Coffee Please, And A Shot Of Cynicism.

Isn’t it cool how websites in the 2.0 era of the internet are able to predict the future? Like last night, when the GOP’s site declared Mike Pence the winner of the Vice Presidential debate 90 minutes before it happened. Impressive.

We share a similar gift. We can tell you all the coolest stuff that’s going down today, hours and hours before they ever happen. Pretty cool.

Gilmore Girls Pop-Ups
Thanks to the November 25 premiere of the Gilmore Girls‘s new Netflix episodes, 250 coffee shops across the country are getting the Stars Hollow makeover. Five North Texas shops will masquerade as Luke’s Diner from 7 a.m. to noon, handing out free cups of coffee — just like all the ones Lorelai Gilmore got all those years! — to the first 250 customers. Participating shops include Method and Coffee House Cafe in Dallas, i Java in Plano, Buon Giorno in Fort Worth and Savor Coffee Bar in Arlington. Hey, where there’s free coffee, you’ll follow.

Saint Motel at House of Blues
The Los Angeles-based bunch of former film students make a brand of dance-y dream-pop that’s just your type. JR JR open.

Bar Politics: Budget Edition at Checkered Past Winery
Dallas’ live answer to The Daily Show takes on the impossible when it makes the city’s budget a subject of both entertainment and/or laughter. And the wine helps.

The Wombats, Mona at Trees
The goofy Liverpudlians land stateside with a big batch of witty sing-alongs. Ohioan rockers Mona, who first got big in the UK, appropriately open things up.

Voodoo Glow Skulls at Three Links
Latin-leaning ska outfit Voodoo Glow Skulls brings the sound of the California streets to Dallas this evening. It’s a sound the band’s long honed during its two-plus decades together. Tartar Control — a punk rock duo consisting of two Mormons and a robot — open, along with Dallas’ Boss Riot and Monkeysphere.

Dallas Bicycle Coalition Meeting at City Hall
The leaders of Bike Friendly [fill in the blank] and their constituents meet up with city leaders the first Wednesday of every month to discuss the progress being made on Dallas’ many pending bike-related projects. They’re opening to the public, too.

Carson McHone at The Rustic (Free)
After playing sideman to Austin-based acts like Shakey Graves for years, Carson McHone finally release her debut full-length last summer. It’s a good one, too, and one that’s landed her on several of those lists we critics like to publish from time to time about up-and-coming acts that are about to blow the fuck up. But in this case, we tend to agree with our colleagues. She’s a star waiting to happen. And sooner than later.

The Mighty Ducks at Sundown (Free)
Because hockey pre-season is recenly back underway, the movie that thought us that ducks fly together and DUI convictions earn you punishments like being forced to spend a bunch of time with kids, gets a free screening.

Moosh & Twist at Sundown
Hey, lookie who is allowing hip-hop shows again. Roots protiges Moosh & Twist bring the Philly sound to town along with locals Bryce Vine and Lord Byron. Unlike the movie night up on the rooftop patio, this show is not free.

Dallas Stars vs Colorado Avalanche at American Airlines Center
After hosting the Panthers last night, the second night of a pre-season back-to-back sees the Colorado squad skating into our barn.

“Invisible Hand” Closing Reception and Artwork Photo Shoot at Beefhaus
Ryder Richards’ 10-day run of making the gallery appear to be under construction ends at this open house where you can bring your own pieces of art where they’ll subsequently be hung and photographed.

Comedy Night at Lola’s Trailer Park
Central Track’s Humor Us columnist Alex Gaskin hosts this comedy show. Featured on the bill are Mona, DDT, Grant Redmond, Paulos Feerow and Brian Breckenridge, several of which he’s interviewed as part of that recurring feature.

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