Dallas-Sprung White Iverson Rapper Post Malone Assists Kanye West On A New Single Called Fade.

So, Kanye West had his little fashion show thing out in New York this afternoon. And while we weren’t all that excited to see his collection — there’s no real room for any over-priced I Am Legend wear in our closets — we were excited about the possibility of new Kanye music at the thing.

And, hey, the show did include some new Kanye music! Unfortunately, the rips of the track getting posted online are being taken down at a startling clip. So, no, we don’t have it to share with you here. (If you find a still-active link, let us know!)

That said, we heard one of those rip before it came down, and we can for sure tell you about it! For one thing, it’s reportedly called “Fade” and it’s kinda got a house vibe to it. On the song, West samples both “Can You Feel It” by Mr. Fingers and “Deep Inside” by Harddrive. It’s pretty raw, though. The lyrics in the song are loose — maybe not even finished — meanderings that are closer to colloquialisms than anything. But, hey, there’s an Aaliyah reference!

Also, there’s this:


Yup: Dallas’ own Post Malone shows up on the track, singing with the assistance of a vocal effect. (Ty Dolla $ign is on there, too.)

It’s been known for a bit now that Post and Kanye had met and were maybe collaborating. But now we have evidence that it’s happened. So there’s that!

The only question that remains, I guess, is if Kanye let Post say the n-word in his presence, which, need we remind you, is a present unto itself.

Cover photo by Kathy Tran.
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