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Twist Is The New Twerk.

Fake Facebook events are “the best thing on the Internet right now” so says HuffPo. Admittedly, things like “National Take a Juggalo to Red Lobster Day 2015” are kind of funny.

But what if you're trying to actually find something to do tonight? You click on your Fb feed and see things like “Listening to Drake and Cry” thinking it's real and — bam! — fooled again. It can be quite frustrating to be sure. Rest assured, though, that everything you find below is 100 percent real. — Cory Graves

Postmodern Jukebox at The Bomb Factory
Remember those viral videos wherein a sad clown sings retro-fied covers of modern pop tunes like this one of Lorde's “Royals”? Well, that clown's name is Puddles, and he did his cabaret thing at the Kessler earlier this year. As it turns out, Puddles is just one of a large cast of rotating vocalists that front Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox outfit, which performs tonight sans clown at The Bomb Factory. Clown or no, all of the band's '20s-esque pop covers play out like one potential virus hit after another. — CG

Guttermouth at Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill
Tongue-in-cheek early '90s punks Guttermouth hit town with a couple original members still intact. Not sure if we'd still expect the same brand of shocking antics that helped put them on the map, y'know, now that they're older, have kids and play places like the house that the Discovery Channel built. The Blacklist Royals open. — CG

Juan Gabriel at American Airlines Center
In recent years, music writers and Latin pop fans have taken to adopting the phrase “divo” to describe legendary Mexican singer Juan Gabriel. And indeed, with his trademark silk scarves, the flamboyant vocalist is certainly the male equivalent of a diva. He's quite a superstar, too, that much everyone seems to agree on. — CG

Dustin Diamond at Hyena's Plano (Free)
Though in recent years he's proven to be the biggest scumbag of the Saved By The Bell cast members, part of us believes it's all partly a calculated effort to distance himself his dorky Screech persona. He may even be a decent stand-up comedian. We don't know. We couldn't be bothered to stop watching videos of the Bayside High glee club singing “Friends Forever” long enough to check into it. — CG

Sleepercar at Three Links
After writing a “country-flavored” song during an At the Drive-In soundcheck once upon a time, Jim Ward started up southern-sounding indie rock outfit Sleepercar, a band just as at home opening an arena show for Coldplay as headlining a little punk club with a folksier lot. Chris Johnson and Jacob Furr open. — CG

Grand Opening at Tradesmith
Interior designer shop 44Build celebrates the opening of its new retail shop, Tradesmith, in Deep Ellum at 2724 Taylor Street, from 5 to 9 p.m. — CG

Kevin Gates at South Side Music Hall
After Fat Joe and Jonathan Tyler each left Atlantic, it opened up room on the label's roster for Baton Rouge rapper and Lil Boosie cohort, Kevin James. After a slew of highly-praised mixtapes, he'll release his debut for the label come January. Before that, he's got a 1,000 cap room to headline. OG Boobie Black, Geaux Yella and Jay Lewis open. — CG

Tony Rock at Arlington Improv
When your sibling is one of the best at what they do, it can be easy to stick to another line of work. But, in the case of folks like Brent Gretzky, Eddie Payton, Frank Stallone, Don Swayze, Charlie Murphy and Solange Knowles, it's sometimes the markedly more difficult task of trying to make a name for yourself outside of your sibling's shadow that proves much more worthwhile. Chris Rock's younger brother Tony does his thing tonight in Addison, and tries to prove that he's more than just a sibling of note. — CG

Jennifer Nettles at House of Blues
It's funny to think Jennifer Nettles' first big break came when Mars Music gave her $100,000, considering how much longer her career has lasted than that defunct Guitar Center competitor. The multi-Grammy-winner, and half of Sugarland, hits Dallas tonight in support of her solo album, That Girl, which topped the country charts last year. Brandy Clark and Ryan Kinder open. — CG

Gary P. Nunn at Billy Bob's
Gary P. Nunn started what we now know as the progressive country scene, first starting back in the '70s in Austin. He's best known for “London Homesick Blues,” the theme song for the TV show Austin City Limits . See him tonight at The Granada. — Diamond Victoria

Mark Cohn at Kessler Theater
The Grammy-winning “Walking in Memphis” singer drops by the Kessler tonight to croon all soulful like. Ginny Mac opens. — CG

Silverstein at Gas Monkey Live
Canadian post-hardcore outfit Silverstein is on its seventh album, thus proving to parents everywhere once and for all that this sound is not just a phase, but a way of life. Senses Fail co-headlines, and Hundredth and Capsize open. — Porttia Portis

Uncle Lucius at Dan's Silverleaf
It's hard enough for most bands to work through all their creative differences — at least enough to so to record a few albums. Austin-based Southern Rockers Uncle Lucius somehow manage the feat with five songwriters in the band. More power to 'em, we say. — CG

THX 1138 at Texas Theatre
We're guessing tickets to see George Lucas' first film, 1971 sci-fi cult classic THX 1138, won't be quite the hot commodity as the upcoming Star Wars flick. It's an important work for the director, though, who named his high fidelity sound company THX in its honor, and who secretly hides the numbers 1138 in all of his other movies. — CG

Bishop Arts Wine Walk
It's your last chance to get tipsy and do a little [classy] drunk Christmas shopping over in BAD this year. For $20 you can get a glass which you can take around and get refilled at all the shops, which will stay open later tonight just for the occasion. — CG

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