Leht’s Go Stars.

The most common response Frank Simms gets when he tells people he was the voice of the Kool-Aid Man for 15 years? It’s hard to picture that that voice is actually coming from you, the human being.”

It’s kinda true. As you can see in this short docu-clip, he looks more like an old white dude than a giant, talking glass pitcher of red drink. If you ever have wondered what he does look like, though, we recommend you give it a click.

And if you’ve ever wondered what a busy little Wednesday night in Dallas looks like, well, there’s no click required. Just keep on scrolling. — Cory Graves

Dallas Stars vs St. Louis Blues at American Airlines Center
It all comes down to this decisive Game 7. Leht’s go Stars! — CG

Elm Street Tattoo Wig Party at Twilite Lounge (Free)
To help Oliver Peck and the crew over at Elm Street Tattoo prepare to stay up for Friday’s 24-hour tattoo marathon — the only one of 2016 I might add — they’re moving Good Luck Karaoke to tonight. — CG

Women Galore: Three Playwrights, Three Pieces, Three Performers at The Wild Detectives
TWD’s month-long celebration of women continues with an event that’s name pretty much says it all. Enjoy some solo performances from Shelby Allison Hibbs, Hannah Weird and Zoe Kerr at this one. — CG

Torche at Three Links
Sweet, sweet delicious sludge metal? Count me in. Get Torche’d along with Wild Throne and Duell. — Jessi Pereira

Purple Day at The Prophet Bar
Legends never die. And tonight at their decade-running weekly, RC & The Gritz are making sure Prince’s music lives on forever. Who knows, maybe Ms. Badu will show up to perform with her backing band?! Prince was once in hers, after all. — JP

Cash’d Out at The Rail Club
If you had a Delorean what would be the first thing you would do? Exactly. Go back in time to see Johnny Cash live. Seeing Cash’d Out and it’s kind of basically the same thing, only there’s no flux capacitor required. — JP

Rushmore at Sundown (Free)
Max Fischer saved Latin. What did you ever do? I don’t know. But you’re going to watch him tell it straight to Mr. Blume’s face on screen. For free. P.S. did you know this movie’s about Rhett Miller’s high school? Pretty cool, huh? — JP

War Club Wednesday at RBC
Got the RBC going up on a Wednesday. Get over the hump-day hump with tunes from Blue, The Misfit at his popular weekly Wednesday dance party.– JP

Apocalyptica at Gas Monkey Live
Finland is a pretty badass country. They do a lot of things right — government, education and, of course, heavy metal. Get your head bang on with these Finns and their hard-rocking cellos. — JP

Best Kept Secret at The Prophet Bar
What does pop-punk say to death? Not today! Throw on your Vans slip-ons and see what we mean. — JP

Ill Nino at Trees
Get ready for the revolución with these Jersey born Latin butt rockers. — JP

Drive at Alamo Drafthouse (Dallas)
Hey girl. Wanna come with us to watch Ryan Gosling in the 2011 movie adaptation of the 2005 novel of the same name by James Sallis? It’s a date. — JP

LANY at Cambridge Room
LANY is giving you a double dose of goodness on their 2016 Make Out Tour. No seriously. This is the second and final night of the band’s two-night stay in this room. — JP

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