew behind Austin's Master Pancake don't want time to forget skeletons like Turner and Hootch and Bosom Buddies that still lurk somewhere in his closet. As such, they'll be sending up clips from these, as well as Saving Private Ryan, The Da Vinci Code, Castaway, Toy Story, The Green Mile, Apollo 13 and Mazes and Monsters in their trademark style at this one. — CG

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