All Hands On Deck.

So much planning goes into putting on public events. But even the most rigorously organized ones can be completely derailed by just one dude that decides to get way too plastered.

That was the case at this Dutch festival, which was completely ruined by one sauced stage-crasher who managed to destroy an entire stage setup.

The point us, don't be that guy. Go out and have your fun tonight — there's most certainly plenty of it to be found — but please don't ruin things for everybody else. — Cory Graves

Kodaline at Granada Theater
Critics have not been kind to Kodaline's sophomore LP, calling it a cross between Coldplay, Snow Patrol and U2. Some of that, of course, is by design, as the Irish rockers tapped producer Jacknife Lee (Snow Patrol, U2) to helm its latest effort. Bland as they are, those are also some of the biggest bands on the planet, though, and Kodaline's soaring choruses will sound plenty big at the Granada tonight. — CG

Saul Williams at Dada
Saul Williams is certainly a jack of all trades. The poet, musician, actor and writer has worked with Trent Reznor, acted with Kevin Spacey, performed spoken word at the BET Awards and helped write Slam, the movie that won the 1998 Sundance Festival Grand Jury Prize. And you can't even find the time to work some crunches into your daily workout routine. Ugh. You're the worst. Anyway, with the unrest going on in other parts of the country, you can bet he'll have plenty to talk about tonight. — Trace McCaslin

Decks in the Park at Klyde Warren Park (Free)
Typically, when one brands an event as “family-friendly,” it usually means it's going to be the kind of thing people with kids will flock to and those without will avoid like the plague. For whatever reason, that doesn't seem to be the case with the free Decks in the Park dance parties held at Klyde Warren Park on the fourth Thursday of every month, which only seem to be growing in popularity each month. The monthly dance party returns for its first go-round of 2015 with DJs Paradise, Merritt, Faded Deejays, Jeff Mitchell, Chrs Roze and Samma Lone. — Kathy Tran

Luenell at Arlington Improv
Though she appeared in Borat as the hooker with a heart of gold, the title character found in a personal ad, married and took back to Kazakhstan, Luenell Campbell actually makes her living telling jokes. Hard as it is to believe, not everything in that movie was as below board as advertised. Shocking, we know. — CG

Cherub at House of Blues
When one thinks about Nashville, the first things that come to mind are the sacharrine brand of country that inspired current ABC soap Nashville. Or maybe of established indie-rock acts like The Black Keys, Jack White, and Ben Folds who've all relocated to the city in recent years. Or possibly of the indie-punk hotbed that's spawned acts like Natural Child, Pujol, Jeff the Brotherhood, Turbo Fruits, just to name a few. Point is, just about the last thing anyone thinks of is Nashville's EDM scene. But that's precisely where the funky, electro-based dance act Cherub hail from. Like their fellow Nashvillites, though, the duo pride themselves on the musicianship on display at their live shows. — CG

The Mowgli's at Cambridge Room
The Mowgli's are seven individuals from Southern California, united in their overwhelming desire to make people happy. As such, the band's harmony rich alt-rock tunes just ooze with optimism and positivity. Come on, get happy and, y'know, forget about your troubles and your strife. — CG

Scream at Alamo Drafthouse
What's your favorite scary movie? For a lot of millennials, the self-referential, genre lampooning '90s classic Scream is at the top of that list. And while we've known for damn near seven months now that Neve Campbell and some of her Scream co-stars would be the headliners at next month's Texas Frightmare Weekend, but now the folks at Alamo Drafthouse have announced their plan to sweeten the proverbial pot even further. Tonight, Campbell will be at the theater for a special 35mm screening of Scream, as well as a Q&A. That's right; some lucky jackass is going to get to live a two-decades old dream of asking Sidney Prescott in person if she, in fact, likes scary movies. — CG

Eric Nadel's Birthday Bash at Kessler Theater
For the fourth consecutive year, the Kessler celebrates Texas Rangers radio play-by-play man, and MLB Hall of Fame broadcaster Eric Nadel's birthday with a fundraiser emceed by the birthday boy himself. Jimmy LaFave and Emily Elbert perform at the show, which benefits Focus on Teens, a Dallas nonprofit that works with homeless youth. — Stephen Young

Troy Cartwright at Vagabond
Following his other bash over at the Kessler, Eric Nadel will keep his birthday celebrations rolling with an official after-party at Vagabond. For this one, the local music aficionado has booked rising country star Troy Cartwright as the entertainment. Hello win column. — CG

Spider Baby at Texas Theatre
Do you like scary movies? Lon Chaney Jr. sure as hell did. Over the years the legendary horror actor portrayed Frankenstein's Monster, The Mummy, The Wolf Man and the son of Dracula. He's also the primary figure in 1968's Spider Baby, serving as the caretaker for a trio of psychotic killer children. This screening, which is being shown in conjunction with Texas Frightmare Weekend will be attended by another of the film's stars, Sid Haig. — CG

Pearl Earl (Album Release) at Dan's Silverleaf
Only some eight months into its existence, Denton newcomer Pearl Earl is already asserting itself as one of that city's standout acts. Unlike a lot of other Denton-based outfits, the all-female psych-rock trio has already expanded its reach well beyond just the little D, frequently playing in Dallas and having its tunes released on a Pittsburgh-based compilation. Hell, tonight not only marks the release of the band's new Karaoke Star EP, but the a kickoff, of sorts, for a three-week West Coast tour. ABACABA and Bummer Vacation also perform. — CG

Beer-Cheese Pairing at Lakewood Brewing Company
Forget wine and cheese tasting events. Yeah, wine is cool and all, but this is Texas, and we like our beer. And while you could stick to all the big-name brands based in Texas like Lone Star and Shiner, there are many other local, craft beers to enjoy. So whether you're a seasoned beer drinker or new to the game, come try some of the best Lakewood Brewing Co. has to offer. And, of course, enjoy the cheese (or if it's gross, just relish in the feeling of being more “cultured”). — Carly Seitz

Deep Ellum Instagram Scavenger Hunt at Kettle Art
There have been several Deep Ellum scavenger hunts as of late, including a music edition one and last weekend's Deep Ellum Urban Race. And this Thursday, there's another one to enjoy. Only this time, the hunt centers around the neighborhood's art scene. It's only $10 per team member to participate, and there will be complimentary cocktails and an after party to enjoy following the hunt, so be sure to check it out. — CS

Power Trip at That That
Thursday night's show at That That will feature some of the best hardcore, punk and metal bands around, with Power Trip as the headliner. Also, we're not sure if Riley Gale (who is celebrating his 30th birthday at the show) was trying to hint at something or not when he said, “I hear there might be a dress code for this gig. pure subculture. rock n roll,” but Houston hardcore/punk band Dress Code will play at the show, despite not being listed on the Ticketfly page, flyer or Facebook event. And, of course, all the bands who are listed (Glue, The Sentenced, Afraid of Life, Kept In Line) will still perform, too. Something else you may want to know: While the event is not BYOB, Parade of Flesh, which organized the event, says “BYOWeed” is okay. — CS

Unconscious Collective, Little Beards, Alsace Carcione at Three Links
On her most recent release, January's Cryptic Conundrum LP, Alsace Carcione takes on police brutality with a track called “Black America.” It just might be the album's best track, and it'll ring especially true at this show considering what's going on in other parts of the country at the moment. The rest of the disc bounces from aggressive rap to neo-soul to throwback dance music and just about everything in between. It's a scattered listen, to be sure, but with some real gems sprinkled throughout, like the retro-leaning, club-ready “Funk You Up.” Like that album, this all-local bill is a pretty diverse one, too, also featuring experimental jazz trio Unconscious Collective and the ever noisy Little Beards. — CG

AT&T Patio Sessions at Sammons Park (Free)
For the first time in recent memory, it's not supposed to rain today. That's some especially well-timed news considering this evening's free, outdoor Boxcar Bandits show at Sammons Park. — CG

Candice Swanepoel at Victoria's Secret (NorthPark)
Today is “International Bombshell's Day,” which ranks well below National Talk Like a Pirate Day and National Burrito Day as far as made up holidays go. Fake or no, Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel will drop by the chain's NorthPark location for a photo op between 1 and 2 p.m. if that's something that interests you. — CG

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