Live For One Night Only.

You know that thing when you realize three different presidents died on 4th of July and you start to wonder if that’s just a coincidence?

Don’t worry about that now. It’s actually the 5th of July. And you’re not the president. Which frees you up to worry about other matters — like how to spend all that free time this evening. — Cory Graves

Blazing Saddles at The Magnolia
Yes, your sweet grandmother’s favorite movie is coming back to the big screen. Director Mel Brooks’ classic is a satirical take on those old western movies you had to watch on Sunday afternoon because nothing was on. It’s all coming back now, isn’t it? — Sidney Johnson

Public Meeting: Mental Health & Homelessness at Dallas Public Library
The four-person panel will host this event, along with others in the coming weeks, to inform the public about the issue of homelessness. Attendees are encouraged to participate in the discussion as the panel will gather feedback from the community about what needs to be done to combat this problem. — SJ

Tuesday Night Trash: Black Roses at Texas Theatre
Kinda the opposite of what The Magnolia’s going for with its Tuesday night screenings of the greatest films ever made, Texas Theatre’s monthly Tuesday Night Trash screenings are the worst of the worst. This month its 1988’s Black Roses, a slasher flick about some demons that masquerade as a metal band. — CG

Top 8 Tuesday at The Prophet Bar
Blink released a new album just a few days ago. It’s kinda like the MySpace days are here again! At Prophet tonight, that’s exactly what it’s like. — CG


















































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