Yam On It.

In the week since it's been posted, fans of boring pop ballads have helped make Adele's “Hello” video one of the fastest rising clips in the site's history, surging rapidly towards a billion views. As of yesterday, the thing had already been watched over 150 million times.

Yup, people have been spending a lot of time listening to Adele of late. To put it in perspective, if one person were to watch the six-minute clip that many times by themselves, it'd take nearly 1,300 years.

Enough already. There's so many better things to do with that time. Here's a few, for starters. — Cory Graves

Kendrick Lamar's 1st Annual Kunta's Groove Sessions at South Side Music Hall (Sold Out)
Kendrick Lamar's latest effort, To Pimp A Butterfly, is one of the most critically acclaimed releases of the year — and rightly so. The album finds Kendrick Lamar reaching a true creative zenith, incorporating jazz, funk, neo-soul and, of course, G-funk, into his contemporary vision of hip-hop. It's also a firecracker of incisive critiques of race and class relations in America. But though we've had the album constantly playing since early spring, there haven't been many opportunities to see Lamar live across the globe since its release. But we gon' be alright, it turns out. Tonight, Lamar hits Dallas as part of an eight-city tour in intimate venues, bringing his 1st Annual Kunta's Groove Sessions tour to South Side Music Hall. Fellow Black Hippy, Jay Rock opens. — H. Drew Blackburn

Live Nudity at The Dallas Black Academy of Arts and Letters
Last we checked in with Erykah Badu about her announced upcoming one-woman show for The Dallas Black Academy of Arts and Letters' 39th season, she told us outright that she hadn't yet put pen to paper for the affair — this just a month and a half out from the event's start. “I haven't written it yet,” she conceded on September 9 about her show, which is slated to run for the next three nights at the Naomi Bruton Theatre in Downtown Dallas. At that point, she was toying then with the idea of improvising the whole thing right on the spot — and, while we suppose that's still possible, it seems the show is starting to take on at least a semblance of a shape. Or, uh, has it? Tough to say. Recently over on Guidelive, TBAAL founder and director Curtis King describes the show as “a reflection of her journey” even as Badu denies that it's a “linear life story” and says that it's “not biographical.” Guess you'll just have to show up and see. — Pete Freedman

Charles Busch at Wyly Theatre
At 61 years of age, cabaret legend Charles Busch has been performing in women's clothing since before the term “drag queen” was even a thing. For the next three days, the Tony-nominated entertainer will be singing tunes from the American songbook and telling humerous stories about his glamorous life and celeb pals. — CG

Fresh 45s at Crown and Harp
Tonight, Crown and Harp's last Thursday monthly, Fresh 45s, celebrates its two-year anniversary of spinning all-vinyl 45s. To mark the occasion, residents DJs Spinderella, JT Donaldson and Jay Clipp will bring in special guest Rich Medina. Get there early if you want in on the party. — CG

Henderson Avenue Block Party (Free)
Beauty Bar, Barcadia and High Fives are joining forces for a three-headed Henderson Ave Halloween block party. Will the becostumed spectacle hold a candle to Cedar Springs' annual blowout? Maybe not. But the fact that there's free cover and live music at all three spots, and the fact that this one's sponsored by about six liquor companies makes for a good start. — CG

Decks in the Park at Klyde Warren Park (Free)
What makes Decks in the Park so unique is its ability to provide safe, fun entertainment for attendees of literally every age. Trust us, by the end of the night, most of the 5,000 some odd people there — even those on the outskirts of the park — had joined the party. And for good reason: Even in non-costumed months, Decks in the Park has a way of making everyone feel like a kid again. — Allie Williamson

Nels Cline at Kessler Theater
After a decade touring as Wilco's guitarist, Nels Cline described himself as a bit burned out. Helping recharge the heavily-lauded jazz improviser of late is the 26-year-old jazz guitar prodigy Julian Lage. Ever since, the two have been playing shows and making records as a powerhouse duo. — CG

Clutch, Mastodon at Gas Monkey Live
Heavy metal is one of those seemingly niche genres that seems perpetually about to fade from the mainstream. But every time it looks to be on its last legs a new torchbearer emerges. Just as Pantera did in the '90s, Mastodon has been in the late '00s and early '10s. But Mastodon's mix of sludge and proto metal has caught on with a wider audience than just the typical metalhead crowd. And for what it's worth, the band is probably one of the more vocally-talented heavy outfits around. Clutch co-headlines this one, and Corrosion of Conformity opens. — CG

Sean Patton at Arlington Improv
Not to be confused with New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton, New Orleans-based comedian Sean Patton does his act tonight in Arlington. Not that you would, really: Patton's not what one would call the athletic-looking type, although, he did take a year's worth of stage fighting classes as a goof. Anyway, you can listen to him recounting the tale of an especially wild Mardi Gras eve in his hometown here if you're on the fence about driving out to the suburbs tonight. — CG

Allen Stone at Granada Theater
Allen Stone's only 28, but he's an old soul that's already built quite the solid career with his retro R&B catalog. Like Robin Thicke, Stone rips a lot of his sound straight from Marvin Gaye, though it's a bit more sincere when the “hippie with soul” does it. Maybe. He hasn't been sued yet, anyway. — Chase Whale

Brew-Haha at Rahr & Sons
Laugh until Ugly Pug comes out of your nose as the brewery-set comedy tour rolls on tonight in the Fort. A 20 spot will score you a tour of the place, three fresh brewskis and untold laughs. — CG

Sarah Colonna at Hyena's (Plano)
Best-selling author and frequent Chelsea Lately guest Sarah Colonna starts her three-city Metroplex tour at Hyena's Plano Thursday before keeping the laughs coming at Hyena's Fort Worth and Dallas locations on Friday and Saturday, chronicling the drunken misadventures of late-30s life along the way. — CG

Latin Kings of Comedy at Verizon Theatre
Two decades before series like The George Lopez Show ever hit the air, the Original Latin King of Comedy, Paul Rodriguez's 1984 sitcom a.k.a. Pablo had the distinction of being “first television show about a Mexican American Family on mainstream American television.” In the 30 some years since, he guesses that he's performed stand-up in front of over 100 million people. He'll add to that tonight when he brings his Latin Kings of Comedy tour to Grand Prairie. Alex Reymundo, Joey Medina and Manny Maldonado also perform. — CG

Doyle at Trees
If it wasn't for the Misfits, former roadie Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstien, a.k.a. Paul Doyle Caiafa, wouldn't know how to play the guitar. He wouldn't have adopted the devilock haircut in the '80s either. And he's since stuck with both, releasing his first solo album in 2013. Interestingly enough, his brother Jerry Only, and the rest of the guys still legally allowed to called themselves the Misfits these days, will be playing the band's debut LP in full over at Gas Monkey next week. — CG

Givers at Dada
After getting displaced by Hurricane Katrina, a handful of kids from various zydeco bands met and formed this indie rock meets Afro-pop group. It's never a bad thing when there's more saxophone in the world. Caddywhompus opens. What a fun word to say. — CG

Boos, Booze and Boobs at Mockingbird Station
A $10 donation to the Susan G. Komen will get you access to drink specials at Twin Peaks, Trinity Hall and The People's Last Stand, where DJ Sober will be playing the hits and you'll be breaking in your Halloween costume. — CG

Scream/The Shining at Texas Theatre
A single $6 ticket will get you into two spooky screenings tonight, neither of which really need an introduction. Make it a double feature. — CG

The Laramie Project Staged Reading at Sue Ellen's (Free)
In the late '90s, a University of Wyoming student was beaten and left to die in a field outside of Laramie, Wyoming, simply for being gay. It's a shame that more than 20 years later the same type of thing is still happening here all the time. The Laramie Project features more than 200 interviews from the people of Laramie, whose stories will be read on stage at Sue Ellen's by residents of Dallas, in a neighborhood where they're more relevant than ever. The event is free, although a donation of $10 is suggested. — CG

Jessie Frye (Album Release) at House of Blues
Denton singer-songwriter Jessie Frye celebrates the Dallas release of her latest LP, Boys' Club tonight in an ambitious booking at House of Blues. Son of Stan and Buffalo Black open. — CG

Soulfly at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
Pseudo spiritual thrashers Soulfly bring the heavy to Gas Monkey's outdoor stage on this exceptionally temperate eve. Crowbar, Soilwork, Shattered Sun and Earthside open. — CG

Spirit Caravan at Three Links
Following a 12-year hiatus, the recently reformed Spirit Caravan brings its devil-tonged stoner rock to Three Links. Dirty Streets, Mountain of Smoke and Orthodox Fuzz open. — CG

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