Ride Out.

Now that Apple has 86’d the headphone jack on its iPhones, and opted for Bluetooth earbuds, some folks have taken to converting their old headphones into jewelry. That’s one way to embrace the company’s courageous new technology.

But one thing their new phones still can’t do is tell you how and where to spend your evening. That’s still our job, and one we’ve courageously done again today. — Cory Graves

Okkervil River at Kessler Theater
“It’s not really an Okkervil River album and it’s also my favorite Okkervil River album.” That’s how Okkervil River band leader (or not Okkervil River band leader, or my favorite Okkervil River bandleader) Will Sheff describes Okkervil River’s (or not Okkervil River’s) new album, the just-released Away. They do play Kessler tonight, that we know for sure. Landlady opens. — CG

Ask Me Another at Majestic Theater
Host Ophira Eisenberg brings NPR/WNYC’s game show to Dallas for a live taping. — CG

YG at South Side Music Hall
Compton rapper YG may not be the most complicated rap stylist to make a name for himself in recent years, but, abetted by his DJ Mustard-supplied beats, he has little need to be. He just needs to sound good. And he does! Another in a surprisingly long line of rappers who prioritize vocal aesthetics over enunciation, don’t expect a lot of rapping along from the crowd tonight. Well, not until the choruses, at least. Then expect a lot of it. Especially during breakout single “My Hitta.” — Pete Freedman

Reimagine Crowdus
Holding down programming duties at the pop-up park this eve is TEDxSMU — or, actually, it’s you guys, seeing as how this is an open mic. — CG

Hopped Up Cinema: Sleepy Hollow at Alamo Drafthouse (Richardson)
Martin House has brewed up a flight of beers it thinks pairs well with key scenes from Tim Burton’s 1999 horror flick. — CG

Josefine Klougart at Deep Vellum
The Danish author hits town in support of a pair of novels translated and published by Deep Vellum. — CG

Black Swan at Alamo Drafthouse (Cedars)
In his feminine companion piece to 2008’s The Wrestler, 2010’s Black Swan finds Natalie Portman losing her grip on reality under the pressures of the demanding Black Swan ballet. — CG

Crime Watch Meeting at J. Erik Jonsson Central Library
Councilmember Adam Medrano hosts another of his fourth Tuesday crime watch meetings. With the recent rash of violent crimes and robberies hitting Deep Ellum of late, there’ll be much to discuss indeed. — CG

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