Everybody Love Kris.

Get this! The promo site for the 1998 film You’ve Got Mail is still up. Because the internet is an endless gift.

Other cool things you might find on the ol’ net include advice on how to spend your evening. We’ve included an example thereof below. And we’ll probably never take it down, either. — Cory Graves

Kris Kristofferson at Bass Performance Hall
Kristofferson’s song “Bobby McGee” was not just a huge hit for Roger Miller, who originally performed it, but for several other artists as well. As of the late ’80s, over 450 artists had recorded songs written by Kristofferson. At the ’71 Grammys, three of the five finalists for Best Country Song were Kristofferson compositions. The serious, personal tone of his style helped to reshape country music. He’s as big a music legend as they come. And tonight, Dallas’ own Texas Gentlemen begin their own legend serving as his backing band for the evening. — CG

Montana of 300 at Trees
Montana of 300 maybe isn’t Kanye famous, but his song “Wifin’ You” has close to 2.5 million hits on YouTube, and his album Fire in the Church has a five-star rating on iTunes. So maybe the internet knows something we don’t. — Obed Manuel

Islands at Three Links
Islands released two albums simultaneously earlier this year, Should I Remain Here, at Sea? and Taste. Pitchfork says the first is a more electronically oriented and the latter is more guitar-based, so there’s something for everybody. — OM

Dallas Stars vs Anaheim Ducks at American Airlines Center
Sorry your season ended so prematurely Rangers fans. You can always jump on the Stars’ bandwagon straight from the jump as they begin their regular season tonight. — CG

“Out of Body” at LEVEL Gallery
Artist and designer Seth Damm joins fashion illustrator Ruben Burgess Jr. and stylist Kj Moody for a multi-faceted experience involving sculpture, installation, illustration, photography and a performance by current The Voice contestant Dana Harper. This exhibition will appease the eyes, and other sensory delights. — Khadijah Grimes

La Sera at Dada
Kathy Goodman and her band La Sera will take you to the horizon with a crisp vocal range and mesmerizing pop melodies. Springtime Carnivore opens. — KG

Rooney at Curtain Club
Don’t leave Rooney hanging and waiting for nothing. Don’t let your heart go missing. You know you want to hear that song live. — OM

Dexateens at Double Wide
The Alabama band released “Teenage Hallelujah” back in August, its first release since 2009. The single blends pop, country and rock ‘n’ roll into a nice re-introduction to the band. The Birds of Night open. — OM

Bridget Everett at House of Blues
Amy Schumer pal, stand-up comedian, and self-described “alt-cabaret provocateur” Everett is extremely proud of her full figure, often wearing very little clothing on stage. She is definitely a crazy character and often sings about her sex life while being backed by The Tender Moments — a band that sometimes includes Beastie Boy Ad-Rock. Think Leslie Hall with less sweaters and more blow jobs. — Lauren Rushing

Whiskey Myers at Rockin’ Rodeo
Whiskey Myers’ fourth studio album, Mud, is apparently saving southern country rock and, we daresay, that’s a pretty considerable feat. The band’s performance is a part of the Melody of Hope concert series. — OM

Weird Al Sing-Along at Alamo Drafthouse (Cedars)
You don’t have to bring you’re A-game voices to this sing-along. Nobody sounds cool singing along to accordion accompaniment. It’ll sound just fine when you’re singing “White and Nerdy” in your most awkward pitch? — KM

Ladies Night at Dallas Comedy House
It’s an all-female performance of the funniest ladies at Dallas Comedy House. Fingers crossed for some excellent Trump jokes. — OM

Doug C and the Blacklisted at Fred’s Texas Café
Descendents bassist from the mid-’80s I Don’t Want to Grow Up era, Doug Carrion has sinced dropped the “arrion” portion of his stage handle and gone the Americana route via his Doug C & the Blacklisted project. They perform for free tonight. — CG

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