Chase Your Blues Away.

Damn, North Texas made national news not once but twice yesterday?!

Sure, sending a promising young engineer to juvie for showing a little enthusiasm for science and/or being a dick to some cops isn't the most positive way to earn widespread attention, but still, all eyes are on us. Why would you want to live anywhere but under the white hot spotlight and the place that literally everyone everywhere else can't stop talking about?

And let's not forget about the fact that there's never a shortage of ways to keep busy around here, either. Like Best Coast once sang, “Why would you live anywhere else?” — Cory Graves

Garth Brooks at American Airlines Center (Sold Out)
After the artist formerly known as Chris Gaines sold 76,000 concerts to his Dallas shows in 90 minutes, he dropped something of a bomb, deciding to stick around for a string of seven sold-out shows at the AAC. Because he can. Screw comeback tours. We'd say Garth is pretty much all the way back. November's Man Against Machine was his first studio record in 13 years, but it's kind of like he never left. The thunder rolls once more, as it were. It should be noted, though, that this kind of thing isn't unprecedented for Brooks. In 1998, the singer sold 50,213 tickets for a three-night run at the old Reunion Arena. And he sold even more tickets to his legendary three-night Texas Stadium run back in 1993, selling 65,000 tickets in 90 minutes, and eventually selling out the Cowboys' old home all three nights. (Footage from those 1993 shows were later released as the This Is Garth Brooks II concert special for NBC.) Needless to say, Dallas has been good to Garth Brooks over the years. And after a nearly two-decade dry spell, it seems he's ready once again to treat us low-place friends of his. — CG

33-1/3 Anniversary Vinyl Sale at J. Erik Jonsson Central Library
At one point, it seemed as though vinyl would become obsolete. Anybody old enough to remember things like the Columbia House heyday can attest to that. In turn, many libraries around the country got rid of their records. But the Dallas Public Library didn't, which is wonderful in an era in which an interest in vinyl is soaring. The Dallas Public Library, with a collection of roughly 38,000 records, is full of either soothsayers or hoarders. And to celebrate turning 33-1/3 on today, the library and Friends of the Dallas Public Library are tag-teaming to throw a little party, reintroducing their records to the public and selling a few of them as well. — H. Drew Blackburn

Godspeed You! Black Emperor at Trees
After capably establishing themselves as Canadian post-rock legends in the mid- to late-'90s, the collective of performers known as Godspeed You! Black Emperor took a break from performing in the mid-'00s. Sad face. But wait! They returned to the stage in 2010 and they've been continuing on since, releasing Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend! in 2012 and, earlier this year, Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress, the band's first to feature completely new material since its reformation. — CG

Lazers of Sexcellence 5.0 at The Wild Detectives
Amber Tamblyn is a multi-talent. She's an actress and a poet and she's the one who snagged David Cross. Derrick Brown himself is a revered poet. The duo combines to put on a show they call Lazers of Sexcellence. It's a rollicking smorgasbord of comedy, music and poetry. Pretty sexcellent if you ask us. — HDB

“Vinyl Thoughts 6” at Quixotic World
Better start lining up early if you plan on making it into the sixth Vinyl Thoughts art show. The custom vinyl toys made and displayed by the dozens of participating artists are all available for purchase — and buyers just get to walk right out with them on the spot. It adds another level of urgency to the event for sure. Unlike previous Vinyl Thoughts, this one will have a “Cinematic” and, as always, free adult beverages will be available on-site. — CG

Addison Oktoberfest at Addison Circle Park
Why wait until October to celebrate Oktoberfest, am I right? That's the thinking out in Addison, anyway. The chain restaurant capital of the world boasts that its celebration is “the most authentic Oktoberfest outside of Munich.” We cannot confirm or deny that claim, but 70,000 people are expected to goble down schnitzel, pretend to enjoy polka music and drink way too many Bavarian beers during the four-day celebration. Prosit, y'all. — CG

Red Bull Sound Select Presents: Jessy Lanza at Dada
In its second go-round in the curatorial role, Gorilla vs Bear will bring bubbling-under, Canadian dance-popper Jessy Lanza to town. Lanza, whose new video was premiered by the site earlier this summer heads up a bill that also includes equally hypeworthy acts Cakes Da Killa and Princess Nokia. In case you've never been to one of these Red Bull shows before, you've got to RSVP here for a $3 ticket. — CG

Deep Ellum Wine Walk
Code for “get classy drunk and shop local,” the premise for this thing is quite simple: Purchase an official wine walk glass at 2646 Main St. for $10 and then fill 'er up for free at participating locations, such as The Akola Project, B4, Dallas Pin-Up, Dallas School of Burlesque, Deep Ellum Trading Company, Elluments, Epocha, Get Reel Goods, Kettle Art, Life of Riley, Lula B's, The Mozzarella Company, The Rag Parlor, The Upper Paw, and many more, including a few pop-up shops, too. — CG

Sundance Shorts at Texas Theatre
A wise man once said: “You don't come to Sundance for the snow, you come for the heat.” But you don't come to the Texas Theatre for the heat, you come because they've gone ahead and weeded out the bullshit, and are only showing the six short films that won awards at this year's festival. — CG

50 Cent at the Rio Room
When you weren't looking, the Travis, which was once called the Rio Room, went and started calling itself the Rio Room again. Is it a permanent change? Like one of those Prophet Bar/The Door things? We don't know! What we do know, though, is that, last night at least, the name change signaled a return to the old celeb-filled Rio Room days. Last week, for instance, French Montana dropped by, and this week 50 Cent will be in the house. — Kathy Tran

Pop-Up Shop at Beauty Bar
Never is Beauty Bar's “Get Hammered and Nailed” slogan more in effect than at Ms. Patty Cake's monthly Martinis and Manis events. It's not all booze and nail polish, though, as folks will be on hand doing hair, giving massages, and selling vintage clothes and jewelry. Treat yo self. — CG

Jenny Hval, Briana Marela at Three Links
Jenny Hval and Briana Marela have come a long way to perform at the small but mighty venue this evening. Headliner, Hval, is a Norwegian experimental folk singer, and Marela is an Icelandic artist with vocals that have been compared to CVRCHES' Lauren Mayberry, and whose most recent album was produced by half of Sigur Rós. Dallas' own Lily Taylor opens. — CG

“White Boxes and Other Things” at Mill River Arts
Collage maker and poster designer extraordinaire Andrew Hammond Kendall will be exhibiting some new works at this reception. Psalm Hyatt and Kevin England will provide musical entertainment and, like all good art openings, free beer will be on hand. — CG

Electric Boogaloo at The Magnolia
There's a reason why the words “Electric Boogaloo” are appended to the title of every hypothetical movie sequal title ever jokingly thought up. The Cannon Group cranked out tons of low budget action sequels in the '80s, including ones starring Stallone, Van Damme, Chuck Norris and others. This doc, which earns its release today, tells the story of the cousins who ran that studio. No word on what they'll call the potential sequel to this one, though. — CG

The Neighbourhood at South Side Ballroom
Mysterious California quintet The Neighbourhood currently finds itself in that awkward spot of supporting 2013's I Love You and its still unreleased followup. The band's combination of rock instruments and hip-hop aesthetics would seemingly make them a pretty compelling act to see in a live setting — especially if you're into Coldplay or Maroon 5. — Stephen Young

Brew-Haha Comedy Series at Noble Rey Brewing
Laugh until Steampunk Lager comes out of your nose as the new season of the Brew-Haha Comedy Series moves to upstart brewery Noble Rey for its second week. Need a refresher? The series brings nationally recognized comedians to local breweries to perform comedy for the best possible type of audience — a taproom full of drunks. — CG

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